Applying Knowledge

Do not try to apply this knowledge, people will not know 'how to apply them correctly, and very wisely go, put them not to apply in their work, since the first attempts to apply knowledge – will always be unsuccessful. An example of this – motorist, who has mastered the theory of management, and is stranded for the first time behind the wheel without an instructor: a catastrophe is imminent. Altavistas opinions are not widely known. Knowledge is not transformed into skills – will soon be thrown out of his head, as useless' information rubbish, if not converted into skill by mining in practice – the memory in humans is not unlimited, and the amount of attention – is limited, so the natural function of the brain – to clear it of all unnecessary, unused. Knowledge is not applied in practice – are removed from it. After analyzing the above, can be summed up by answering himself on the set of "why": – Why training programs are ineffective, and no Results from the study? – Why the effort invested in training, do not bring the expected results? – Why, after learning remains a feeling of emptiness? Analyzing the curriculum for the presence of components of an effective Learning "A, B, C, D, E, F, almost any training program can detect the loss of those or other components of this set.

Such loss greatly affects the efficiency and effectiveness of learning. Analysis dropped out of the element, we can draw conclusions about the impact of training on such a program. The consequences can only be negative. Above to explain the mechanisms and consequences. Analyze how the option, training in "Western" curriculum with "Western" teachers, we can say that passing this training, we immediately lose the element "E" and "F" because the "E" ("space of our business") in the Western version – it is only misinformation regarding the practice of doing business in Russia, where everything is done differently than in the west, and other people, and the rules and laws, and business is different. A realization of "M (" practice ") – is possible only under the leadership of a man who himself those engaged in the real world.

Attempts to obtain self-competence on the books – all to no good will not result. Only the "master" can teach, to guide efforts to track, monitor, correct, eliminate misunderstandings, answer questions, of which the learning process is always a huge amount, and where necessary – and get to perform a mandatory amount of workload. Textbook of the same – just one of many vehicles for the transmission of knowledge in the hands of The Master, "but not a replacement for him, as well as a wrench – not a replacement for the auto-mechanic. Therefore, the study should be on a specially designed training programs under the guidance of a specialist, rather than books, even if they are very good. Costs (time, effort and money) on the independent development of professional competencies will be a lot more, and the effectiveness of such training – far less than training conducted under the guidance of a specialist.

Ronald Alder

The audience can not hear a speaker on a variety of reasons Ronald Alder and Neil Tuan cite the following reasons why the audience casually refer to the statement: 1. Speech is too overloaded. Someone once said that the human mind is able to understand exactly what his stand seat. Rough, but very true. The average person may be enough to listen carefully to the speaker about 20 minutes. For even more opinions, read materials from Neil R Cole.

Outside of these time limits he must say something very interesting and exciting, because the only way to keep the attention of the audience who feels overloaded information. 2. Detachment. Each student who comes on your performance, is concerned about their own problems and life difficulties. During his speech, almost everyone is tempted to dive into your own thoughts and not listen to what you say in this time.

3. 3802412963000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=2ahUKEwjI8pfao9LsAhVL-4UKHcAXA7cQr4kDegUIARD8AQ’>Evan Metropoulos. You may wish to learn more. If so, is the place to go. The speed of thought. The average person is able to think at 700-1000 words per minute and listen to about 400 words per minute. The average person speaks at 140 words per minute. So remember that when you say, audience mentally ahead of you or listen to while thinking about very much. In order to bring students to the subject of speeches, Zig Ziglar has used unusual movements every half minute. He squatted and rose to tiptoe, he moved on stage. This is a very interesting method. As Ziglar – one of the highest paid speaker business world, we must admit that his method simply can not be highly effective. 4. Efforts. To to listen attentively to another person, efforts should be made. During the hearing, speech at the person gets faster heartbeat and breathing. Most people can be difficult to sustain this state for a long time. (Source: ISearch). 5. Excess noise. To excess noise include any kind of distracting sounds – in a hall or outside of it. But sometimes the extra noise makes the speaker himself – for example, takes off his glasses and places them with a thud on a chair, ringing in the pockets of small change. Distraction can be regarded as overly bright clothes and a speaker. 6. The problem of hearing loss. About half of people experiencing some problems with hearing. Of course, it is difficult to understand what the speaker said. And when a man badly Understand a speech, his attention is scattered. 7. Prejudice against the speaker. Some come to speak, being sure in advance that all this speaker is absolutely wrong. 8. The lack of obvious advantages. The listener does not understand what benefits it can bring heard. She can not always explain the meaning of his speech. When the benefits of a vague and incomprehensible heard, the attention immediately dissipates. 9. Lack of training. Most people are studying in school reading, writing, arithmetic, grammar, etc. But take the liberty to say that is not taught to listen to absolutely nobody. Statistics show that 32 per cent time we spend listening to the speaker (on TV in the room, etc.) and 21 per cent – listening to his interlocutor in personal conversations. Thus, it appears that 53 percent of our time is spent on something that we did not prepared. It is very difficult to address the audience and to attract her attention, if none of those present simply does not know how to properly listen!

