Orthopedic Office Chairs

Probably, since childhood, we hear the words: "Do not slouch, and then and stay like a question mark!" Here and there a good and important question: how to avoid such problems and prevent warping spine, and in adulthood to avoid the appearance of diseases associated with poor posture? Unfortunately, about 50% of adults throughout the world suffer from back pain. Reasons may be different: serious disease, trauma, etc. But in most cases, the reason is the style of life, work in a sitting position. It just so happened that today the majority of people in cities spend their time in offices, at your desk, your computer. While in this position for a long time, it is very difficult to keep track of your posture, because people concentrate on work. A backbone all this time is in an unnatural position. That can also help us in this situation? Pay attention to the furniture – a chair, a chair, sitting where you spend most of their time.

Our spine is not completely flat shape in nature, it is bent in two places: in the thoracic and lumbar spine. Thus, it is an S-shaped arc. A majority of chairs and armchairs, which we use is made without consideration of the physiological features of the structure of the human body, which adversely affects not only the posture. In a bent forward position our lungs are constantly experiencing high blood pressure, breathing, too, becomes irregular, uneven, we breathe is not in full light. Thus, can problems with the respiratory system. Deleterious effects poor posture affects the digestive tract. This can cause headaches and, because the nervous system reacts to all the "problems" in the organizma.Postoyanno irritated because of the ever-uncomfortable seats, learning about the methods of treating diseases of the spine, preoccupied with the health of our children, we have developed a special orthopedic computer chair.

Moving back at the same time moving the seat Falto unbends lumbar spine, and returns the spine in a physiological S-shaped position. Thus, without any effort possible to avoid distortion spine with all the consequences. Developing a range of chairs and stools FALTO-flex, we have gone further. Move not only the seat and backrest, and smoothly and automatically moves all the armchair. Whether you are sitting, leaning back or lean forward to work at the table – every time you move the movable structure Falt constantly maintains correct posture and active dynamic landing. It is these qualities Falt models make ergonomic furniture, ideal for working at a computer in the office, for relaxation and recreation (eg, reading books and sitting in front of the TV), as well as for use at the dining or kitchen stolom.Pomnite: the right choice seats – is to maintain high availability and health for many years.

Thermal Engineering Institute

Oil heater type pmt, developed by the design bureau, Thermal Engineering Institute of rao ues Russia. Especially for the gas-fuel oil sector, taking into account all of shortages heaters oil past models, instead of morally aged heaters model pm, pbr and their changes. At the moment, this technique is very even, successfully used in subdivisions of rao, metallurgical, Railways and other areas of the industry both in Russia and in neighboring countries. More than 10 years of experience in manufacturing heaters range itp + proven technical and operational "victory" in the model range. In heaters type pmt, used the technology of the turbulent flow.

They are all fitted with blocks of turbulent parts, thus, the effectiveness of the thermal energy of steam, increases in 2,5-3 times by reference to available models of heaters. Oil heaters range pmt (turbulent), will provide heating oil to 150. C of from 1 to 150 t / h. The total mass heaters itp is much lower mass heaters, such as performance, produced in particular tcd, which greatly simplifies maintenance and repairs. Normal heater pmt, 30-40 weight, which is only 1.3 tons. In particular, for inclusion in the operation of oil heaters, we must not less than 1-1,5 hours to their gradual warming. When connecting the heater pmt in operation, preheating is not necessary to perform. As is the practice at a low cost of fuel oil through the heater, which very often the point at thermal power plants, but on the inside "area" of pipes must be organized deposits, because of the small rapidity of flow of fuel oil in them, resulting in sharply reduced effectiveness of heat transfer. The proposed schematic diagram, use our heaters there is likely to disconnect, a part of the heaters. And because of this support in the past, we have heater, the desired speed of movement of oil in the pipes, so as to exclude the possibility of sediment.

Centre Methods

However, we must pay tribute to the physicians of all generations: something they have reached a stubborn search for the elixir of youth. In medical heritage of each culture has its own unique finds, their effective methods of human exposure. They have nothing to do with a miracle pills are instant, and usually require patient's conscious and systematic changes in outlook and lifestyle. And if you combine all these techniques honed over centuries of healing and rejuvenation in a single system? If this is done correctly, on a scientific basis high-tech medical technology, as a result we have a chance to get a universal formula of youth and health. There will be a synergy effect, and the strength it will surpass the combined effect of which formed its elements.

Sci-Fi? Not at all. This is one of the real and fascinating problems in modern medicine. It is in this direction – creating on the basis of the best achievements of previous eras new, more effective methods of recovery the human body – and doctors are working today and innovators, which does not satisfy the Simplified approach of traditional medicine. Among their number – the staff of the Centre of healing and rejuvenation man in Anapa, which has already been tested symbiosis of ancient techniques and modern medical technology. They have developed a range of treatments, bringing together methods of Rasayana (rejuvenation of the ancient Indian system), Panchakarma (the method multi-step, deep cleansing of the body), the Su Jok therapy (acupuncture, moxa, seeds, and EHF-therapy, homeopathy obkalyvanie), the possibility of therapeutic and ayurvedic massages, spa and balneoprocedures. On each of the methods written entire books, so that in one paragraph does not say, but some details can be read on the website of the Centre of healing and rejuvenation of man and in his blog. Complex effect on body inside and out really slow down the aging mechanisms, strengthens the immune system, helps to get rid of chronic diseases, weight loss, improved health and appearance. But what about the promise the return of youth and beauty, you ask? After all, members of the Centre declare the rejuvenation of body cells for 15 or more years! Yes, declare, and by your words do not give up.

However, the effect of several procedures may be comparable only to the "facelift" of the body. To "overhaul" is not enough. But if people really come to the treatment process, recognizes the need for beneficial changes in lifestyle, power, orientation, if its work is not limited to a one-time acquaintance with the ancient methods of rehabilitation, he really turn back the clock. And here is what we must not forget: the formula elixir of youth at everyone. A specific list, the number and sequence of procedures shall be appointed for each individual patient based on a thorough acquaintance with the history of his disease, and current body condition. Notorious method of measuring "the overall temperature of the hospital" on these issues is inapplicable.