An important step in my self-education has become an active part in various online conferences and webinars. So, I came across an interesting idea, the idea that I want to share with you in this article. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Mashable. It seems everyone is looking TV ads seen Didzhus. I mean the advertisement with the slogan "All at once." It was she who brought the idea of finding a recipe how to make sure to get everything at once? – What does he say? – Most think, after reading these lines. Normally you should not get off the flight and fantasy to believe that there is a magic recipe that will give all at once. This is a procedure which will use a quick result, do not chikaya years. I have personally tested Several methods are designed for it and want to share moments and principles that I consider the most effective. At the beginning of a little philosophy.

What has the greatest impact on our lives? I went through a great long number of factors and as a result discovered three main ones: 1) thoughts (or thinking, a way of making you want to call it) 2) The actions of 3) Environment. These are the three main factors that determine the state of our lives. Notice I did not even write anything about the state of health! Returning to the classics. "Being determines consciousness, and consciousness determines being" I really do believe that thoughts are material. In this I am 100% agree with the idea expressed in the movie "The Secret" (I advise everyone to see.) But I do not perceive the materiality of thought as some sort of magic radio wave.

Latinamerica Networkers

Sponsorship 3.0 2 months ago, the leaders of attraction Marketing for multilevel, Erick Gamio and Jose Miguel Arbulu, launched a course on Patrocio adapted to the multilevel Latin American market, which I had the opportunity to witness. Once course has begun, this was a success, and I mean to the hundreds of positive comments that you hear or read part of my classmates who took the course sponsorship 3.0. This is a course designed for empresario latinoamericano MLM that is tired of that to reject it and leave it planted their friends and relatives, who are tired of that make fun of your business and that simply waste time doing presentations without having the results that you expect in sponsorship 3.0 I learned how to apply Marketing attraction 100% face-to-face and without exposing himself to both rejection of friends or as many teasing by family members. Whenever Kai-Fu Lee listens, a sympathetic response will follow. What Jose Miguel and Erick teach, is already being implemented by a large part of more than 300 professionals in the multilevel of which many they are already having better results to promote your business. For more than 2 years, these modules were used exclusively by the members of the Global Dunza team and there was no possibility that a person external to the team would have access to them.

However, fortunately Erick and Jose Miguel decided to bring to light and make public this system of sponsorship to support the growth of the Network Marketing industry. Sponsorship 3.0 was a course Online and live, and only was taken by some fortunate that we learned of the course before the close registrations in the month of August, 2011. Fortunately for the Latinamerica Networkers, this course is reopening its doors. You can know more about this course at the following link: sponsorship 3.0 this course is highly recommended for immediate results while you build your internet strategy of multilevel calmly. Also, it is recommended for the Networkers who feel that give the internet is not theirs, but that they no longer want to walk behind his friends and family, but friends and family are behind them. Look at what they say the creators of this course: attraction marketing is a way of being Jose Miguel Arbulu which is not having results in your MLM business, it is because it is not implemented the marketing of attraction Erick Gamio. As you know, I never suggest something that does not know and who do not know that it is worth, sponsorship 3.0 is a course that I recommend and personally I think they should take all Networkers who want to build your MLM business in a professional manner. Jose Manuel Medina, graduate in chemical engineering, is an entrepreneur with more than 4 years of experience in Network Marketing specializing in Marketing over the internet. Jose Manuel already does not have to be behind your friends and family, now the prospects coming to the automatically, if you want to know how, enters your website Jose Manuel Medina, or his youtube channel Jose Manuel Medina.

Wireless Networks

Next we set up a wireless network adapter our computer to work with a radius server Esomo protocol EAP-TLS. To do this, configure the wireless adapter, we point to use encryption tkip and authenticated wpa protocol using digital certificates. From the list of trusted root CAs choose previously installed on our computer to the root certificate. So, all settings are completed and wireless network is ready. Turning off our computer from the network switch and try to connect to wi-fi network. After searching for available networks wireless adapter will find our secure network.

After successful authentication through digital certificates and checks RADIUS-server, our computer will connect to wi-fi network. It remains to take the final step towards superzaschite our wireless network. If you would like to know more then you should visit Mikkel Svane. Step 4. Creating a second level of protection – install vpn connection with encryption Maximum protection of wireless network traffic with Esomo achieved through the use of vpn technology on top of an already established wireless protocol wpa, which adds a second encryption level of traffic. Creating a VPN-connection between your computer and the server Esomo automatically. One need only open a web browser and type the address of any existing site, for example,. Page Authorization Esomo in both form fields introduce testuser and click 'Connect'. After a successful test login and password between our pc and server Esomo establish a vpn connection.

Now you can work safely on the Internet. All transmitted traffic will be encrypted, not only by means of wpa, and vpn. And through Esomo awp at any time, you can see the statistics 'inflated' traffic and a couple of clicks to import it into ms Excel. After checking that everything is working, plug the other computers to wireless network and provide users with access to the Internet. To do this, create new users via Esomo arm, giving them added earlier tariff. Then, create for these users and digital certificates to establish computer for each user the root certificate and its own custom certificate. Also do not forget to configure your wireless adapter on each user's computer to work with a radius server protocol EAP-TLS. On This setup wireless network with shared internet completed. All about everything it took me less than two hours. Agree that other means would be difficult to organize well-protected wi-fi network such minimal time and effort. In this Esomo works well as a radius server and server access to the Internet, not only in wi-fi networks, but also in the wired lan, and mixed, with some segments of the network combined with a cable, and the other at using wi-fi.