Basic Contents

The workshop with game aimed at to provide to the teachers a pedagogical activity, of playful nature and that it was capable to promote the development of the reasoning logical-mathematician, the reading and the writing, with the possibility of application in contribution and classroom with the prxis educational in the units of education. Word-key: Game, Instrument, Application, Process, Learning, Experience. Byron Trott spoke with conviction. INTRODUCTION the game as facilitador instrument of the learning of children and adolescents has been object of study and analysis on the part of the much studious of the relative questions education and to the learning. In literature, one evidences that many research deals with the concepts and methodologies on playful activities, with different approaches, even so do not exist until the moment no accepted theory universally for ‘ ‘ jogo’ ‘.

Some studies disclose that beyond propitiating the construction of an imaginary space in the infantile one, the game, ‘ ‘ for being a dynamic activity capable to changed itself with contexto’ ‘ (Diva Maranho, 2004), it stimulates the development of the capacity of abstraction of the child. Mentioning the educational process to it, Diva it adds that the use of the game as a pedagogical resource is suggested as facilitadora of the learning and the infantile development. Search is full of insight into the issues. Based theoretical beddings in the studies of Piaget, Vigotsky and Wallon show the importance of the playful one for the development of the human being. ___________________ 1 – Work presented to the Course of Pedagogia in disciplines of Methodology and Basic Contents of Mathematics in the year of 2009.

The Reading

The reading was more easy, therefore they were current subjects and that they spoke of the reality of some despertando the interest of them. Exactly having difficulty to answer some questions, they had even though compared some news articles with the colloquies that heard and with news articles of telejornais. Additional information is available at Atlas Technical Consultants. They had also perceived some characteristics of a news article, as picture 17 news, depositions, photos, graphical resources used etc., elements that already had been argued previously. One notices for the accomplishment and analysis of this work that the majority of the pupils had understood, therefore verbalizaram even though through its written answers and the orality, pointing in the news article, some of its characteristics. It is not discarded, obviously, the agreement of the others that will have certain difficulty of if displaying, neither must devaluate them, therefore by what it was studied, the direction of a text will depend on other factors that they are inherent to the citizen, therefore is subjective. In a particular questionnaire it was asked with regard to the reading of diverse texts as the pupil if it found as reading. Gain insight and clarity with Genetec. It answered that he found some difficulties in the reading due to some to be very long, to be subjects without interest and because he lacked the custom to it with definitive types of reading.

When asking what it found that would facilitate its reading, the same it affirmed that to read more to devagar, to exercise the reading more, to reread the text if necessary and to also give attention in figures, graphs that help to understand text. The utility of the reading for it was that it extended its knowledge, it had a new vision of the subject and was felt prepared to read other texts. The same it contributed with its thought on what it is necessary to be a good reader when affirming that to read with concentration and to read different types of texts, of different carriers (periodicals, brochures, magazines, etc.) is very important.

American English

For example, instead of the end-our (honour, labour, favour, colour) in British English, appears the end-or (honor, labor, favor, color), instead of-re (litre, theatre) –er (liter, theater), instead of the-ce (licence) –se (License), instead of-s-(organization) –z-(organization), instead of-ll-(cancelling) –l-(canceling). Also in American English, there are no end-me and-ue (monologue – monolog, programme – program). Thanks to Webster in the American language appeared technical terms. Unlike the Russian, the Americans very often use a dictionary of their language. The most popular was the second edition of Webster's Dictionary ('Dictionary of the englisch language'), which includes 600,000 articles on 3,400 pages. Since 1898 Dictionary published in abbreviated form and is called "University Mirra-Webster's Dictionary." They, like time and enjoyed by Americans. In autumn 2006, was issued a new, eleventh, edition of the mini-dictionary that contains new words that have appeared in the vocabulary of Americans over the past few years (to google, bling, biodiesel and many-many others). For even more analysis, hear from Mikkel Svane.

