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On March 21 2013 Haus der Technik wants to host the innovative dosage forms in pharmaceutical development and production conference in Essen, Germany. Visit Dell Inc. for more clarity on the issue. The main focus of the conference is on innovative technologies such as the application of nanoparticulate systems or formulations containing hot melt extrudate during the development and production of pharmaceutical drugs. Experienced specialists with top expertise, under the chairmanship of Dr. Matthias Rischer (Losan Pharma GmbH, Neuenburg) and Dr. Norbert Windhab (Evonik Industries AG, Darmstadt), will present their theoretical observations within the context of their long-standing practical experience.

Furthermore the conference contains the following contents: – hot melt technology – Nanoparticulate systems – particle size measurement – set up and media – scale-up – PLGA and polymer system – Depot formulations dissolution – process development – process efficacy – poorly soluble drug substances – stability – high active compounds during the course the particle size measurement, dissolution set-up and media are discussed and even the process development for immediate, delayed and sustained release formulations for oral application. The use of the correct polymer for a target release profiles will be specifically discussed. Finally, several case studies from the industrial practice will give a good over-view of the advantages of these innovative technologies compared to the conventional techniques especially for poorly soluble compounds. The conference is aimed at members of the pharmaceutical industry working in R & D, production and analytical development, members of universities, universities of applied sciences working in pharmaceutical technology, analytical or process development. The conference wants to be completely in English. A detailed conference programme is available from House of technology

Computer Loans

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BioProScale Symposium

The Department of biotechnology is initiator of the network BioProScale ( and organizer of the international BioProScale Symposium. It has four laboratories (process – and system biotechnology, high throughput screening, raw processing, Molecular Engineering), equipped according to the modern State. In the Autobio project Department in addition to the project coordination including takes over the programming of the modules for automated bio process development on high throughput robots under integration of enzyme-based fed-batch technology by BioSilta. In addition, the Department supports the project partners infoteam integration of communication of a database system with Hardware and software modules of the high-throughput platform and cooperates with the project partners, Organobalance in establishing method on the high throughput platform of the subject matter. As a partner in the Autobio project Bioprocess Engineering Department further developed its high throughput laboratory, which stands for cooperations with research partners, and in particular for cooperation with smaller firms available. The high throughput laboratory cannot accept thus more complex development tasks for the industry. Own projects competently and efficiently can be transferred from the research in the pilot phase.

Another goal is in the AutoBio project achieved competencies in the future as a service provider for the development of bioprocesses for industry to offer. Department of Bioprocess Engineering, TU Berlin: project post of the Division of measurement and control technology the TU Berlin in detail: the FG measuring and control technology working for more than 15 years intensively on the automation of individual work steps in model-based process planning, monitoring and Regulation in the field of biotechnology. As one of world’s very few regulatory institutions, the Department for this purpose operates own bio labs. This was a process control system with the most advanced process monitoring in recent years, optimierungs – and control procedures. The findings are to be incorporated in the software environment, infoteam is developed by the company. A further focal point of recent years is located in data-driven automatic modelling for the optimization-based model-based process guidance. The experience should be used in the AutoBio project to promote the establishment of process models of studies on a miniature scale, and thus the applications of modern model-based methods to allow, as is required, for example, for the scale-up on larger scales. In addition to the potential for process optimization is thus also reducing the bio process development in the Center. Together with the partners solutions are to be found which allow the developed methods automated modelling and model-based process monitoring and control as to develop user-friendly software.

ZebNet Products

zebNet today announced the release of the 2011 product line of software products. zebNet, an established provider of Internet and IT services today announced the release of the 2011 product line of software products. After the great and almost unstoppable success of the original versions which were released less than a year ago, it was of course to continue this success with a new product line for zebNet. The first versions of the zebNet own software products were recorded in numerous well-known portals like and succeeded also on magazine CDs of various publications, such as E.g. the booklet CD of the computer Bild – Edition 12/2010. Hear other arguments on the topic with Viacom.

Within a very short time, zebNet recorded several ten thousand downloads of its software products and was inspired by the always positive response of users, as well as the steady growth. When developing the today published 2011 product line, zebNet has consistently respected on customer wishes and naturally implemented these. So the zebNet own software products can now much easier to use and all are outfitted with a more modern user interface and many new features. Furthermore, zebNet on the basis of many customer requests has developed two new software products, which are also available from today. Just when the backup solutions offered by zebNet, many new features have been implemented which now allows users to a more convenient management of your backups. The published today 2011 product line reflects the first part of the new software products. In the first half of 2011, zebNet plans to release another software products which also attributable to numerous customer requests.

