ZoneLINK SystemUp HARDDISK 2009 beta tester zoneLINK developed is currently looking for the new hard disk analysis tool SystemUp HARDDISK 2009 beta testers now have the opportunity to take the version once scrutinized. John K. Castle shines more light on the discussion. Ulm, April 6, 2009. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with John Castle Castle Harlan. Developed and in November last year for the first time released product series SystemUp of zoneLINK is soon further strengthening: SystemUp HARDDISK 2009 beta testers to the hard disk analysis tool now already once more under the microscope take. Those who register at for the beta test, can download the unreleased software SystemUp HARDDISK 2009 and shape. As a thank you all active beta testers get zoneLINK a download voucher to the value of 20 euros for a product of their choice from the home. The newsletter reported this from the PR agency Xpand21 on behalf of zoneLINK. The failure of the hard drive is the nightmare of every user.

Because hardware failures are often cause for data loss. Whether now due to overheating or plain and simple material wear,. sooner or later, internal disk run the risk, to give up the ghost. Who regularly backs up his data, is ever on the safe side. However this device for everyday use like in oblivion. Precisely, if the hard drive crashes, the user comes to most, that once again a backup would have been due. Too late – the data, either the thesis or an important letter of authorities, are lost in the normal case. SystemUp HARDDISK 2009 is a hard disk Analyzer, timely warning in this case: before the likely demise of the hard drive and thus data loss.

You see zoneLINK label zoneLINK headquartered in the Science City of Ulm/Donau, was established in 2007. zoneLINK is one of two new brands under which the HMH hamburger Medien Haus Vertriebs GmbH develops software and published. Application software in the fields of productivity and utilities, security, and entertainment appears zoneLINK under the brand. The product portfolio includes Software that brings direct benefits the user in everyday life, as well as title, the current trends to meet.

CPU Security

Current Paessler study shows: network monitoring is becoming increasingly important as part of the safety concept Nuremberg, may 27, 2010 In the wake of a holistic network monitoring the security concern for companies is becoming increasingly important. This shows a user survey of Paessler AG ( to use of their software PRTG network monitor. 75 percent use the tool as a strategic component in the security concept and as a complement to virus scanners, email security applications or firewalls. One main reason is the time savings in the early detection of malware attacks. According to the poll the users will appreciate the user-friendliness of PRTG, associated with the usage efficiency in network management and the associated cost savings also.

The network monitoring solution PRTG network monitor helps administrators to detect irregularities in the network at an early stage. It provides detailed real-time data about the current state of all integrated devices. Thus it makes Information of the customers surveyed also have an important role in the security concept of company a. So, network monitoring is regarded in addition to the usual security tools as a reliable method to identify nascent attacks from the outside. As PRTG registered potential evidence of malware attacks such as CPU load changes occurring abruptly or an unexpectedly strong traffic, the software acts as an early warning system. Plus in cost efficiency and reliability without a network monitoring solution such as PRTG administrators spend enormous amounts of time, to identify and eliminate causes of faults in the network. Therefore, more than 90 percent of respondents indicated to save through the use of monitoring tools significantly on working time, which in turn targeted can use it for other tasks.

Another 84 percent recorded a noticeable decline in the network management costs. In addition, 92 percent appreciate the reliable results of the software. In cases of or exceeding defined limits notify the administrator via email, SMS or pager PRTG.

Product Database For TYPO3

On the basis of TYPO3 the TYPO3 Agency has developed an individual website with product database gbm team in medias, together with for the company. On the basis of TYPO3 the TYPO3 Agency has developed an individual website with product database gbm team in medias, together with for the company. The site focuses on the presentation of the products. All product data will include, within the ERP also the categories and all data for the product Navigator and the product configurator. The data button will read in TYPO3.

TYPO3 here (not mySQL) accesses the corresponding MSSQL database and creates all necessary records as the sides for up to eight levels deep page structure based on this data. The functionality of the Web site is complemented by a personal and appealing design, a news section, an individual memo pad and a newsletter function. The company gbm is a specialist for industrial PC technology and automation in Monchengladbach. The new site was beginning of May 2010 released, which allows the products it offers the user a much better impression of the company gbm. team in medias, since 1995 as an Internet Agency on the market and the realization of projects based on open source software specialises. Magento, TYPO3 and OpenCMS be used primarily.


