The System

Infrared heating can be compared with light rays. Properly distributed in the room light sources can achieve comfortable, uniform illumination. Likewise, distributed and infrared emitters. Calculating the infrared heating system, you must proceed from the height of ceilings, the total power required, as well as the type room in which the infrared heating system will be applied. Powered heaters can be switched on and off quickly and silently, which provides a high degree of comfort. Terms of installation of the system significantly plen less than the installation of conventional heating systems with water or steam cooled.

For example, from the moment when you decided to make the heating on the main gas to the point where you run it on your site is at least 6 months. This is due to project work, installation of an external gas pipeline, internal wiring, installation, start crimping, etc. Another important advantage is that a phased launch of the system, ie mounting the one room you can immediately connect it and begin to heat, which in principle not possible using the systems with liquid coolant. More info: Castle Harlan. Operating costs of the system based on elements plen practically zero. Confirm this assertion can compare plen with electrical wiring. How many times in your life you serve or repair it? Remember that "" used aluminum wire with pvc insulation. Experts believe that such a wire will not serve more than 5 -10 years. However, these houses are about 50 years and they still maintained the old aluminum wiring.

Such reliability is due no elements are mechanical work, the lack of friction and absence of high temperatures. The same thing we can say about plen. In the traditional heating costs arise for repairs and maintenance heating pipes, heating devices, boilers, and the costs of water and water treatment. When used in heating systems natural gas operating costs many times greater than the cost of its natural gas. When working in automatic control mode, at a very low inertia of the control characteristic of the infrared heating system can accurately maintain a given temperature in a heated room. plen system without the participation of staff returns to duty and heating for an hour causes the temperature to the required duty.

Improvement Of Roads, Sidewalks, Walkways

Paving of sidewalks and road improvement today for city sidewalks commonly used concrete pavers, the main advantages of which – the cheapness of mother and a wide range of shapes and colors. The texture of the surface may also be different – from smooth polished up with a complex pattern. Pavement slabs are popular also because of low cost and compliance with stringent technological requirements of the installation or disassembly. This in turn facilitates the laying and reduces installation time, and in case of repairs to the mandatory removal of cover taken out sidewalk pavers or Cooker easily set back into place. But we should remember that for all its virtues concrete elements of road improvement lose pavement slabs and natural stone. If life is limited to the first ten – twenty years, then stone products will be for centuries. Of course, there are flaws and they have it, first of all, the high price (on average – and a half to two times higher than that of concrete) and the relatively poor choice of processing methods.

But in the rest of the granite pavement slabs do not know no equal, to their undoubted advantages may also include a unique pattern of natural materials and a huge range of colors. The modern market offers a huge selection of stone products for road improvement: paving, slab, granite curbs, parking bollards, outdoor stage. In all this variety is difficult to choose exactly what you need. We advise to heed the recommendations of experts. Here on that offer to draw attention to technologies company Stimex, more than ten years working with products made of natural stone: 1.Faktura surface treatment. For the Russian environment experts advise to buy paving elements with heat-treated surface or special grooved anti-slip – these measures contribute to the fact that frost formed on the surface of the sidewalk, "slipping". The same applies to curbs and stairs.

2.Forma paving elements. Rectangular paving slab and laid easier while curly require compliance with certain distance between the elements. By the way – curved stone pavers generally thinner rectangular twice, so laid on a concrete solution. While modern technology allows to produce figured pavement thickness of 50 mm or more. 3.Tip used stone. For outdoor use must only apply fine-grained granite, resistant to fracture. Rarely used basalt and sandstone – just to create an accent rug in the granite paving stones. 4.Travmobezopasnost. All face-stone elements should have technological chamfer 3-5 mm in size, curbs must have a vertical bevel edge. Apart from standard products for the paving of sidewalks is increasingly used special slabs, which denotes the separation of pedestrian walkways in the area and helps to orient people with disabilities – blind and visually impaired. In developed countries, concern about such people have long become the norm, and the plate with the special projections and "checkered" can be seen on almost all the sidewalks. Here are just a small list of products used for paving the sidewalks, and comparative analysis of advantages and disadvantages used in road improvement materials. We hope that our tips will help you in choosing the optimal solution.