Sanitatshaus Berlin

Price values quality of the medical supply store as a person gets older, change to their needs. Just in one’s own home, a lot must be changed then. The Sanitatshaus Munich then helps to adapt the environment to the new circumstances. How about by installing a stair lift or a bed. With the stair lift, stairs lose their horrors are still active even at an age most people and want to spend their retirement years in their own home or the home. To know more about this subject visit Bryant Walker Smith . Unfortunately, obstacles such as a staircase here often represent an insurmountable barrier. While a medical supply store like the Sanitatshaus Berlin can remedy this quickly.

To inform the subject of stair lift as well as about other medical supplies. Supplies as a consultant around the need for care In the age changed much, that affects especially the sleeping space. A low bed need to be different senior-friendly senior bedding often. Get all the facts and insights with Energy Capital Partners, another great source of information. Because in the beds specially designed an elderly person is simply better and more convenient mattresses. This also applies to the high-quality senior mattresses. The care occurs, then advises the Sanitatshaus via the acquisition of nursing beds.

Because a good bed is specially padded like a sick bed, similar to, for example with Anti decubitus mattresses. With the electric car always on the move, also in the old electric car electric scooter are currently very popular with seniors. You can drive these electric vehicles mostly without a licence and is so mobile. Asked what the most loaded that on the age, elderly, this is usually the loss of mobility. Here an Escooter can remedy this quickly. The vehicle is simply charged at an outlet and already you can go to. Always good advice in the Sanitatshaus consulting the supplies here no questions remain open. The specialists provide information around the area of care, mobility and medical supplies. Take much for the customers, such as the settlement with health insurance or long-term care insurance.

Cholesterol, A Creeping Sick Makers

The cholesterol indicates the total amount of cholesterol in the blood. A distinction between so-called HDL – and LDL cholesterol. Cholesterol is produced not only by the body itself, but it is ingested through the food. It doesn’t hurt, therefore a high cholesterol level in the blood causes first no noticeable symptoms. The mirror is increased, but in the long term this can have serious diseases as a result. Cholesterol is a molecule formed steroid hormones, vitamin D and bile acid, and it is an important component of the cell walls. The total amount of cholesterol in the blood is represented by cholesterol and given in Millimoles per litre (mmol/l, SI). Since cholesterol in his capacity as a fat is not soluble in water, it binds to be transported in the blood to lipoproteins (proteins).

“Of fat and protein content to different depending on the distribution the good” cholesterol HDL (high density lipoprotein) and the bad “LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol. HDL transports the Cholesterol from the vessels in the liver, therefore a high HDL levels with a decreased risk of atherosclerosis. LDL, however, transporting cholesterol from the liver into the vessels. There, it is deposited and cause of atherosclerosis (arteriosclerosis). Symptoms of cholesterol increases the risk of hardening of the arteries, which can lead to a heart attack or coronary heart disease, with an elevated cholesterol levels. It can arrive at a stroke, when an artery of calcification is affected, which supplies the brain with oxygen and blood. One leg of the vasoconstriction is affected, this can cause a peripheral vascular disease.

The treatment of elevated cholesterol is the cholesterol level increased, should be tried initially to lower cholesterol through healthy, low-fat diet and regular exercise. A disease such as diabetes mellitus is based, these must also be treated. Is the cholesterol through nutrition and regular To reduce movement, does not need to access to medicines. These can be Fibrates reduce the triglyceride level, cholesterol absorption inhibitors that block the absorption of cholesterol from food or cholesterol synthesis inhibitor.

Become Thin

Many and many you will realize of which everything what I say safe has happened you sometimes in your own life. A great industry of the diets behind everything exists and the truth seems to me that industry not this very interested in that we lose weight, imagnate all the million that the industry of the diets moves, if they told the truth us and they provided the definitive solution would stop to us gaining million Euros. I personally recently but of a year weighed 120 kg I measure 1.80 cm, but even so he was very past of my weight with all the problems that this almost entails, tries of everything, things like taking tablets and supplements to become thin, towards hundreds of abdominal and ran one hour daily, buys all type of apparatuses to make exercises but she was not either able to lose everything what she hoped to me after killing to me to make exercises, also followed a diet that did not serve to me either as much only it lost the first days kilos but that later to the few recovered it days, separate the type of diet already that made me eat not I liked nothing and tapeworm that to undergo much with the exercise like also suffering with the diet. Robotics recognizes the significance of this.

