Michael Laitman

In fact in the present world, everything aside from the love between the human beings seems to have sense for us: the drug violence, crime, abuse, the depression, the suicide, the poverty and the segregation. All these aspects are considered as normal and participate in our daily reality. Although we do not favor any of these evils, we see like inevitable effects secundarios&quot them; of our lives, it is not certain? False. In fact, all these are completely unnatural. The nature is impeccable and works in perfect harmony. All the problems in the world come from our incongruity with the laws of the nature.

Because we do not realize of which we are an integral part of the nature, we tend to think that the egoism between us it is not related to the ecological crisis. In the reality, nevertheless, everything what we do affects each level of the nature, even the ecology. Our negligence by the environment walks of the hand of our mutual indifference. Therefore, we cannot really try to correct our deal with the environment while we ignored our mutual treatment. The sincere call of Al Gore to the world to awake and to face our environmental challenge is definitively important. But to realize that, we needed to change our mutual relations and to allow to reveal the complete image of the nature. With this transformation, we will find a balance with all elements, to arrive perfectly in each aspect of our lives. The Dr.

Phd Michael Laitman is Professor of Ontologa, doctor in philosophy and Cabal, with masters in Biology cybernetics. Author of 40 books on authentic Cabal. Founder of Bnei Baruj and Institute ARI, in Israel, dedicated to the education of the wisdom of the Cabal free. Bnei Baruch has become a world-wide organization with students of all parts of the world. Their members dedicate to the investigation and diffusion of the wisdom of the Cabal. Information in. kab. info. kab. tv/spa. they laitman. it is