Packaging Machinery & Equipment

The decision concerning the choice of packaging machine is taken after answering the following questions: 1. Kind of product – a powder, liquid, solid, etc., its key features – free-flowing, sticky, dusty, not dusty, hygroscopic, etc. Robotics expert has similar goals. 2. Product weight and packaging, 3. Size and shape of the package (within prescribed tolerances), 4. The size of the neck of the container 5. Stability of packaging 6.

The materials used for packaging components, slip on line, a way to move along the line, etc. 7. The need for additional equipment; 8. Additional requirements – for example, attachment sheets with instructions or advertising, securing spoons, straws, etc. 9. Method of installation – the tray and shrink wrap, a box made of corrugated cardboard or other options; 10.Osobye standards of cleanliness and sterility; 11.Opasnost for operators; 12. Fragility packaging – for example, glass; 13.Ogneopasnost product; 14. Vzryvoopanost.

Important position is the installation of equipment. Necessary to provide all communications relating to the supply of electricity, water, air, vacuum and steam and with the elimination of waste. In the calculations take into account the maximum allowable amount static and dynamic loads on the floor, to develop measures to ensure the supply of equipment in the installation area (up-and-transport mechanisms, pathways, etc.), as well as the availability of specialists for the installation. When choice of machines should be remembered that good packaging lines operate with minimal vibration and minimal noise. Vibration indicates imbalance of nodes or the presence of the forces acting asymmetrically, that leads to depreciation of equipment. The main frame of the machine must be heavy enough and should not deform under the influence of working mechanical loads. To operate the production lines require reliable sources of electricity, water, compressed air, vacuum, water and drainage system. In addition to these types of security, very important factor is maintenance. Many of today's production lines are equipped with computer control systems and analysis that not only indicate the cause and location, but also issued recommendations to address the refusal. Timely delivery of packaging materials and components on the line, the removal of excess materials and finished products, as well as preventive maintenance of equipment also apply to maintenance, increase operational efficiencies. Automated work stations for packing products based on the coherence of all production operations. Any, even minor changes such as the use of another nail-closing, may cause disruption of production operations. Currently, the market for packaging machinery offers a variety of machines able to satisfy all the demands of production. When selecting packaging equipment necessary to take into account the large number of factors need to consider in detail whether the existing baseline data and opportunities for enterprise and technical and economic characteristics of the proposed equipment, as well as the status and trends market products that will be poured on the packaging equipment being purchased.

The Advantages Of Remote Training

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Electrical Nucleation

The rate of crystallization in general limited by the rate of nucleation. Nucleation can be spontaneous – homogeneous nucleation, and induced – heterogeneous nucleation. When heterogeneous nucleation ions are collected on foreign (heterogeneous) with respect to the crystallizing substance inclusions, such as the surface of process equipment or piping The rate of nucleation on these surfaces in the 1,000-10,000-fold higher than in the bulk liquid. Strength of crystal nuclei and the metal surface due to the presence of electrostatic forces. Over time, a layer of sediment thickened and hardened, providing the aforementioned negative effects.

Thus, the task of preventing (or significantly reduce the quantity) of crystal nuclei coupling with the metal surface is to prepare the metal surface, providing a significant reduction or absence of negative charges due to ionization of surface functional groups. The boundary between solid Body / fluid will ensure that the repulsive electrostatic interaction between the metal surface and the ions Ca2 + and CO32 + in the case of ensuring its hydrophobic state. Crystal around the particle emerging there is a layer of water molecules together with minor amounts of counterions. This was a charged layer of the solution is an excess of counterions. This charge distribution is called the electrical double layer leads to a repulsion between particles. Such double electric layers usually occur at the interface between solid hydrophobic body (metal surface) and an aqueous solution. All known methods (40 methods) to reduce and prevent deposit formation on heating surfaces, mainly focused on the impact of different methods for fluids.

New CCTV Monitor Smartec STM

The line of low cost TFT-monitors Smartec for television surveillance systems replenished with new model – STM-193 with a diagonal of 19 inches. New CCTV monitor with a workspace screen 386h280 mm, resolution – 1280×1024 pixel response time – 8.12 ms. Thanks high-brightness TFT-matrix (from 300 to 450 cd/m2) and contrast ratio of 500:1, it provides a clear image detail and drawing parts personnel. STM-193 has a plastic case in black, is equipped with a BNC video inputs and S-Video, Audio in / out and 15-pin D-Sub connector for connecting to a PC CCTV, and also comes with a stand for desktop use. A new monitor can work as part of the classic CCTV systems and IP-Surveillance. It reproduces 16.7 million colors in the color space RGB, which corresponds to the natural color vision of man, and supports computer graphics format SXGA. Custom level contour field and the 3D-Deinterlace make motion pictures on the screen CCTV monitors clearer and easier identification of objects under observation.

Ability to adjust gamma correction allows you to adapt STM-193 to the source Video and avoid light perezalivki image. Realistic color TFT-monitor, including the dark color is achieved through balanced for contrast / brightness of the video signal coming from different video sources CCTV – cameras, video recorders, and others. Due to the small-time updates pixel TFT-matrix, is 8-12 ms, this monitor CCTV eliminates blur on the screen rapidly changing images. In addition, exemplary quality of the video provided by high-resolution STM-193 is more than 500 TV lines. Simultaneous audio soundtrack STM-193 is equipped with audio input RCA, and in front of the monitor CCTV integrated dual speakers. At the same time back of the monitor is audio output for connecting external headphones or speakers.

For the convenience of the operator with a CCTV system, STM-193 displays the current time and date. STM-193 has a black plastic housing color with a thin bezel, which is made from high quality durable plastic. With the brackets, this monitor can be mounted on walls, ceilings or placed in racks for CCTV equipment. Works on display mains voltage of 220 V and is equipped with an external power supply. For installation on horizontal surfaces in the delivery STM-193 includes convenient tabletop stand. For mounting the monitor on the wall Smartec can be purchased Brackets CCTV series STB. Convenient and intuitive setup STM-193 makes it easy to adjust the picture and sound settings. There are four buttons on the front panel CCTV monitors allow you to customize the brightness, contrast and color, and sharpness, the rate of gamma and other settings. Balance, volume, bass level and upper frequencies of the monitor also can be adjusted with a convenient on-screen menus. Under trademark Smartec produces a wide range of equipment to create classic and IP-based video surveillance (CCTV) of any shape and complexity. The composition of this line includes a variety of surveillance cameras (b / w and color day-night), domes, 4 -, 8 -, 9 – and 16-channel DVR, 15-32-inch LCD-monitors, furrows IP-cameras and dome, varifocal lens, 1 -, 2 – and 4 – channel video servers, video transmitter and video receiver for fiber-optic, by housing, brackets, power supplies, etc.