“From November, AGENDA 4 p sets new standards in terms of integrated work AGENDA 4 p”: under this project name launches a new software AGENDA from mid-November. A revised, modern design, more efficient processes and many new applications form an integrated system of software, solutions and services. But that’s not the only news the Rosenheimer software forge long, because the software project is framed by a new corporate image. This extends to all print media, as well as on the website, which has since early November in new visually and content-wise specular. Everything will be clear, focused and practical… Project AGENDA 4 p with the program – and info-DVD November 2011 “AGENDA customers receive the first building blocks of AGENDA 4 p.

There is a complete and integrated solution from software, solutions and services from over 30 individual applications. The heart of the system is from November of the new workplace. He is the Centre which manages all master data, and allows access to the applications. The workstation starts up automatically after the update installation and gives a beautiful impression of the modern design of the AGENDA software the user right. The new layout is now always up-to-date”, because it adapts automatically to the respective operating system.

Also available from November a fully integrated DMS as well as an application to the Central Bank data transfer via data center. More applications will follow in 2012: digital document posting optimize the help system online connection of external CRM jobs for tax and business advisory professions construction payroll/personnel management in addition AGENDA within the framework of 4 p expanded its services, its customers with an even more intensive and more personalised Advisory and training services has to inspire. New users will benefit from the comprehensive new customer support. Personal contact, advice and free seminar offers should make as easy and pleasant as possible the change AGENDA. The free application consultation or the support during operation competent IT service. Important for all users: emerge despite the extensive changes neither additional costs for hardware still overhead on Stammdatenplege or employee training. Proven was retained as the system requirements remain low. New media, new site whether catalogs, brochures, information packages, show or trade fair appearances: since the beginning of November, all media have a new look and improved content structure. Clearer, more focused, more practical is the motto here. This claim extends even into the online space. Also since the beginning of the month is to achieve the revised AGENDA website at. This attention was not only an attractive design in the new AGENDA-style, but especially on a user friendly navigation.

Futureproof Network

HeLi NET invested 1.4 million in the telecommunications infrastructure superior call quality and advanced communications such as video telephony and global phone conferences: the local telecommunications network HeLi NET invested further in the modernization of its data network. The entire coverage area customers benefit from the investments amounting to 1.4 million. The availability of voice and data services is enhanced through the implementation of an IP-based telephony switch several times. Connect with other leaders such as Republic Services here. The new network will be less susceptible to interference and provide even more resilience”, so HeLi NET – project manager Peter Kowalski. Another advantage of the new infrastructure is the seamless connection of IP-based future technologies such as video telephony and conferencing services. Peter Kowalski: We build this new infrastructure for the region. Specifically, companies benefit from the many new possibilities.

So, site networks are even easier to realize than they are today. Through a user-friendly Web portal, customers can their connection in the future easily and quickly configure and activate new features with just a few mouse clicks. To reduce the probability of default to a minimum, the new mediation system at several junctions in the area of supply is installed. With the integration of the new soft – and hardware components of the so-called next-generation network, the company wants to further simplify the administration of the network and reduce such as maintenance and operating costs. With City2020 fiber projects in Hamm, Lunen came, and recently in Bergkamen, HeLi NET has already made an important step of the modernization. The introduction of IP-based switching technology is the next milestone in the future of telecommunications”, Peter Kowalski.

Vergabe Panel

Not every form is so or output directory that has been created in an authority self explanatory and not every procedure characteristic of different assignment immediately understandable and plausible. A standardization of the Exchange formats and workflows makes possible a guided preparation of quotation, technical examination of the offer documents, as well as a safe and valid tender. Here the Administration intelligence AG made available only recently of talk as it developed in cooperation with Wurzburg scientists and introduced bidding software already available. The AI is the aforementioned solution offer Assistant, multi platform bidding tool of AI AG and is available by registering for free download. A related site: Pete Cashmore mentions similar findings. The goal was the company to offer a tool to operate a larger number of different platforms.

The solution currently support a small, but significant Number of public procurement platforms this will be in the coming months but further expanded. Important features such as the platform-spanning search in bidding documents and publication texts as well as managing access data for the different procurement platforms, but also a guided and right safe quoting the solution already. Many more features to which the Chair of business administration and Business Informatics of the University of Wurzburg has contributed significantly will enrich the solution in the near future. The problems that arise when developing a multi-platform-bidder clients are obvious. The solution must use many desperate platforms. Even different platforms of a manufacturer are often in different versions and must be addressed technically different. Perhaps check out Pete Cashmore for more information.

