New Industrial Flash Storage Solutions

New drives bring higher transfer rates, easier setup and reliability – all to comparable prices Taipei, Taiwan – iNNODISK, the industry’s leading manufacturer and supplier of solutions for embedded Flash and DRAM memory products, DRAM technologies, has officially launched today a new series of SATA-III products. Innodisks extensive range of SATA-III-memory products for industrial applications includes immediately 2.5 inch SSDs, SATADOM, SATA slim mSATA and CFast – available in a wide range of designs and interfaces. With SATA III Innodisks storage solutions offer sequential transfer rates of 500 MB / s read and 340 MB/s write, so double the speed of SATA II, and thus enough for almost every conceivable field of embedded system solutions. With the upgrade, iNNODISK once more on the own strength in the areas of research and development, which opens up the possibility, support for even wider temperature ranges relies on SATA III. custom firmware, to integrate data protection during blackouts and other advanced features. With these features, iNNODISK hitting a new chapter in the market for industrial PC solutions. That the write and read speed almost doubled, the 2.5 inch SSDs with SATA III not only reduce by means of Energiesparmechanismen and sleep modes, also the energy demand and thus the operating costs.

Together with the upgrade to SATA III, also Innodisks proprietary monitoring tool has received an update for the monitoring of the status of the drive. The version of iSMART 3.1 enables ‘One Touch’-mode can be a time-saving device and care, in which significant functions, such as about the read-only, which manages quick format and the Energiesparmechanismen by means of a simple button press. All drives in a system can be monitored via iSMART 3.1. In addition, the latest version of iSMART can help users to visualize the wear level status of the SSD in a clear graphical output. Value-added features such as iSMART transform a product in the ideal storage solution. Other features include ATA security solutions that reliably protect sensitive data, as well as the TRIM command that the life expectancy of drives by avoiding unnecessary writes increases.

Not to mention that iNNODISK has expanded the permissible temperature range:-20 c to + 85 C. The SATA-III portfolio by iNNODISK is now available in the trade. The price range is SATA-II products at a similar level as in Innodisks. INNODISK iNNODISK was founded in 2005 in Taiwan and maintains a European branch with field service technicians in the Netherlands. The company has become the industry’s leading manufacturer of Flash storage solutions and DRAM Modules for industrial applications and for embedded systems. The company focuses on enterprise solutions, industry solutions, used in the aviation and aerospace industries, as well as in the usage area of the defense industry. With his wealth of experience and unrivalled Know about the storage industry, iNNODISK has published a wealth of products, which feature excellent quality, outstanding performance, a great value for money and the highest possible reliability.

IOM Summit Witnessed The (R) Evolution Of The Intranet

United planet shows, such as social business, the work changed effective communication instead of annoying emails and boring meetings: the Freiburg software manufacturer United planet shows on the IOM Summit 2013, such as companies and Government agencies with the social business platform Intrexx share improve collaboration and knowledge transfer. Freiburg, the 12th September 2013. The information and enterprise management SUMMIT (IOM SUMMIT) on the 25th and 26.09.2013 in Cologne revolves around the design of the digital workplace. The Freiburg software forge United planet shows, such as businesses and public administrations with the social business platform Intrexx share () to promote sustainable knowledge management, a cross-cutting exchange of in-house expertise and a culture of constructive communication. Will disclose information not only by the staff but also the software solutions employed in the enterprise (intranet, E-Mail, CRM, ERP, appointment calendar, access etc.). This allows decisions to not only faster, but also very much better to be taken.

Data and documents are located on the protected corporate server and not in the cloud. Thus, it is ensured that only the people have access to the documents and data, are authorized. How communication and operational processes in the company evolve through social business, Stefan Eilert, Association CEO, Zweckverband municipal data processing Centre South Lower Saxony (CDR) shows on the 26.09.2013 in his talk of change in corporate communications, how social business changed everyday work”. Until the 30.9.2013, companies benefit from the introductory price for Intrexx share from 980 euros. The introduction of Intrexx share is completely risk-free, because from the purchase of the new social intranet can be tested for 60 days. Should you not be satisfied within this time, United planet refunded the paid license costs.

