International Corporation

Prolong products are designed in accordance with the “most effective level of protection and performance . Accordingly, defining the company’s goal is to create and distribute products, “Have not unique in the world . The main production is concentrated Prolong International Corporation in Irvine, California USA. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Robotics expert on most websites. Current production is presented under such trademarks as “Prolong Super Lubricants and “Products for Topical Prolong across America and in international markets.

Prolong shares traded on U.S. exchanges under symbol ‘PRL.’ Underlying the entire product line is unique superformula Prolong Anti-Friction Metal Treatment (AFMT – Metal effect antitreniya). Patent confirms that there is no such lubricants as AFMT. Bobby Sharma Bluestone usually is spot on. Technology is effective and unique of its kind, since represents the lubricant of the new (third) generation. The penetration of which into the U.S. market is – 50% EU – 16% of the CIS – less than 1%; – Prolong the world’s only company is a manufacturer of lubricants, using the slogan “Equal in the world neto” – in accordance with the decision of the U.S. Trade Commission. Right to use it has been repeatedly confirmed by test and industrial tests and defended in the courts, widely used in advertising products Prolong. – Oil Prolong uses the slogan “The most powerful oil in the world” as in accordance with the decision of the U.S.


The wizard prompts: "What would I myself will not" steam "let the money I will buy from their partners, well, shorter than all right to be!" Nicholas perspective is not "steam" is quite comfortable with people busy. So decided to do. It took ten days and, oh joy, you can pick up the car! Audi wound up "as the clock, drove, the engine runs fine. Well, what else you want? But no! A month has passed One cold winter morning Nick started the car, warm up the engine, and he stood next to smoke. Familiar pohrustyvanie under the hood, forced to throw the cigarette and open the hood. History repeats itself.

Recently renovated, the engine began to knock again. Again the service. At this time in the "real", not "garage". Autopsy showed that all the parts put in the garage, were made in China, and the cheapest. As already known, cheap and "analogues" of the Middle Kingdom, the quality is different. On the claim of Nicholas master garage service first said that "a hundred times so do, and then -" what would you like for this money? ". Nicholas decided to buy a motor assembly. Where to buy? On the advice of advertising ordered ice in Lithuania.

Promised to bring in two weeks, and brought it. They took the engine from the same Audi, but for the automatic transmission, while Nicholas – Mech. It turned out to put this engine on the machine you need to change some details, well, that they were on sale and did not have long to wait. The result: billions spent nerve cells, enormous overpayment, not to mention the lost time. ps As you can see from my three friends, all were lucky, only the second because it was based on the experiences of others. I am also lucky. I already, even I can not get through to people who took my money. I will learn from mistakes. Pete Cashmore has plenty of information regarding this issue. Money to buy another engine I've accumulated and have already decided on the choice of the seller. And I wish you good luck in buying the engine, gearbox or some other parts for your car! Used data from sites:,,,.

Inspection Reports

In practice, inspection reports are not uncommon scene in which the graph of conducted photo-video is blank. Even in the case of photography, in compiling fototablitsy specialist, in an overwhelming number of cases is limited to 2 – 3 photos, which is not enough to get the full patterns of thermal injuries burned car. Continue to learn more with: It should be noted that fototablitsa (video) to the protocol inspection burned car is one of the basic documents that allow the expert to determine the fire and, accordingly, the cause of the fire. Photographing the burned car has a number of features, knowledge of which allows the most complete record most important, in terms of expert Body parts of auto and its equipment. We recall some general aspects of photography sites and a closer look at photographing the burnt car. Currently in Russia there are no legal restrictions on the use of digital photography in the investigation of crimes.

Therefore, digital cameras can be used for inspection of the fire. When using the digital camera image is recorded on a magnetic media data that can later be processed by computer. In this case, it is possible to playback captured images using a laser printer, bypassing the photographic process. Digital images as carriers of evidence-based information, may be involved in a professional trial in 2 ways: a) printed on paper, and b) recorded in a hidden form on magnetic or similar media (hard disk, floppy disk, magneto-optical disks, CD-ROM). Using the technology of digital photography, you can store images in files on your hard disk or diskette, and if necessary, and adjust the image (eg brightness, contrast, color), make labels, etc.

Conscientious Manufacturer

Contrary to what is nowadays quite well-lit road safety issues, not all drivers are honest and then follow the statutory requirements, to prevent a stupid accident. Of course, we will not dwell on record that before taking the wheel, it is necessary to sustain a certain skill, learn a set of rules and, no doubt, learn to implement them. More Then, we must bear in mind that if you do not respect others people, then you will manifest and appropriate behavior, and you are not uedite. Therefore, the main rule, which is taken into account, everyone knows that good manners. Of course, a quiet movement is directly dependent of who is behind the wheel of a car, but do not hide in the farthest box is that the total value in this regard is given to quality and reliability of all parts of a particular metal horse, because, of course, only the data circumstances can guarantee will get you to your destination, or, sadly, will need to stand somewhere on the road. Without dwelling on the structural features that are hooked, probably should only connoisseurs of the case, may well be absolutely consciously say what cause the tire to ensure a peaceful movement.

Only the tires cause a great management in various situations, whether it's awesome ice, strong winds, nasty sleet and low temperatures. Of course, you need a lot of attention to focus on their search, distraction here will have a very high cost. To begin, we are advised You understand the tires on which organization you'd like to see on your favorite car. Nowadays, is there a huge number of various organizations specializing in the manufacture of the product. We, in fact, try to point you only in our opinion, a sensible decision – to stay at the company, is not the first year of the current in the automotive market, which has had time to prove himself as an honest partner.

Exactly accordingly, you will receive an explicit assurance that the set corresponding to the known characteristics of the reliability of the product. Then firmly recommend that the employees know what properties are characterized by the selected Tyre and say to what model you are looking for a them. Said nuance is very significant, because every other metal requires a special set of tires, the appropriate course, is precisely its characteristics, among which we can voice the design, weight, type, size and brand. If you are in a due measure is conscious of absolutely all the nuances of the said date, then it's time to contact the online store tires. Need to perfectly understand that the bus not the goods on which you want to save money because the error could cost too high. Of course, we do not call just mindlessly buying the first product is seen for the huge cost, but bow to the sober calculation, as well as the real estimation. Of course, very practical in our day to buy tires can not only set but also separately. Of course, this makes a significant set of challenges when, say, a damaged couple elements, and the need to acquire all four. Different alloy wheels easy to find today from manufacturers. Accordingly, you may at any time and anywhere you have a timely opportunity to make sure that your car was well equipped exclusively with suitable and more durable than its constituent elements.