Polygraph Profession

What is the main purpose of the polygraph (lie detector)? Basic properties of this device are aimed at obtaining estimates of the reliability of the information received. To read more click here: BDT Capital Partners. The responses received to the questions and analysis some physiological parameters of the test, the polygraph determines the degree of reliability of the .Obuchenie and training to work with the polygraph’s goal is to prepare professionals. Mission training consists in the following areas: – to promote the possibility of using the polygraph in order to identify cases of fraud, deceit or contribute to the truth on the basis of proven methodologies of a scientific nature. The lie detector will help you recognize the lies and reveal the culprit, but much harder to prove the innocence of the accused.

This work requires highly skilled specialists polygraph examiner, who will be able to apply multiple test equipment adequate to the situation .- training should prepare it qualified specialists in the field of lie detection, but not to extend the operators apparata. qualified professionals rely on familiarizing students with the basic polygraph systems and training to work with the hardware-software complex MindReader, familiarity with the voice analyzer state of stress, work with the calligrapher (recognition lies on a text written by hand). That can give job training to a polygraph? First of all, it is possible to obtain reliable knowledge and practices for use in their work. After receiving a decent education in the field of polygraphy, you can easily save any business from dishonest employees in a short time frame to conduct human testing, quickly organize various official investigations. Your knowledge and developed skills, find their application in many areas of business, professional law. After training, each student is provided with a complete package of professional tests, that will help prepare for the testing of any wrongdoing and deyateley.Poluchiv certificate of specialization “polygraph specialist,” we can safely begin to open the secret lock false testimony.


One eBook, as book digital mentioned here, it is not a simple archive pdf that can be read in many devices and PCs. The digital book reference the one that I mention myself here is connected to the format ePub, the format international standard for the digital book, whose characteristics of composition if correspond to the language of a site, therefore uses the known language as HTML. Of this form, the book starts to offer to the reader possibilities to read and to sail for its content of fast and efficient form. Different gadgets available in the market offers to many resources and comfortableness. But they still lack eBooks in our language, or, in other words, it would say that they lack first information on the functionalities of digital books, its manuscript for example, as well as eBooks produced to offer to rich experiences of reading and navigation in our language. Gadgets, in its majority, offers ways so that the reader buys its eBooks in virtual bookstores, but, as the smashing majority of eBooks is in English, the ones who do not dominate this language are at the mercy of of to try the reading of a digital book especially made to be had access and read in a comfortable device as it is the case of e-reader. The Project Creative Letters?, of which I am partner-founder, is a site whom it has searched, throughout its existence (10 years approximately), to develop the sharing of digital products? cultural and artistic? to keep high our esteem intellectual and emotional, front to the existing diversity in the productive way of culture and technology. As writer, I am writing the literary series ' ' Psicor, the types of character in ao' ' , on the basis of the 9 types of personality of the Eneagrama, being that the three first novels, correspondents to type 3, 6 and 9 of the eneagrama, already are for sale in the formats ePub (for the majority of gadgets) and MOBI (for who it possesss readers of the Amazon, the popular Kindle).

More on this literary series in format eBook in. Now, coming back to speak as publisher of eBook, I think that the road is long in our country if to reach autossustentvel model of the digital book, since the demand still is inferior to the desirable one. Still we have few readers of eBooks (people), I find that in the same ratio of publishers and digital book offers in our language. But it is all question of time. eBook still will be consolidated in our market as an excellent option (at least) to the conventional book. alone the time will say who will reign from now on. We remos let us catch them and let us follow in the direction of the future, that already beat to our doors to say: ' ' Already it does not have more limits for you: alive in the gift that I arrived to be! ' '