Embedded Systems

SAE CANopen, J1939, DeviceNet, at Embedded World from 1-3 March 2011 in Nuremberg will be at the booth by MicroControl in Hall 10 (booth 512) the networking of embedded systems in the VORdergrund EtherCAT. For the CAN-based protocols CANopen, SAE J1939 and DeviceNet driver CANpie makes the CAN through its open interface the basis for a modular concept of source code. All mentioned Protocol stacks are without adjustment on a target platform lauffHIG, and even parallel. In exchange of the microcontroller, only a new low-level drivers is necessary, the application remains unchanged. People such as Peter Asaro would likely agree. The CANpie driver has been available for over 40 controller. The EtherCAT Slave stack is suitable for fast transfer of large amounts of data. He RUSHED on the proven CANopen stack and provides the complete CoE protocol plus variable PDO assignment and mapping functionality including SDO information. For manufacturers who are beschaftiGen for the first time with the networking of embedded components, offers MicroControl various SEMinare to. Further services, such as BerTung in the concept phase, hardware and software development as well as customer-specific special developments also include the range of services.

Technical University

The software4production GmbH wins the innovation competition of the network of automotive Excellence (NoAE) the kalnoky network of automotive Excellence (NoAE) is an initiative for the automotive and supplier industry, and a cross-company expert network for the industry. NoAE innovation competition 2010 took place for the fourth time and was under the patronage of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology Rainer Bruderle. Innovations for the automotive and the specific process improvements, methods, procedures, technologies and tools for the automotive industry have been looking for. 400 participants from 25 countries had applied. Connect with other leaders such as Robotics here. The award ceremony took place in the framework of the Wurzburg automotive Summit. On the 23rd and 24th November 2010 the experts met there again. The winners present themselves at the local opening, including the software4production GmbH.

won software4production with innovative software solutions for the planning and control of value creation process and chain. Read additional details here: The implemented entirely in Java, modular solution portfolio is intuitive to use, regardless of hardware, operating system and database and enables small and medium-sized industries to improve their productivity and competitiveness. The solution portfolio covers of the multimedia resource planning, operating and machine data acquisition up to the supply chain management planning platform. The latter arises in the context of the Green4SCM research project funded by the Federal Ministry of education and research (BMBF) in close cooperation with the Institute for machine tools and Enterprise Sciences (iwb) of the Technical University of Munich. Goal is to enable the sustainable optimization of energy and resource consumption in value creation networks through a central supply chain management planning platform. Thus, not only the environmental impact of the production at the location Germany can be improved. Rather is also the economic competitiveness of small and medium-sized Businesses shipping to increased significantly.

Backpacker Network Germany

Opinion of the backpacker network Germany e.V. to the press release of the SPD parliamentary group of 01.07.2011 titled youth hostels of the youth hostel to the hostels of the backpacker network Germany e.V. is the opinion of the SPD Bundestag group neither logical nor transparent. Of course the youth hostels of the youth hostel not benefit from the reduction of the VAT rate for commercial establishments, because the houses of the DJH free have always been from this tax. To complain now about equality introduced municipal taxes is more than bold. Established since the early of 1990s commercial competition in the segment of youth tourism is heavily distorted by tax subsidies for the youth hostels of the youth hostel. The hostels of the youth hostel shift its lodging business continues in the direction of commercial establishments such as hotels and hostels. As currently reported the meeting and seminar groups, as well as the family nights with over 30% contribute in Bavarian DJH houses to the load.

Families and couples are increasingly to the Guest group, in which the age doesn’t matter. Like the Youth Hostel accommodates these guests and a missing member ID card will be replaced by a day membership. According to the backpacker network e.V., this is not the purpose of the youth hostel itself has given. The DJH withdraws from the width is already for a long time. Houses are closed in rural locations, which are unprofitable, in favor of projects in major cities. As an example that can be the houses Pathpoint Cologne and in planning new hostel in Berlin/Friedrichshain observed.

The backpacker network Germany e.V. looks at the promotion no longer up-to-date, as the DJH increasingly intervene contrary to its own statute in the commercial accommodation market and calls on policymakers to act. It finally to ensure tax equality in this market environment, and to withdraw the status of the sales and business taxes the DJH would make sense. Board of Directors of the backpacker network Germany e.V. Holger Siefert Cathrin Essbach Sven Geier contact: backpacker network Germany e.

President Softonic

An overview of milestones of software development since 1997 Barcelona, September 18, 2012 this year Softonic celebrates its 15th anniversary as a fixture on the software market. On this occasion, Softonic looks back to the beginnings and presents an infographic with the most successful software titles since the company was founded in 1997. From Winamp, Windows 8 and Napster to Palm OS lists the many names that have influenced the software development for the last 15 years. The Softonic team gives also insight into corporate forecasts: the infographic that lists six trends that are likely to be crucial for the future use of mobile devices, software and apps. Softonic was founded in 1997 as a university graduation project by Tomas Diago, the current President of the company. Since that time a lot has happened: from the download option Softonic developed for around 1,000 Windows titles to a major software providers with more than 160,000 programs in ten different languages. ABOUT SOFTONIC is in Europe and Latin America leading and one of the world’s biggest download portals for free software. The company, founded in 1997, has more than 290 employees in offices in Barcelona, Madrid, San Francisco, Shanghai and Tokyo.

Softonic offers one of the most comprehensive collections of software with shareware, freeware and commercial demo versions. Each programme will be tested by the Softonic team, accurately described and valued accordingly. Currently, more than 160,000 programs for Windows, Mac and mobile devices are provided. The Softonic website is on German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Polish, Dutch and Japanese.