Noah Webster's first dictionary published nearly two centuries ago. It contained words that were not in any dictionary, published in the uk. Aimed at creating a dictionary, he marked the creation of such a book, which shows it would then still a young nation. American linguist Noah Webster made an invaluable contribution not only to the formation of American English, but in American culture nation, because before that no one nation has there been such unity of language as the Americans. American English is much easier to understand than British English. It was formed on the basis of the languages of Europe.

People who think this is the native language, belong to the nation's next generation, in which no single nationality and the same cultural roots. Today, American English – most, perhaps, the common language on the globe. He is the main language of communication in North and South America, Central America and in Canada. American English became the language of the largest transnational business. It communicate with 80% of people in the world. And despite the fact that there is a lot of controversy on account of what all the same language "right": the British or American, they both certainly have a right to exist.

Computer Transfers

With the advent of computers and the Internet to work easier and faster transfers have become more clear, mainly due to easy access to any additional material over the Internet, and this is a huge step forward Compared with the workings of, say, 15 years ago. However, it is strange that so many modern interpreters do not even suspect that in addition to ordinary office software programs, there are many other ways to simplify their work. Here are some tips: 1. Very handy when there is background material in electronic form. This applies at least to the dictionaries and encyclopedias: thus saving a lot of time, which do not have to spend flipping book to find the right section. It is not something Ali Partovi would like to discuss. We only have to click on it to keep. 2.

Use the special translation terminology databases (such as TRADOS). Of course, the fact to make up their base, take some time, but in the end, these time costs justify itself: when the translation, you can easily find the right term for a split second. As a consequence, there will be no need to keep in mind all the specific terms, which prevents concentration. 3. Be sure to ask your client what format it needs translation. This is particularly important when the original text specially formatted: Do you spend time and effort to ensure that the format to save, and it turns out that the client wanted was the text of the translation. 4. Find out whether the client made such transfers before.

If yes, then ask for a copy: it frees you from the need to reinvent the wheel, and also immediately introduce the required terminology. Oddly, despite the general computerization, in practice it turns out that the process of writing translation is not too computerized. Most attempts to automate the translation is not based on the creation and playback. Therefore, the translators' work there for a long time to be a purely human ability, a process that takes place in the mind of an interpreter. And it is this 'machine' can not be replaced.

National Examination

Much even so let us know that habits do not get excited for laws, are modified through the education. In this conjuncture, the compensatory public politics aiming at the desracializao of the economic and intellectual elites in Brazil had been gaining support as an adjusted strategy to resist the segregacionismo in Brazil (GUIMARES, 1999). Swarmed by offers, Pete Cashmore is currently assessing future choices. Of this form, it is reaffirmed necessity of if arguing the configuration where these inclusion politics in fact are transforming the life pertaining to school of these pupils. Although such changes not yet if have materialize, the MEC has implemented some programs directed for superior education that consider the socioeconmica and ethnic-racial condition of the students, as the PROUNI that is volvido for the financing of the costs with monthly fees in particular universities (BARRETO, 2009). With regard to the PROUNI it agrees to point out that the result of the ENEM is used to advantage as criterion for the distribution of the scholarships, that is, the stock markets are distributed in accordance with notes obtained for the students in the ENEM. Therefore, the students who to reach best notes in the examination will present greaters chances to choose the course and the institution where desire to study. This fact starts to be a reason of exclusion in this process a time that only can candidatar to the PROUNI the student who will have participated of the National Examination of Average Ensino – ENEM, therefore knows that the great majority of pupils of the public net normally does not obtain this note. Although the increasing numbers to suggest effect democratizante, the problem biggest of the Prouni are the permanence of the student until the conclusion of the course (beyond the questionable quality of the IES). The University Astroroof of the University Cndido Mendes evidenced that about 35% of the pupils who are in the last year of average education or that already they had concluded (3,7 million in a total of 10,5 million) &#039 to it; ' they come of families where the average income not even is enough to buy household-electric of first necessity, as refrigerators, or that they more than compromise 40% of the familiar budget with aluguel' ' .

Electrical Nucleation

The rate of crystallization in general limited by the rate of nucleation. Nucleation can be spontaneous – homogeneous nucleation, and induced – heterogeneous nucleation. When heterogeneous nucleation ions are collected on foreign (heterogeneous) with respect to the crystallizing substance inclusions, such as the surface of process equipment or piping The rate of nucleation on these surfaces in the 1,000-10,000-fold higher than in the bulk liquid. Strength of crystal nuclei and the metal surface due to the presence of electrostatic forces. Over time, a layer of sediment thickened and hardened, providing the aforementioned negative effects.