Aixtron Technology

Thickness of the grown layers are measured and controlled within the range of tens of angstroms to several microns. Different layers must be doped, the donors or acceptors, to create pn-junction with a large concentration of electrons in the n-type region and holes – in the p-type region. In one process, which lasts several hours, the structure can be grown on 6 – 12 substrates of 50 – 75 mm. It is very important to ensure and monitor homogeneity of the structures on the surface of the substrate. The cost of facilities for epitaxial growth of semiconductor nitride, developed in Europe (the company Aixtron and Thomas Swan) and the U.S. (Emcore), about 1,5 – 2 million dollars. Experience of different companies showed that learn to get to this setup, the competitive structure with the necessary parameters can be a time of one to three years. This is – technology that requires high culture. An important step in technology is the planar Processing of films: their etching, creating contacts to n-and p-layers, the coating metal films for the pins. Film grown on a substrate can be cut by a few thousand chips ranging in size from 0,24 x0, 24 and 1×1 mm2. The next step is the creation of these led chips. Necessary to mount the crystal in the case, make contact conclusions, make optical coating, antireflective surface for the extraction of radiation or reflecting it. If it is a white light-emitting diodes, it is necessary to evenly phosphor. We must ensure that heat from the crystal and the corps, to make a plastic dome, focusing the radiation in the desired solid angle.

Cleaning Computers

All the personal computers to the measure that the time passes start to join dirt in the screen and crumbs of food in the keyboard. to keep its clean computer is basic so that it functions perfectly. It sees these tips of as to keep its clean computer:? To clean the monitor it is recommended that if it uses a flannel that does not free lints. This flannel must be humid. For the keyboard it uses a brush with soft bristles and pass well in all the keyboard keys until removing complements the dust.

The external handles also must be clean. First pass a brush in the metallic part of the handle to remove the dust, after pass a humid cloth and soon after a dry cloth and waits a little handle to dry it completely. External part of the cabinet: dislocate all the handles and pass a brush to remove all the dust.? Internal part of the cabinet. This you must have well-taken care of more, mainly in cleaning cooler, that she is the responsible one for leaving its cooled computer, clean cooler with care and remove all the dirt contained in it. Mouse also must be clean, is enough to catch a humid cloth and to clean well all the parts, thus it do not lock more during the use. With these simple tips you obtain to keep its computer functioning for much time. One remembers to make this cleanness at least a time to the month, thus you does not run risks of the computer to ruin due to cleanness.

The Computer

Being the computer a machine that it makes possible to write, to correct, to consult some sources, to edit, to print e, also, to interact with proper it and other readers, obviously everything this affects the relation enters the activities of production and the activities of understanding. In relation to the children these authors have proven that when the adults stimulate the use of the computer, the lesser children learn quickly. believes exactly that perhaps in a not distant future many small children learn to read and to write directly of this form, without the necessity to pass for the use of other material supports. They remember that many families and schools already possess these new machines of reading and writing and this reality does not pass unobserved the children. According to studies ours and of many researchers, the computer comes more early attracting the child each time. The use of the resources of the computer as a tool that stimulates the reading of pupils with deficiency of readings, as form to develop this process in motivadora way is evidenced by making possible the active participation and a significant learning. 14 03. PROCEDURES METODOLGICOS the present research, of investigativo character with qualitative boarding, pautou in the interaction between the researcher and the searched citizens as norteador axle of the work. (Minayo, 2009), it affirms that this type of research has for objective to translate and to express the direction of the phenomena in the social world; it is treated in the distance to reduce between the pointer and the indicated one, the theory and the data, context and action. GODOY (1995a, p.62) it standes out the existing diversity between the qualitative works and enumerates a set of characteristics essential capable to identify a research of this type, namely: (1) the natural environment as direct source of data and the researcher as basic instrument; (2) descriptive character; (3) meaning that the people give to the things and to its life as concern of the investigator.

Practical Basic Computer Science

The use of Basic Computer science in practical the pedagogical Activity of Conclusion l Question: In view of the necessity of human development in what it says respect to the pertaining to school learning in its daily as its proper vision the conciliation with the use of practical basic computer science in the pedagogical one if makes necessary to develop new methods of work. Question: To include in its learning is to give to chance to all the participants the access to the use of the media as a media with the more distant social environments in what it says respect to the practical and accessible information the all citizen who of it to need. Question: The information of all the areas of the conviviality social, if used with intelligence and conscience alone will bring useful benefits in its learning. For in such a way the professor it must have a minimum of knowledge in the area, so that this can give has supported the using apprentice, so that this can to develop its learning with excellency and optimum possible exploitation. With the new industrial techniques progressing and adaptando its theories to increase the productions in amount and quality.