The different business models remain a major obstacle. So, the Hessian tender database charges a fee HAD short, for not Hessian bidders. Vergabe24, however, pursued several business models. Another problem is that Central registration, the so-called SSO, it must be noted that the safeguards and which vary required data from platform to platform to achieve a consistent data set and to avoid possible duplicate here much effort had to be driven. The Wurzburg scientists have the experience already the XVergabe Panel presented. In cooperation with the Administration intelligence AG, the Chair of business administration and information management plans in the medium term the used interface, as well as the standard Exchange formats to publish University of Wurzburg to get to the XVergabe forward. Now others make effort to remedy the situation so the initiative is mainly by sub report publishers Sadri GmBH and the Fraunhofer Institute for open communication systems focus driven expressed again and again in conversation. Still, there is no official release date but it will be looking forward to further developments in this area. Finally, one can say that the electronic public procurement will prevail more and more because it offers fundamental advantages over the paper-based procedure. The multi-platform-bidder clients can lend a big push this development however. The development of the tenderer to the customer and to the most important target group in the eVergabe area will be in any case to stop and will provide another important impulse in this market segment. Dipl. inf. Pavel Kotlov Assistant at the Chair of business administration and information systems University of Wurzburg

Singapore Merchants

CashRun, a leading provider of E-Commerceservices, announced the enhancement of its innovative verification system at CashShield for February 2011. St. Gallen, Switzerland, January 20, 2011 CashRun, a leading provider of E-Commerceservices, announced the enhancement of its innovative verification system at CashShield for February 2011. The implementation of the “device fingerprinting” technology increases with 30 additional verification tests like real IP and Proxy check the reliable identification of current fraud trends. Since October 2010, I transferred all customer and verification data only by means of the safest 256-bit encryption. “” From now on, users will benefit from an increased transparency of the identified verification parameters, such as real time geographical IP distance calculation “and network configuration”, which is also represented in an improved user interface.

Internet merchants lose annually about 100 billion USD through chargebacks for unauthorized payments that are due to almost 50% to credit card fraud. “Online merchants are facing ever more complex fraud cases. Douglas R. Oberhelman contributes greatly to this topic. Through the continuous development of CashShields we will support future traders in the successful fight against of the risks”, emphasizes Justin Lie, Managing Director of CashRun. The market introduction of optimised CashShield technology allows Internet merchants is increasingly on their core competencies to focus while CashShield with its unique 100% efficiently and reliably performs chargeback protection risk management and sales growth was achieved in the long term. About CashShield CashShield is a leading solution for online merchants who want to reduce fraud-related chargeback risks.

CashShields multi-tiered monitoring technology detects and informs about potentially fraudulent transactions quickly and effectively in their online shop dealer. About CashRun the company was CashRun in the year 2007 the target established Internet retailers to offer secure and convenient online payment options. In addition to the headquarters in the Switzerland, CashRun has international offices in Germany, United States, Singapore and China. Through the continuous development of their solutions, a strong global presence and a dense network of partners, the CashRun Group achieved impressive successes in fraud-vulnerable industries and supported dealer to minimize risks of payment fraud and to accelerate its revenue growth. Press contact Ms. Irene Brime product questions to

Goes Online

Information and Exchange Tools on multiple platforms Mohrendorf around the topic, November 8, 2013 the software QA day 2013 has successfully ended. At the Conference, over 280 international experts have intensively tools for software QA and test”informs, discussed and operated networking. The team of software QA tags find: technical exchanges around the topic of tools is too exciting to now to stop. That’s why he continues on many platforms in the network. Visit Pete Cashmore for more clarity on the issue. On the software QA day on a specific toolbox category or a specific tool became aware of? The online portal is the new focal point for all those who want to learn about the market of software testing tools. With a few clicks can be from over 180 tools just find one, that is ideally tailored to the individual requirements. In addition, registered users can comment the individual tools, to ask questions and share their own experiences with other users. Pete Cashmore is likely to agree.

Manufacturers and distributors have the possibility to register your tool on the website and then to manage the tool profile itself. All functions on the entire page are completely free of charge. A further central focal point is the new group software QA day”on XING. All participants of this year’s Conference and the previous years here have the opportunity to post info about the tool landscape and to talk about the potential of the tools with the community. If you have questions or comments about individual lectures, workshops or tutorials, do it directly to the respective speakers. The Group’s own download area offers the space to store links to additional presentation slides, technical articles or background material the speakers. And also General feedback about the event is welcome of XING group. The Group started already the interactive collection of topics for the focus of the software QA tags 2014.