about United planet United planet has over 4,500 installations and more than 500,000 users of its Portal and Integration software Intrexx alone in speaking to the market leaders in the segment of medium-sized economy, public administration and organizations (E.g., hospitals). The company Lexware founder Axel Wessendorf is run. With platform-independent standard software Intrexx can be Web-based applications to return to complete intranet/enterprise portals with advanced functionality faster and thus more economical create than with comparable programs. Intrexx enables to create more productive workflows and the generation of mobile apps for smartphones and Tablet PCs of all manufacturers. Existing data from ERP systems, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and all JDBC – and OData data sources can be easily integrated with Intrexx and put in relationship. The interface of the SAP certified NetWeaver gateway simplifies the connection to the SAP system in unprecedented ways. Even counting the immediate competition software Microsoft SharePoint learns the OData – interface economic functionality enhancements. The data integration capabilities of Intrexx are increasingly used as middleware to take unwanted complexity to existing or heterogeneous software environments. With Intrexx share United planet offers platform a social business, that provoked the exchange of knowledge and cooperation among the employees and the communication to integrate existing enterprise software. Hundreds of finished apps and complete industry portals for downloading are available in the Intrexx application store.

Le Coadic

Where the information if finds is not most important and yes the access to the information; the emphasis in the management of the information is dislocated from the quantity for the access, of the supply for the flow of the information, of the systems for the nets. Under the canalization of the technologies of the information, Garden (2004, P. 1) speaks that the users (the least not excluded of the access to the technologies of the information) produce new demands to the archives, libraries, centers of documentation and provokes the realocao or suppression of borders that demarcate such spaces. The trend to the alterations in the forms to manage, to spread the information and to manage the resources it related (human, technological, etc.) is a slow, complex and contradictory process, in special in the case of the dependent countries.

Therefore, virtual misinformation spaces emerge (libraries, archives, etc.) whose existence, far from excluding the traditional documentary institutions, it suggests new possibilities to them of management of the information. The new means of production of the information and of its use in the society of the information make possible the access to the independent information of where it meets; the displacement of the systems for the nets; the acquisition of new vocations for archives, libraries and centers of documentation that renew functions that it are historical and surpass others. How much to the models of the information services, Garden (2004, p.2) cites Le Coadic (1997) for this the predominant paradigm in the information services more is come back to the sender who to the receiver of the message? it tends to be substituted by that one directed the receiver-user. For Garden (1999, p.1) the model sender-receiver is considered linear, mechanist, hierarchic and different, faces, therefore, some questionings, therefore it does not investigate effectively if the user well was taken care of. The explosion of the information has corresponded to an explosion of activities and related institutions it.

Technical Director Somit

Usually, they go beyond the boundaries of knowledge an individual designer, so he needs special help in planning. Together with the necessary knowledge, transmitted by Bernhard Remmersa Academy, a special planning Remmers available together with the knowledge and experience solutions to similar complex problems. Our task – to help you in planning difficult and risky part of "steps" to the object and the project participants looked to the future positively (Fig. 8). Interview History Restoration Interviews with award winners Helen Isaakovna Kagramonovoy (Somit Director-Restoration), Rudolf Kagramonovym Andreyevich (Technical Director Somit-Restoration) and Andrew Ivliev (Director of "Renaissance") Restoration Tsarina – this restoration in scientific terms or reconstruction? Elena Kagramanova: It depends on the concept of conservation of historic monuments. According to one of the buildings could Tsaritsyno do "open air museum" to preserve them as we inherited the ruins (no roof), having the relevant work of conservation.

Such examples, we know there is in Greece and Italy. Mikkel Svane understands that this is vital information. We follow a different concept: the use in restoration types and formulations of materials, techniques and technology of works of the period in which built the building. Advanced uses advanced design, materials and technologies. In this In this approach, preserved historic appearance of the building at justifiable cost. Today, the park Tsaritsyno – this is one of the best, if not the best park in Moscow, in terms of architecture and places of recreation for the citizens of Moscow. Rudolph Kagramanov: We apply technological solutions and materials firms Remmers, which were used during the restoration of the Travel Petrovsky Palace, a number of objects in the Kremlin, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities, as well as restoration numerous monuments in Germany and other western states. We are confident in the reliability and quality of work done on the restoration of our facilities, including the Tsarina. Tsaritsyno has been restored for your participation. What processes have you used that caused the most interest, what were the difficulties? Rudolph Kagramanov: Restoration of the buildings in the Tsarina was carried out in accordance with project and process requirements, developed by our leading institutions in the field of restoration of historical monuments in Moscow, Mosproekt 2 and Spetsproektrestavratsiey.

Desperately Short

The famous phrase on the housing issue has long been the basis for many jokes and funny stories. But the situation ceases to be funny, if you live in a small apartment, you have a family, children, pet cat, and maybe a dog, and you all together very closely. What to do? Where to start? A common reason for crowding is disorganized space. Imagine a family with small children immediately and the first thing that comes to mind is the pram in the hall close, you do not leave unprotected in the entryway. This is followed by a set of toys, bikes and all the other things that are simply necessary in our lives, and that create clutter and crowding in the room.