Question: In the truth if the school not to offer to equipment and adjusted space, supplying a professional expert of the manuscript of computer science to assist the pupils at the moment of its research the machine has little value. She is necessary that projects of education and learning with conditions become to be developed for the pertaining to school members. But through incentive and freedom of work in the computer science laboratory the pupil will be able to only develop on account proper its work of research with the tools that the computer offers to them. Activity of Conclusion ll Objective Generalities; To develop daily the learning necessary for of the pupil whom of it to need; using to advantage the available technological resources with the computer science inside of the proper classroom.

Thermal Processing

Hto (Chemical – heat treatment) is a process of high-temperature diffusion coating metal surfaces with various chemical elements, ie This process is carried out through a combination of thermal and chemical treatments. To ensure this diffusion process takes place at high temperatures for each steel grade and the saturable element (or elements) is different. Depending on the specifics and saturable element type are distinguished: 1. Hto the saturation of the metal elements, 2. Hto the saturation of non-metallic elements, 3. Hto removing items. The aim is to change hto mechanical properties of steels. Basically hto used for parts exposed to wear and at the same time under shock loads.

Saturation of the surface of the steel foreign substances leads to an increase in surface hardness and wear resistance products, and core product remains pliable and viscous. This combination of hard surface and soft core due to the formation of compressive surface stress leads to an increase in fatigue strength of the material, but viscosity decreases slightly. Depending on the type of saturated to the surface of steel elements distinguish the following types hto: hardening (saturated carbon), nitriding (nitrogen saturation), carbonitriding (complex saturation of carbon and nitrogen), calorizing (aluminum saturation), Chromium (Cr saturation), siliconizing (saturation of silicon), and others. Depending on the used diffusing (saturated) element Hto divided into solid, liquid and gas. The least effective and is maloprimenyaemym hto in a solid medium, because In this case, diffusion occurs by direct contact of steel with the diffusing element with a very low speed. The most common is the gas hto. The process of chemical-heat treatment proceeds as follows: 1. Education saturated element in the atomic state, which is formed due to occurrence of high-temperature reactions.

2. Absorption (deposition and contact with the surface of steel), the saturable element on the surface of the steel. 3. Saturable element diffusing into the steel.

Alexander Graham Bell

Today everyone can afford a phone connection at home or the office, but few know the history of invention of this device is so familiar. Invention, a device that would transmit and receive audio using to the properties of electricity, preceded by the appearance of the electric telegraph. February 14, 1876 an American of Scottish descent, Alexander Graham Bell filed in the U.S. Patent Office for an invention of an apparatus which he called telephone. Only two hours later a similar request made another American named Grey. This happens with the inventors and to this day, albeit very infrequently. Good luck Bella was still in the fact that to do an outstanding invention helped him to an accident. Yet a much greater extent by their appearance phone obliged huge efforts, persistence and knowledge of this man. Handset Bell served in the queue for transmission and reception human speech and the phone did not ring Bell.

