Ceremonial Computer

Program AABB? Community is a social program of the Foundation Bank of Brazil in partnership with the Municipal City hall, functions in the headquarters of the AABB and takes care of 120 children of 7 the 17 years, with 1? Pedagogical coordinator; 1? Administrative coordinator; 1 – Merendeira and caretaker; 4? Monitors. Center of Qualification and Social Inclusion? space where if it carries through courses for formation and professional qualification, activities of culture and leisure with children, young and elderly, with 1? Coordinator of center and 1? Coordinator of activities. Communitarian Telecentro? will be inaugurated in the day 1 of July with lessons of basic, advanced computer science and access the gratuitous Internet for devoid community of the periphery of the city, where are located, with 1? Instructor and 1? Recepcionista/Secretary. This Secretariat of the Social Action comes carrying through the following actions: magnifying of the PETI? (eight nuclei in the agricultural area and a nucleus in the urban area); recadastramento of the Program Stock market Family; accompaniment of the families registered in cadastre in the CadUnico, through visits of the social assistant and psychologist; diagnosis to correct irregularities in the cadastros; correction of 99% of the people registered in cadastre with pendencies for multiplicities. Also the implantation of Adolescent the Projovem Program for 150 young in the CRAS; accomplishment of the leather course in partnership with the Foundation Priest Cncio Joo; accomplishment of the courses of Basic and Advanced, Ceremonial Computer science and Events in partnership with the Foundation More; CPC? I register in cadastre of Devoid Person for eventual donations of basic baskets, medicines and examinations. In the prominence order, for its importance and accomplishment of projects, this Secretariat comes immediately afterwards to the Secretariat of Education, in relation to the number of action and public execution of programs and politics for the efetivao of the citizenship of the inhabitants of Parnamirim, considering that the government projects less involve action of social inclusion and assistance to the favored inhabitants, which during years waits some form of directed attendance to reduce inaqualities and injustices.

The Computer

Being the computer a machine that it makes possible to write, to correct, to consult some sources, to edit, to print e, also, to interact with proper it and other readers, obviously everything this affects the relation enters the activities of production and the activities of understanding. In relation to the children these authors have proven that when the adults stimulate the use of the computer, the lesser children learn quickly. believes exactly that perhaps in a not distant future many small children learn to read and to write directly of this form, without the necessity to pass for the use of other material supports. They remember that many families and schools already possess these new machines of reading and writing and this reality does not pass unobserved the children. According to studies ours and of many researchers, the computer comes more early attracting the child each time. The use of the resources of the computer as a tool that stimulates the reading of pupils with deficiency of readings, as form to develop this process in motivadora way is evidenced by making possible the active participation and a significant learning. 14 03. PROCEDURES METODOLGICOS the present research, of investigativo character with qualitative boarding, pautou in the interaction between the researcher and the searched citizens as norteador axle of the work. (Minayo, 2009), it affirms that this type of research has for objective to translate and to express the direction of the phenomena in the social world; it is treated in the distance to reduce between the pointer and the indicated one, the theory and the data, context and action. GODOY (1995a, p.62) it standes out the existing diversity between the qualitative works and enumerates a set of characteristics essential capable to identify a research of this type, namely: (1) the natural environment as direct source of data and the researcher as basic instrument; (2) descriptive character; (3) meaning that the people give to the things and to its life as concern of the investigator.

Practical Basic Computer Science

The use of Basic Computer science in practical the pedagogical Activity of Conclusion l Question: In view of the necessity of human development in what it says respect to the pertaining to school learning in its daily as its proper vision the conciliation with the use of practical basic computer science in the pedagogical one if makes necessary to develop new methods of work. Question: To include in its learning is to give to chance to all the participants the access to the use of the media as a media with the more distant social environments in what it says respect to the practical and accessible information the all citizen who of it to need. Question: The information of all the areas of the conviviality social, if used with intelligence and conscience alone will bring useful benefits in its learning. For in such a way the professor it must have a minimum of knowledge in the area, so that this can give has supported the using apprentice, so that this can to develop its learning with excellency and optimum possible exploitation. With the new industrial techniques progressing and adaptando its theories to increase the productions in amount and quality.

Question: In the truth if the school not to offer to equipment and adjusted space, supplying a professional expert of the manuscript of computer science to assist the pupils at the moment of its research the machine has little value. She is necessary that projects of education and learning with conditions become to be developed for the pertaining to school members. But through incentive and freedom of work in the computer science laboratory the pupil will be able to only develop on account proper its work of research with the tools that the computer offers to them. Activity of Conclusion ll Objective Generalities; To develop daily the learning necessary for of the pupil whom of it to need; using to advantage the available technological resources with the computer science inside of the proper classroom.