Without these items cost is difficult, and live with them too difficult test. Undoubtedly, the best option is to build a spacious home and all together it sit. Probably in the lives of many people are able to solve housing problem this way and this is just great. But what if you do not have that opportunity e? The answer is simple: do not be upset, and try to make their homes a bit more spacious. Floor First floor … If the latter you live on the first or last floor of your home, then consider yourself the question of expanding space in luck. Owners of apartments on the upper floors of buildings have a right to attach to your living space and technical room, located on their housing. Usually it is warm, which is called a technical floor, the only drawback being the low ceiling.

However, this deficiency is easily overcome during Literacy decorating. Technology investor is often quoted on this topic. As a result, the area of your home doubles, and two-level apartment is. On the first floor are a bit more complicated. Let's start with the version of the apartment in which there is a balcony or loggia. In this If you can make a basement beneath them, which will help to relieve room apartment on the stocks and a number of seasonal items. If the balcony is not provided, do not worry and go to the prefecture to allow you to build your own entrance to the apartment from the street or a small house adjacent to the veranda. If you receive such permission, you can expand the shelter. Some technical tricks Use the space, balconies and loggias for organizing small "warehouse" facilities. Do not forget about the design of these facilities. A good solution is to use a plumbing shutters for sliding on balcony. In this case you will not only arrange for storage of a number of things, freeing up room in this apartment, but to establish an own balcony. Shutters look stylish and interesting. They are successfully used for decorating posterior wall in the toilet, use the kitchen and bathroom. All cabinets are manufactured with roller shutters, smart and stylish. Shutters themselves are inexpensive, they are made from the waste in the production of conventional shutters. The output can continue to list ways to increase and the rational use of space in your apartment. But the best way to conduct a specific conversation about a specific home. To do this, please contact our firm, where true professionals, master-class is not only prompt you options, but also perform all necessary work.

German Mobile

Data flats are now mostly part of AllNet flats for 6 years there are mobile flat rates to all networks in Germany. compares these from the outset. Now the term AllNet has become for this flat. Were intended AllNet flats initially mainly for telephone calls to all national networks you increasingly used due to the increasingly widespread with Smartphones. Thus the use of the Internet and therefore also data flats is becoming increasingly important and are integrated offers nowadays often AllNet flat. now takes into account and is used for selecting new compared to the desired volume. At this point we would like to point out again, that mobile data flats in Germany are generally only so-called fair flats. This means you pay only the monthly flat rate for mobile Internet use these at home and no longer.

However, the speed of access on reaching a previously defined data volume for the rest of the month will drastically on usually 64 kBit / s throttled. More information is housed here: Mikkel Svane. Paschal not answer what data volume is needed. At best, this can be to determine if you already have a Smartphone, perhaps with a data flat and flat with some forward planning transitioning to an AllNet. So, can you settle for Android smartphones, for example, the app 3 G WatchDog on the phone and learns the required monthly consumption. If the use of SMS goes back SMS are sent in Germany but still lively. Dater will find the SMS flats in all networks of the AllNet often part or at least an option existing are flats continue taking into account in the form of an own selection. Whether you need them each user must decide for themselves.

Next to the input mask, the issue was limited to the most essential criteria of the tariff. These are in addition to power and run-time, the price of SMS, the included data volume as well as the costs associated with the plan. To the new mobile AllNet flat comparison * 14 ct/min from a German landline. German mobile radio price: 42 ct / min that reports regardless especially on the development of mobile flat rates and mobile Internet flat rate offers of the operator and a variety of other providers in Germany. The offer is complemented by a mobile phone shop, without contract and SIM lock in the cell phones and Smartphones are available.

Michael Kazarin

But on the other hand, if the managers will turn a deaf ear to the words of his subordinates, or worse, give empty promises, the expectations of employees will be deceived, their effectiveness will decline gradually, turnover will high. The effectiveness of any corporate culture depends primarily on how it relates to the management of the company. It is the leadership itself must act in accordance with the values and ethical principles that are stated in the company's mission, which will serve as a model for other employees. If the actions of the management company did not meet their stated the same principles and rules, this will inevitably lead to that corporate culture will exist only on paper. And rather than use a corporate culture will bring only harm. But we must recognize that follow the company's values, not knowing their own values it is simply impossible, as it is impossible even when the company's values and individual employee are very different.

