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So spiritually speaking, this morally correct character, was very sad because the was also very rich in works of justice. That is why Jesus, seeing that he had been saddened much said:!How they shall hardly enter into the Kingdom of God those who have riches! Not physical wealth, but eclesiastico-espirituosas. Because it is easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle, a rich man from entering the Kingdom of God. And those who heard this said: who, then, can be saved? To which Jesus said one irrefutable truth: for men this is impossible, for God everything is possible.1 is impossible that men may be saved to fulfill to the letter all the commandments. But for God it is possible to save men through the perfect life of Jesus.

Jesus perfectly obeying each and every one of the commandments of God from Belem to Calvary. Jesus lived in our place and Jesus died in our place. It is true that by accepting Jesus as our it sublime Immaculate substitute, our lives will change, loving the good we want to do and abhorring evil that we don’t want to hacer.5 However, this moral change has no value to obtain eternal life, but that is the result of being saved in Jesus. In fact, in the eyes of God, the unjust life of the profane is like manure and the righteous life of humans is like inmundicia.6 cloth, 7 only just and perfect life of Jesus Christ is as pleasant perfume and more valuable than all the treasures of the universe. Only perfect justice emanating from Jesus is accepted by God as the only thing that we need to inherit eternal life.

Jorge R. Talbot Biblical Research Society references: 1. Matthew 19: 16-30; Mark 10: 17-31; Luke 18: 18-30. 2 Exodus 20: 14, 13, 15, 16, 12; Deuteronomy 5: 18, 19, 20, 17, 16; Leviticus 19: 18. 3 Matthew 26: 6-13. 4 Revelation 3: 17. 5 Romans 5: 19. 6 Malachi 2: 2-3. 7 Isaiah 64: 6. Original author and source of the article.

Audea – Third Attack Against Sony?

As we have read in the cnet portal headaches for the Asian giant might still be far from disappearing. And it is that a group of hackers would have announced a new wave of attacks against the network PlayStation Network, whose safety has been compromised in recent weeks. In the aforementioned portal says that several hackers might be preparing a new attack on the servers of Sony, and that this time provided for the publication of data. By Sony, already dropped the accusation to the Group of Anonymous activists, when a few weeks ago various Sony websites, among them Sony and sonystyle.com, they were attacked by the technique of distributed denial of service (DDoS). For its part, Anonymous has made some statements in which denies any involvement in the attacks, since, as they have stated, his group does not share credit card data theft. In any case, it seems that Sony is in the aim of certain groups in the network, and we’ll see if the tests that Sony is doing on your servers to give them greater security have its effect.

Pros Holiday In Egypt

Holidaying in Egypt is fairly popular among Russians. Reasonable prices, ease visa and fairly high level of service – all this contributes to the fact that every year tens of thousands of our compatriots go to ancient land of Egypt. Country is ancient as civilization there emerged long before the Greek and Roman, as evidenced by the pyramids and sphinx silent, sacred store their secrets. Most tourists inspection attractions start from here. And probably rightly so. View of the great pyramids and the enigmatic Sphinx shall be removed immediately from the reality of man and make you think about the power of ancient civilizations.

After all, even modern scholars agree that to build a similar facility today – extremely difficult. In Egypt, you can repeat the path of Moses on the mountaintop, where he talked with God. The only disadvantage of this route in that dawn to meet at the top will hit the road late at night. Moreover, according to tradition, the way done in the dark, on foot, although it is possible to use a flashlight. Part of the way to the top can be done on a camel or a donkey, and yet the final section of hike. But all this is fully compensated by the beauty of dawn, encountered at the legendary mountain. Of non-traditional holiday in Egypt is best try to race on four-wheelers on the Great Desert. Not for wimps, and also without the necessary clothing to do this is not necessary – ever-present sand penetrates the clothing, it is sufficient to sharply reduce enjoy the race.

Egypt called the Mecca of diving. The Red Sea offers excellent conditions for scuba diving to any depth, accessible to man. The richness of the underwater world, its non-tradable Paint will not leave anyone indifferent. It should only be noted that the need is very serious about choosing a guide and equipment for scuba diving. It is best to read the license.

Odin God Pjalfi

One of the best-known passages in the prosaic age, the greatest source of Norse legend / mythology Norse, is the encounter between Thor, Loki and the servant who accompanied them, named Pjalfi, with the giant utgaroa-Loki (not confused with Loki the Lord of lies) and the challenges proposed by them. Pjalfi joined to Thor and Loki as payment to the damage caused to one of the beasts that pulled the carriage of Thor. The Dios de el Trueno had the ability to bring back life to animals, and often ate their own beasts of draught, collected their bones and returned them to life the next day. But wanted the destination this time Pjalfi broke through one of the freshly cooked animal bones, and when Thor the animal returned him to life was wounded. So, as already stated, the payment of Pjalfi was the become the servant of God. The three, Thor, Loki and Pjalfi come to the castle of the giant utgaroa-Loki, who receives them and leads them to a classroom, where takes beginning challenges. A few challenges peculiar, since they are the guests who propose tests. The first to accept that challenge is Loki, who says eat faster than anyone else.

The giant passes the open defiance of Loki to Logi, who devours the food, bones and even the wooden tray where they served food at an impressive speed, defeating Loki. The second in participating is Pjalfi, who claims to be very fast. The King invites you to accept the challenge to Hugi, who doubles in speed to the young. Thor is finally submitted. Thirsty as I was, says being able to drink more than anyone else.

The King therefore offers a horn, and says the son of Odin God that there were those who drank is the entire contents of the Horn in one gulp. Thor baby and baby and, however, despite their efforts, just gets the fluid level down a little. The giant King confesses his discontent, because they had assured him that Thor had no rival in any quest, and offers something different: asked to lift his cat from the ground. Thor tries making use of all your strength, but it just gets moved to the animal. Then the giant tells him to try beating an old woman who had already defeated many warriors in combat, and Thor, after presenting to the match, loses. After spending the night travellers are willing to leave. The giant accompanies them to the output. Then he confesses to Thor that he felt fear before its might, and tells him that they don’t have to feel shame, since he used magic tricks to defeat them; the Horn that Thor drank was connected to the oceans, and when he drank from the lowered the level of the oceans and the tides began. The cat was the serpent of Asgard that surrounds the world, and the powerful God managed to lift it into the air. And the old woman was indeed death, who had defeated countless warriors. The challenges of Loki and Pjalfi were also illusions, Logi was a representation of the fire that everything devours and el veloz Hugi, was actually thinking. Thor feels offended by this deception and decides to hit the giant with his magnificent hammer Mjolnir, but both the giant as the Castle fade, leaving the three travelers in the desert plain. Nahuel Gladish original author and source of the article