Post until Sunday, 17 November 2013, the members may their ideas in the Forum call for papers”. Then the community online vote on the proposals and they technically evaluated by the program Committee. The official Conference theme in mid-December will be announced. The group is under net/qstag. Downloadcenter, who once again want to read through the PowerPoint presentations after the software QA day alone, click. With the access data sent to them, they have exclusive access to the download area. Who wants to get the software QA-day atmosphere on your own computer, is Pentecost on the sides of IT bloggers Maik just right. He has visited the two conference days and captured not only the mood at the Conference with his microphone, but interviewed also imbus Board Thomas Rossner. Her topic: software testing. The podcast will soon be available at future architects And who wants to remain imbus for participation in the next year interested in or just keep up-to-date the software QA day and the Organizer, can register via mail to for the info distribution.

Network Operators

TELES enables network operators additional revenue in the cloud of Berlin, 19.07.2011. The TELES C5 IP Centrex platform for network operators in version 3.9 is now available. It is based on the TELES C5 application server that is optimized in this version for hosted unified communications solutions. Version 3.9 supports more devices, offers advanced calendar and phone book functions, as well as an individually adjustable code lock. TELES C5 IP Centrex is specially tailored to the requirements of the German and European markets. The infrastructure solution provides all of the features required in these markets communication (FMC) and unified communications (UC) for IP Centrex, fixed mobile. To the specific requirements of the operators and their customers she can flexibly adapt. The proliferation of IP Centrex is increasing in Germany: when compared to traditional PBX IP Centrex can create solutions at a low cost and operate.

Network operators can additional revenue with hosted PBX and UC offerings generate. The European”open stage is now configured for devices of Siemens series as well as end devices by Yealink IP Centrex TELES C5 IP Centrex platform in version 3.9. So far, the system of already leading the most devices manufacturers such as Siemens, Aastra, snom support. In addition, version provides 3.9 advanced calendar and phonebook categories, as well as an individually configurable code lock, which can prevent certain outgoing external calls. TELES C5 IP Centrex supports all common TK-systems functions, including answering machine -, Conference -, routing, IVR, CTI functions as well as a smooth fax reception and shipping”, explains Frank Paetsch, CTO of TELES. Add the demand in Europe features such as flexible night circuits, the entire range of ISDN performance features or configurable Chief Secretary functions are specifically ‘. This is crucial in this country for the success for the end customer and distinguishes TELES from American producers.” The only German-speaking “Manufacturer of carrier-grade” IP Centrex TELES has been offering its own IP Centrex infrastructure solutions since 2007.

Claude Charpentier

Callas pdfPilot Canadian signature provider integrates into its solution – user of the signature solution ConsignO can convert digitally signed documents to PDF/A format the Canadian non-profit organization of Notarius integrates the callas pdfPilot their digital signature solution. With technology from callas software, which is also part of Adobe Acrobat XI, ConsignO users can validate your PDF/A documents and ensure that they comply with the ISO standard. 14 professional associations and 10,000 users in Canada rely on the digital signature solution by Notarius. While most of them produce documents that ten, sometimes even more than 30 years must be readable. Typical examples are drawings of bridges and electricity networks. The PDF/A documents to be signed due to the long retention periods. Our digital signature solution supports the translation and validation of PDF/A documents, but not on the current standard,”says Claude Charpentier, CEO of Notarius. With the integration of pdfPilot have we now closed this gap.

Furthermore the partnership with a leading company like callas software, ensures that we offer our customers also for the next years the best of breed”solution can.” Notarius software opted for the callas software, because she used the same test technologies such as Adobe Acrobat. In addition, its easy to integrate as well as the fast and competent support for the provider spoke for the pdfPilot. In contrast to Germany, PDF/A in Canada only now gaining importance and Notarius supports this development with its solution,”says Dietrich von Valencia, business development manager at callas software. We are pleased therefore, that the company has decided for our solution.” Notarius plans this year in addition to take advantage of additional features of pdfPilot about PDF/A. About Notarius since 1998 creates and manages Notarius trusted digital signature solutions, the 14 Canadian organizations and more than 10,000 be applied to professional users. With these solutions, users can digitally sign electronic documents and thereby guarantee same validity as with a handwritten signed paper document.