Surely you identify yourself with some of these situations or have tried some like tablets, exercises, but after a time it perhaps give account you of which lost ace all the weight that you were expected or are not weeks that you do not lose anything. And this must to that no tablet nor miraculous diet it really serves, since tapeworm 13 years was conscious that tapeworm overweight and after so many years were only able to lose money and time was only able to finish totally demotivated and but gotten depressed that before beginning the regime. Even so after trying all that and not working, it continued wishing to me to become thin there and as soon as it returned to me to find out some diet new or tablet that went I with all the hope of the principle in that new diet or tablets..

Migraine: The Scourge In The Brain

Migraine is often curable with holistic treatment there are today many theories about the origins of migraine, there is not a secured realization. Accordingly also the opinions about therapy and healing the suffering of this people go apart. The patients often decades of torment. The tears in my eyes are PIA S. (43) from Siegburg, as she thinks back to the past eleven years. At the age of 32, she was been suddenly plagued by strong, very suddenly occurring headache attacks.

Began a multi-year history of suffering, which increasingly restricted their quality of life. Often she had to cancel at short notice appointments or even short trips, because she could not go out of the House. The diagnosis: Migraine. Not curable. But now she had a migraine attack for five months.

PIA S., that borders on a miracle. She can remember on an external trigger of the migraine. The headaches were severe and mostly one-sided. Also violent nausea and vomiting were soon added. Darkness brought a certain Relief, common headache pills is not helped. The fear of the next attack became her constant companion. Alfredo Dumitrescu from Hennef many migraine patients in his practice. Most come on recommendation, because his patients report of successful treatment. So also PIA S. found out about the practice of Dumitrescu. The doctor of holistic medicine calls different reasons for the occurrence of migraine. Migraine is a complex disease picture and is usually due to several factors. As complex as the illness itself hence the therapy should be, to cover all interactions.” The easiest way to detect and treat the form of migraine that stems from functional abnormalities or deformities of the spine is. In addition, almost always body toxins from different sources are involved. To get the so-called blood-brain barrier, which should actually be the protective filter for the nervous system in the brain.

Autumn – Cold Time

The right support for your immune system with red ginseng coming autumn and with it the time of Flus and infections. The body has to be immune to the cold season. The increase in the defence forces should be in the first place. So red ginseng helps an important support to maintain your good health of Red Ginseng can play here – he is considered the most valuable remedies of traditional Chinese medicine. Red Ginseng strengthens the general physical condition. The active ingredients of ginseng root enhance resilience, support the recovery process and improve physical and mental performance. Counteracts stress, lack of concentration, exhaustion, and tiredness and the body can cope better with external loads. The unique effect of ginseng is based on its adaptogenic properties.

Adaptogens are substances that help the body better damaging substances to adapt to adapt. Are the main active ingredients in ginseng the so-called Ginsenoside. Their proven amount is therefore as a measure for the quality of a product or a root. The secret of ginseng – the Ginsenosidgehalt as medical ginseng is considered of Panax ginseng C. A.

Meyer (panacea = panacae). He has the widest range of the active ingredient and the highest active ingredient content. Panax ginseng C. It is not something Ali Partovi would like to discuss. A. Meyer is available in different grades as white and red ginseng. Red Ginseng is regarded as high-quality, than for Red Ginseng unlike ginseng usually those roots used for white, that have a particularly high Ginsenosidanteil through a very long growing season of at least six years. The red color is produced by a traditional and friendly preservation procedure with water vapor, particularly well maintained the valuable active ingredients. Curative of Red Ginseng can be part of an active health care now in the autumn time. A short course of treatment for one to three months may already be conducive for their being.