In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell demonstrated his machine at the Philadelphia World’s Fair. Within the walls of the pavilion was first sounded the word phone – so introduced himself as the inventor of a ‘speaking telegraph’. To the amazement of the jury of the horn this thing came monologue Prince of Denmark ‘To Be or Not To Be? ‘, Performed at the same time, but in another room, by the inventor, Mr. Bell. History has responded to this question unquestioning ‘to be’. Bell’s invention became a sensation in Philadelphia exhibition. This is despite the fact that the first telephone worked with monstrous distortions of sound, to talk with it could not continue to 250 meters, because he acted even without the battery power alone, electromagnetic induction, its receiver and transmitter devices were equally primitive. The first commercial phone conversation between New York and London took place on Jan. 7, 1927 on the transatlantic telephone cable. Few people know that in the ussr until 1968 in telephone numbers were not just numbers but also letters. And the first phones dialer did not exist. In his book “The list of subscribers of the Moscow telephone network” for the 1916 first paragraph of instructions for use telephones reads: “The central station is called a simple removal of mikrotelefona lever. The duty station must respond by telling his room. Then the caller clearly and distinctly said number, which requires a connection. ” On the first disk devices were only numbers. In the 20 years of the last century, close to the figures portrayed characters. In the Soviet Union on the phone beside the figures, too, there were 10 letters: A, B, C, D, E, F, I, K and L. The letter W is not used, because it looks like a triple.

Solid Foam Can Be Made Liquid

Very often the solution of ecological problems in the processing industry depends on automation and mechanization of the transportation process. The problem is that waste is often non-transportable, they viscous, capable of cohesive, agglomerated and often have a high density. Even manually extract the mass of the machine very hard. When cleaning the effluents containing suspended and surface-active substances in the ore dressing and waste, this problem is very urgent. Since we are producing equipment for the environmental problems arose mechanization and automation of sludge. Density of slurry can be reduced simply to foaming. But the foam can There are two types: solid and liquid. The first is not flowing, sticks to everything.

The second can be transported through pipelines. It was the second option, and we needed. How to make the foam has a liquid? Here and started working science, or more precisely the topology and geometry. It was necessary to create conditions where individual bubbles in the foam would not form aggregates and were able to flow, that is, to move freely. Came a brilliant idea – to equip the foam ‘Bearings’ to slip the bubbles relative to each other. And the material was found – the bubbles smaller. As it turned out binodal distribution of foam bubble size gives the desired effect. Introduction additional quantity of gas to form a fluid foam, bubbles with a given size a certain amount, with subsequent removal of gravity of the foam product, significantly simplifies the process of cleaning liquid phase from suspensions. For the formation of foam from a gas-supersaturated fluid, we used cavitation, ultrasound and vacuum. Tests have shown that this physical effect is working. Wastes are separated from ochisschennoy fluid density (foam less dense), flowing through the pipes, turn on automatic fluid foam itself strictly in terms of the mirror foam, manual labor is eliminated. Make the next step to a comfortable, highly productive labor in the field of ecology. Method eliminates the mechanical removal of the foam, manual labor, harmful effects on the environment and improves the efficiency of the process. Now the treatment facilities and processing plants can be introduced deserted technology.

Oras Electra

E-plumber is a series of non-contact fittings for bathrooms and sanitary unit. Electronic plumbing can be installed in public places, and in any bathroom or bathroom. For all public places such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals, restaurants, bars, cafes, train stations, airports, cinemas, museums, electronic plumbing is simply not replaceable, as in public places is always a risk infectious disease, and with electronic fixtures you will not even have to touch the faucet to flush button urinal or toilet. Just no small role played by such urgent in our time a thing as saving water. Now the mixer and the rest of the electronic plumbing watching every drop of water, which will significantly reduce water consumption. On the Russian market of electronic plumbing at the moment a great choice, here are a few brands, excellent reputation in this area is Grohe, Hansgrohe, Hansa (Germany), Oras Electra (Finland), Kopfgescheit (Austria).

E-plumber is divided by built-in it the sensor response. Infrared, sensor and radar differ Response properties of the sensor, radar plumber reacts to the volume of the room, and an infrared sensor and plumbing works to light. Not play an important role and design of electronic plumbing, as a rule, he does not concede conventional plumbing, and even surpasses it for its performance. In the electronic plumbing includes faucets for sink, shower, bath, electric hand dryers, electric dispensers for liquid soap, electric flushing system for urinals and toilets. Electronic taps can be with mixing and without mixing, mixer, without mixing is normally connected to a central thermostat, already exhibited the desired water temperature. All e-plumber is produced on high-precision equipment from environmentally friendly materials that can safely and reliably operate for many years.