Efficiency of execution will be the highest, if company owners and managers, and employees, and even the customers share the same values. But before that happens, you need to help employees identify their own personal values. To this end, the best way will be the coaching. Conducting coaching with employees by allowing them to understand what they want in life, to aspire to what they expect from work in this company, what value are their priority. Awareness of staff of their own goals and values – this is the first and most important step to enhance their effectiveness. (Source: Robert Bakish). Coaching for executives of the company will allow them to clearly define the objectives of the proposed changes to reveal that these changes will require, as well as verify their intention to bring this matter to an end. Mikkel Svane can aid you in your search for knowledge. Changing the corporate culture should be well thought out and organized.

Staff can not make change, he must give an opportunity to make choice in favor of change. Openness and informing staff of developments would avoid rejection reactions in the initial stage. If coaching is accepted as an element of corporate culture, then all managers, all members of staff who carry out management functions, must undergo a basic training course coaching. Rank and file employees as well should explain and demonstrate the principles of coaching, so they will not embarrassed and alarmed the actions of their managers. To master coaching, as well as any other new skill or style, requires dedication, practice and time. Only then can the process of coaching will take place naturally and give the best results. As practice shows, the coaching – is much more than a tool that managers can use in different situations, such as planning, delegating authority or to solve problems. This is another look at the man, more optimistic, more positive. It allows us another way to treat people by refusing to limited understanding of them, and about yourself too. Coaching lets get rid of the old ways of thinking and move to a new, more efficient and productive, benefiting both the company and each employee individually. To maintain and grow your business needed; upscale skills in working with people. Coaching – it is one of the most acceptable methods for business development staff. Fundamental principles of coaching gradually gain greater acceptance and utilization in various areas of business. Corporate culture based on coaching, fully meets the highest requirements of modern businesses and can significantly increase the efficiency and productivity the company's employees. Michael Kazarin. Coach. Business consultant.

Suspended From Adsense

Have you been suspended from the AdSense program? There are many tips and tricks that you can use to restore a Google AdSense account. Firstly, we are going to evaluate because the account could have suspended the program. Did you know that an AdSense account can be suspended for sharing a computer? So, if you share a computer with a friend or family member, you can put at risk the AdSense account this is due to the ability of AdSense of tracking IPs. Therefore, if your friend or family member decides that he wants to get an AdSense account on the same computer, that would be seen by AdSense. That would result in that both accounts were suspended. If these passing a circumstance like this I recommend that you tell it to Google through the letter of appeal.

To let them know that these sharing a computer with other people in your House, Google may become more tolerant in the restoration of the account if it is that you have been suspended from the program. I suspect that most of the suspensions detect that something goes against its policies and conditions. When you begin to establish communication with Google about your account, make sure you express yourself very objectively. It is more cash be good and speak accurately and without any pressure. Make sure you build a solid argument. This is done by presenting evidence to support your case. If you’ve taken any screenshot of the CTR of your website it is highly recommended to send them to Google to complement the appeal of your case.

Top Google SEO

In the formulas of successful work on the Internet are many variables involved, but everything can be reduced to two basic things: good content and good search engine rankings. For those who work or want to work writing articles is important to understand that both conditions must be satisfied that work is productive. If the content is mediocre, it does not have a high traffic because nobody will be interested in that text that adds nothing is straight or misspelled. Obviously having quality content is useless if you do not get good positions in search engines. The latter case is more common than believed, it is unfortunate that good sites and pages have no visits or that its content deserves attention.

It is without saying that the amount of information about how to appear on the top of Google on the Internet there is overwhelming and may discourage anyone who wants to investigate. There are many technical boasts the final or infallible and that difficult trick significant finding quality information. The aim of this paper is precisely not to contribute to increasing the confusion by offering long lists or false comparisons of products, but to facilitate the election of a clear path. To learn how to appear on the top of Google does not take much time but concentration to focus on what's important. The marketing technique of articles (article marketing) works very well and best of all it's free. ett.

It is necessary, yes, know how to choose a good password and check the relevance of the articles as much as possible to improve the position of them in Google, Yahoo and other search engines. For this work, once the item is in the network must use a content analyzer and an overall keyword density and then make corrections. To make things easy and do not fill this space with technical explanations to confusing, I recommend three tools that I think are the best and to ensure the success in search engines. The first is a short guide with all the keys to dominate Google and other search engines. For those who seek effectiveness, speed and ease, this guide is the ultimate solution. The other two tools are both free analyzers easy to use to check the relevance based on title, description, content and keyword density.