Frequency Converters

The economic effect of the introduction into the production process of electric motors and frequency inverters soft starters (soft starters) is achieved by the following factors: energy savings in pump, fan and compressor units up to 50% – 60% due to capacity control by changing the motor speed as opposed to regulation of way on / off, etc.; increase product quality, increasing the volume of production and productivity of manufacturing equipment, increasing the service life of process equipment due to the improvements of the dynamics of elektroprivoda.Pri choosing the model of the frequency converter should be based on a specific task, which should solve the actuator: type and capacity of the electric plug, accuracy and range of regulation speed, accuracy to maintain torque on the shaft of the motor design (dimensions, weight). When you work with a standard induction motor inverter should be selected with the appropriate capacity. If you need a great starting point or a short acceleration / deceleration time, select the frequency converter is a step above the standard. Examples of specific application of the frequency elektroprivodNa water pumping stations: The frequency converter is installed between the supply network and an electric motor to provide feedback. In the pressure manifold at the outlet of pump unit installed pressure sensor. Smooth regulation of frequency converter and the high accuracy of pressure in water supply networks can save energy up to 60% and leads to savings of pumped water, essentially eliminates hydroblows increasing the service life of pipes and valves.