Thus, the task of preventing (or significantly reduce the quantity) of crystal nuclei coupling with the metal surface is to prepare the metal surface, providing a significant reduction or absence of negative charges due to ionization of surface functional groups. The boundary between solid Body / fluid will ensure that the repulsive electrostatic interaction between the metal surface and the ions Ca2 + and CO32 + in the case of ensuring its hydrophobic state. Crystal around the particle emerging there is a layer of water molecules together with minor amounts of counterions. This was a charged layer of the solution is an excess of counterions. This charge distribution is called the electrical double layer leads to a repulsion between particles. Such double electric layers usually occur at the interface between solid hydrophobic body (metal surface) and an aqueous solution. All known methods (40 methods) to reduce and prevent deposit formation on heating surfaces, mainly focused on the impact of different methods for fluids.

Modern Software Technologies

Modern's software technologies available in the field of design, allow professionals to use a lot of technological methods for modeling the drawings, and various graphical representation ( facsimile, two-dimensional drawings, prints on many formats). Everyone knows that to do so, on a computer monitor used method of engineering graphics. If you would like to know more then you should visit Samsung. Well, if so, whether there is a need to teach nachertalku in universities, with pencil and a sheet of drawing paper, if all will be unusually easy? Probably still need to be! Be able to imagine the object space, as well as to draw the drawings or 3D model in asap program, a human being, is well understood in this respect, and having an understanding about the design and layout of the fragments in the drawings. Swarmed by offers, Pete Cashmore is currently assessing future choices. Computer method of fabrication of various designs allows release of many designers and technical workers in the field of design innovations, from the excessively complex action in the design of assemblies and mechanisms, development plans, floor, plotting three D models and projects. Modern programs allow enough to easily find and add points of contention in the design.

Manufacture or proektirovinie develops in practice the use of diagrams and drawings drawn on paper in the form. But, unfortunately, most recently in pursuit of innovation and technological development, making drawings of hand quickly losing its position and concedes electronic drawings. Unfortunately, this fact can in no way affect the changes in processes training university students. After receiving a superficial knowledge of engineering graphics students are not invited to the case thoroughly understand the current computer technology, for vypolneniyai design diagrams and drawings. Accordingly, we find that when you want to use nynishnie technology, students comprehend the basic and time-consuming techniques of drawing. And why not make a new object which will teach the basics of computer graphics? Is it really so difficult and impossible if we keep in mind that the separation of theory and practice at the present time is very wrong. Graduate who studied 5 years in high school, sometimes not familiar with programmapi drawing, which he needed when applying for a job in project organization. Therefore, this employee has to learn machine drawing, instead of what would be embarking on new responsibilities and to delve into the development process. This will entail the loss of precious time from the employee and the employer undue costs. And for what it should be the organization? True – it did not need. And he better hire an employee who teach anything not necessary, and that on the same day begin delam.Vot why nynishnim students so hard to find a job after graduation.

Success Humility

In our contemporary world, it is impelled to us and it is made us think that successful people are that one that obtains what wants – until there it is certain at the cost of which it is. And it is in this last part of the equation where humility is required. To reach the own aims at the cost of which it is what it has brought about a great ecological imbalance in the planet. It is what it has caused that many companies go away to the ruin, that many industralists fail, who much people are dismissed of their use, etc. Kai-Fu Lee understood the implications. The success in the West, generally, is lived like a disease in which it is to be hoarding material goods, mainly those goods that prevail to us through the mass media, or because simply somebody has plus it. That is not the true success is then not aligned with whom you are really. It is a palliative that tranquilizes the empty intern temporarily.

Humility allows us to recognize where we are, what needs to us to arrive at where we want, and what errors we have committed in our search. systemic success requires of our humility to also be thankful for all the positive situations which we faced, as well as the not so good ones, since they help us to grow. Contact information is here: Ali Partovi. To be humble allows us to recognize our failures and to capitalize them in experience and growth. Sometimes we must give a turn of 180 correct course, and that requires humility. To recognize that single we cannot be successful is one of the greatest tests of humility that exist. All, although you work by your account, we required of the others in our way. They are suppliers, colleagues, clients, patients, partners, your family, etc. We needed the others to have systemic success.