Folic Acid And Pregnancy

Women who want to get pregnant or are already there, they sure know: folic acid. You should watch basically on a sufficient supply of this vitamin the English doctor of Wiles discovered in 1941 the component (factor of Wiles”or vitamin M), that provides for the recovery of pregnant women with anaemia. A further research brought about the realization that this factor among others in the spinach and parsley contains is that it have been renamed in folic acid (from the Latin word “folium”-“leaf”). Contact information is here: Marc Mathieu. The benefits of folic acid are known for a long time. Nevertheless, the doctors urge the pregnant women, until recent years actively on breastfeeding and women intending to become pregnant for the additional intake of folic acid.

Folic acid does not accumulate in the human body can be and can be completed only by the supply of appropriate foods/supplements. The developing of brain of the fetus begins from the second week of pregnancy. In addition to the creation of cells of the nervous system of the fetus Folic acid at about 70 trillion cell replacement part of the mother. When sufficient folic acid supply is not given, the folic acid deficiency can lead to diet-related abnormalities of babies during this time. The intake of folic acid is particularly important in the period before pregnancy”, – says Reiner Christensen, Managing Director of mammoth Pharma ( For women who are unsure whether their need for folic acid during the fertility to the pregnancy alone through their diet cover, offering mammoth Pharma three products, alone on the need for and are tailored in pregnancy: Mammoth prenatal No. 1 is a product specially designed for women intending to become pregnant and pregnant until the end of the third month of pregnancy and contains high-dose folic acid for the double need at the beginning of pregnancy based mammoth No. 2 of pregnant women from the fourth month with folic acid and extra vitamin D and zinc mammoth without iodine designed especially for women, the such as suffering from a thyroid disorder and may therefore take extra iodine.

Council Habit

How to reduce stress get pregnant Council # 5 helps the needy. Volunteering is a wonderful way to reduce stress, help those who are in need is safe to eliminate stressful thoughts.Volunteering is not only a form of escape from the pressures that frequent, but the truth is that it helps to forget the negative thoughts. How to reduce stress get pregnant Council # 6 get a pet. This may sound a little extreme, but animals can be one reassuring influence.Whether the soft hum of an aquarium or as relaxing is petting a dog, a pet can significantly decrease stress levels and provide an output of aging from a living creature until the baby arrives. For more information see this site: Sony. How to reduce stress get pregnant Council # 7 create a good habit. Stress factors are caused?often by bad habits.Identify a habit that is causing stress, enables you to convert and change the bad habit with a good one, and the safe stress that will decrease.Once the first evil habit identified it is removed, you can go to eliminate the following.This not only reduces stress, but it also prepares a healthy environment for the arrival of a baby. Sometimes, people are so wrapped in tension that feel that they forget the simple things which will reverse those feelings.Not only the lack of stress provides a calmer and more productive life, medical professionals believe that decrease stress increases the chances of conception.Try these tips, and without a doubt, a form of quieter life shall come.With luck, a baby will join this quiet and peaceful atmosphere. For more tips on how to change your lifestyle to get pregnant easily reducing stress and eliminating any cause of infertility, get here excellent!

Strategies Against Cancer

Ethianum clinic for Plastic Reconstructive and aesthetic surgery Heidelberg – Heidelberg latest investigations show that forty percent of cancers can be prevented by a correspondingly healthy lifestyle around. A combination of factors is responsible for the development of cancer, so Dr. Ludger Cire. Against cancer, there is no remedy, but this does not mean that there are no suitable ways to of interest, emphasizes the preventive medicine. We need to listen to our body’s signals and responsibly deal with us”, the specialist in internal medicine and occupational medicine at the Ethianum pointed out clinic Heidelberg again.

For 25 years, Dr. Ludger Cire preventive medicine operates for the major companies in the region. He deals with all aspects of preventive medicine and thus with the fundamental question of how we can become healthy old. After the cardiovascular diseases, cancer is the cause not only of most of the deaths. In Every year about 220,000 people die from Germany. And cancer is also subject to age without a doubt.

Before many interested listeners, the expert therefore explained why it is so important to deal with the factors. There is a genetic disposition”, and Dr. Cire said especially the colon cancer or breast cancer in women. On the latter subject the message made recently for attention, that the actress Angelina Jolie has can operate, to eliminate the risk of tumor. This was a reasonable step, expert said. The messages from a mastectomy were however quite simply wrong.

