The interview possesss seven questions, where the interviewed one has the possibility to discourse on the considered subject, without answers or conditions predetermined for the researcher. Also comments had been made, in the institution. 3.4.

Procedures So that it finally made possible the use of the instruments of collection of data and analyze of the data, the procedures had been carried through of the following form: In day 28 and 30 of May of 2008 the objective of the study and carried through the interviews with the professors in classroom of the state schools by means of the authorization Was explained. The context of the inquiry was observed. Similar of that the questionings were answered, and also for the comment of the institution as form to enclose the understanding the collected data, focando the pertaining to school environment, practical pedagogical and the social interaction. The duration of the interviews was of approximately 45 minutes, during the same ones transcrevido the data for posterior analyzes. The return the schools if gave in days 3 and 6 of June of 2008 in order to observe the environment, the installations of the institutions, the laboratories of computer science, canteens, classrooms, among others, in which the pupils special learn the social relations with the too much colleagues. Such comment includes the presence of the researcher during the accomplishment of activities, in such a way pedagogical how much activities integrators, with the too much regular pupils.

German Victory

The pilot of safe cheap motorcycles AMV Toni Elas today adjudged an impressive victory on the asphalt of the German circuit of Saschsenring after realising a spectacular one overcome. With the one of today, the one of extreme Manresa already three victories in which we took of season and is thirteenth in its personal salary. After the skillful action, pilot AMV consolidates thus his leadership in the general classification of the championship of the world of Moto2 with 136 points. Behind, and 42 points of difference, he follows Swiss to him Thomas Luthi whereas the Italian Andrea Iannone is third party. Elas left from the third position of the grill of exit of the German circuit, that already saw raise him podio, in the category of 125cc, but a bad exit him complic a little the things. At the end of the first return one was relegated until the eleventh position but a infernal rate, and an iron determination has taken to him to realise one overcome anthological one that it allowed him to become blurred, in less than 12 returns, the difference of 6 seconds that separated to him of the race head, commanded then by the Italian Andrea Iannone.

When they lacked 8 returns to conclude the test of the official calendar, pilot AMV put itself to the controls of the race without leaving to nothing or nobody him could snatch his third victory of the season. TONI ELIAS, Pilot AMV, Leader of the general with 136 points: very I am satisfied with the victory. Those of Jerez and Le Mans they were very pretty but technically it did not feel the motorcycle I feel as it right now. We come from somewhat complicated races, but we have changed the configuration of the motorcycle radically and it has borne its fruits. I have realised a bad exit but I have known to maintain the calm and to apply a good rate.

It found me very comfortable and although Saschsenring is not one of my favorite circuits, I have not doubted in any moment. My equipment is the guilty of the victory! Next to my sponsors, enormously I am been thankful them. To face the summer period consolidating the leadership is the best form to be able to return even more forts later. Very I am satisfied by the progression that we are carrying out, was not a far from easy race after to have had two falls in training, but we have known to give the return to the situation. It would like to be able to raise me the motorcycle the next week but we will have to wait for .