Ethics And Computer Science

The relation of ethics and computer science is a pertinent quarrel in the present time, therefore the effect of the modernization happen mainly in the cited topics. Ademais is necessary to point out that the most significant ethical problem of the present time with respect to computer science is the democratization of the Internet, such fact alludes to the preoccupying reality of that this way meets disponibilizado to all of unrestricted form how much to the content. The question of the easy accessibility is not a problem, for the opposite, became a requirement of that the individual contemporary if makes expert of the benefits of computer science, characteristic this resultant of the globalization. The ethical problem inhabits in the absence of filtramento in the information that are explored in the Internet, a true virtual democracy. Such assertive one inevitably sends the consequences lamentable of such evidence that it is the used Internet being as mechanism for the practical one of crimes and vehicle stops dissemination of false ideologies, therefore the unrestricted freedom of the manifestation of the thought guarantees the absolute anonymity, then it is come across with constant abuses. For a reason or purpose exemplificao is routine to be come across with racist and nazistas messages. The anonymity is the guarantee of impunity in the Internet and this evidence happens extremely in negative consequences of the social point of view, therefore, generates unreliability, in face of that Internet is characterized as a unproctected and emancipated environment. The solution most reasonable would be to generate a species of filtramento in the Internet, however such prerogative attributed to the state authorities would tie in a restricted access the information, happening in the functioning of the Internet in favor of the interests of the ruling class. Ahead of this he is not discerning that the authorities politics of a State control the information that must discourse in the Internet, in sight that such situation would evidence in breaking to the right to information. The censorship of the information happened of Internet must leave of the proper civil society, repudiating information that have for purpose to degrinir the conception of certain, under the agreement of each individual, taking for reference the social and cultural context of the society.