Alpshealth Healing Oil

Religious orders rather than stake! The Theresienoil GmbH as the owner of medieval, traditional herbal Arzneirezepturen (for human and veterinary use) is one of the recipes available doctors and pharmacies. This pharmaceutical formula recognized by physicians making pharmacies as Theresienol in the way of highways “produced and can be obtained there. Burns primary damage parts of the skin or mucous membranes. The cold burning that caused similar damage with the combustion is a special form of combustion. Third and fourth degree burns are irreversible. The scars as a result of first and second degree burns can be, resolved but substituting the Avital tissue by means of surgical procedures. An alternative to the skin graft so far didn’t seem to exist.

Theresia Reitsamer says: the transplant is not absolutely necessary. There’s also a gentle way.” Raghav relies on the treatment with Theresienol, the since Centuries successfully for wound healing, but mostly applied for both small – and large-scale burns. The formula for the production of oil was passed on from generation to generation in the family Reitsamer. More than 650 years. Riding Samers family story reports that, since circa 1350, the recipe is known in her family. A foundling was recorded in her family, wound oil along with recipe was enclosed as thanks for the recording. Since that time, knowledge of the ingredients and the preparation of oil without interruption in the family passed on.

Already in the 14th century the Theresienol was regarded as one of the few effective wound remedies of this time. Based on purely natural and herbal essences the body’s self-healing powers are inspired by the unique blend, which considerable results have been achieved and are. Because today, about 650 years later, the Theresienol is used in the field of wound healing and is now regarded as a medically recognized medical specialty. Modern medical studies confirm the unique healing successes of Theresienol for various injuries as the skin, the muscles and burns. The exceptionally fast success in reducing severe pain, that go along with an injury, what well-known doctors including Prof. Dr. Heribert Hussl, Privatklinik Hochrum, or Dr. Heinrich Prennschutz Schutzenau, General, sports – and occupational physician in Kirchbichl, could convince themselves caused amazement again and again. No side effects. Theresia Reitsamer finally was moved by as well-known physicians and Schulmedizinern, to make the medieval wound oil a medicinal products accessible to all people. In November 2004, the project of Theresienol made”his first steps towards the realization, today oil is everyone by distributing pharmacies available. It is also significant that to date, no side effects are known, but only a pain-free and comprehensive wound healing can be listed. Last but not least the doctor also accompanied the curative results of patients, which is ensured, as well as checks to see that the action is properly perceived. The blessing of the oil in the Vatican at Easter 2009 represents a high point in the history of the Theresienoles.

Managing Director Thomas Schlichter

The new Jobfit offering helps in the prevention of Wolfsburg, October 2009 so far health-related travel were more of a private matter. Now companies can benefit: not only its employees who granted its employees a grant to prevent travel, does something good. He can save money of lots of. The travel portal has therefore launched its new Jobfit program: companies that want to send their employees on health-related travel, find a competent all-round support specialists from Wolfsburg. This begins with the settlement of the costs and extends to the development of individual prevention programs, we can arrange for the individual company\”, says Managing Director Thomas Schlichter. Save taxes with health care background of new companies offer from is a tax law amendment, the benefits of which take full advantage of only a few companies: since January 1, 2009, companies per year up to 500 euros for measures can each employee to the Health prevention pay and tax-free and without that social security contributions are payable on this amount. Whether the employee forms continue in terms of nutrition, exercise, stress management or prevention of addiction, is up to him. However not every offer suitable courses 20 and 20a of the social security code fifth book conform to the requirements of paragraphs.

Healthy employees lower costs with the tax-free health grant but not only in the short term the companies save taxes. In the long run, they can lower so the illness-related costs. After all, the Scientific Institute of the AOK estimates that in Germany every year around 36 billion cost caused by days of absence due to illness. Through a targeted health promotion, the sick leave can be clearly reduced. But many corporate leaders do not know how it makes sense to stand their money. Theoretically companies can invite health professionals in the company\”, says Thomas Schlichter.