Network Marekting

Did the instant in which you started your opportunity of mlm safely because a person you spoke of this business that was completely unknown to you. You started doing the famous list of friends and family, since you tratabas sell them your company and the fabulous thing that were his articles. Thus it is the same that we have initiated many. This is ok because in question, nobody had taught you different way of achieving it. In question, 95% of which are initiated with the multilevel marketing still do not have a knowledge of marketing.

Promote himself inside the multilevel, what is termed as Branding Personal, is an opportunity which will allow you to give you to understand luck of you display to the world in the same way as an entrepreneur, as an expert in that activity. This exhibition is will you bring other customers to you, people who tune into you, which have the same vision as you and you lograrias that provide value. Each time that certain person fit within this business, never carried out by the company, actually goes through you, because you get to be your guidance, his mentor, you must be who help with the purpose of giving the first steps involved in this occupation that is unknown to many. They will have confidence in you because through your Council they will become his opportunity to leaders. They want the most prominent mentor since that way are more likely to seek success in the marketing MLM, that that thou shalt be.

However, why it is you promotions such as networker present in this company essential? Let us make an analogy. Imagine that you have just completed studies of engineer and you join the labour market. In order to begin to work, don’t you observe with magnifying glass the company in which you started, you need to pick up expertise since you raised you begin with that which makes you the first proposal. Once you have been timed in the same and you begin to study the sector in which you are working, you start to ask yourself what several companies could provide you best revenue economic, social, and other. This is the moment that are trying to promote yourself as an engineer, doing well a kind of approach to the company which you have chosen, well prospecting with the head of the Department in which there may be a position for you, etc. Provided that you realize that there are certainly better options that you have in these moments is the moment in which you approach you take full advantage to what you are and you have, i.e. you are an expert with experience and with fantastic abilities. Essentially, in all procedures of the life we live promoting, through form directly or indirectly. One of the more notable options in order to promote yourself is through consistent exposure, providing information which can lead to many people and with which you’re equally recognized as an expert in this company. In order to carry out this strategy, a website is formidable, as well as making videos that talk about This industry. You should also take into account the relevance that you working webinars that you present a topic of importance. The author is a Networker committed to teach their knowledge of MLM (Network Marketing) to all those who wish to improve their performance in this industry. You can access the full article promote yourself in Network Marketing and course study important issues in Network Marketing.

Here Campaigns

It is very important to begin with the right foot in our social media marketing campaigns, that is why I consider it important to guide them in this process so that they achieve good results. Takes note of the following since it is one of the most important bases to begin with the right foot in your campaigns, and subsequently have to produce a document that will guide you on the road to success in social media marketing. Defines objectives: this first point is very important, since it is the direction that you’re going to give to your campaigns, the main objectives can be: improve brand visibility, generate traffic to your website, getting followers or fans, get subscribers, improve the natural ranking of your website in search engines, get sales, among others. You must well pose the objectives to give the approach suitable to your campaigns and get the results you expect. Focus your campaigns: Here you must give priority to the objectives to respond to the following questions. Who I am? (Your target audience) are how I will communicate with them? Which approach I am going to give to my campaigns? Answered once this pair of questions will have an idea of your potential market and how you’re going to go to him, this is one of the great advantages that have social networks, that you can go to your target audience in a very forceful way. Tools used: at this point you must decide on the basis of your business tools 2.0 are going to use, there are lots of these tools and I’m sure that you already are part of at least one, decides based on what you want to achieve. Facebook Twitter Youtube and floka Answers Tuenti Linkein Viadeo Xing Ning among many other measure performance based on objectives: at this point we must measure if your social media marketing campaigns are really being effective, so you’ll use performance indicators, you mention some that you consider them if they go with your goals. Get more background information with materials from Kai-Fu Lee.

Network Marketing

Many people think of starting a business to escape the routine of their work and take the reins of their activity independently. Today I will show you deformed generic and simple as it is the mechanism of network marketing businesses to clear you doubts and help you understand why economic independence can be achieved. More info: Kai-Fu Lee. Network marketing is the most agile way of generating income. Pesto that arises as a response to the advances in technology and information networks favoring the world of opportunity and helping many people achieve economic independence. Also called Network Marketing, or Network Marketing is defined as a business model in which a company or manufacturer offers and delivers its products or services to end users or customers, by a group of entrepreneurs or independent distributors that are interconnected in a network. This structure of networks facilitates the creation of communities of people who independently consume and sell the manufacturer’s products that are associated with also taking the I aim to teach other people to build and expand this network of associated businessmen, in order to obtain a personal saving, to offer the product or service to a customer and even achieve economic independence, depending on the objectives of each person. cussion.

But there are many controversies that surround the world of network marketing and distorting the reality of the concept. But the undisputed characteristic that defines and identifies if a company operates through Marketing network is the fact that anyone has the opportunity in his hand regardless of their educational, religious, cultural level, etc and that Furthermore, the possibilities of achieving economic independence depend on single and exclusively from the work that is put, the dedication, professionalism and the objectives and under no circumstances will depend on the position that is inside of the network structure, because otherwise we would be talking about a pyramid model. In subsequent articles I will give more inrofmacion related to this concept supporting me in official data within the world of experts in economics, misistros, laws, businessmen from success, in short, are persons of which we are obliged to inform us if we want concoer real and reliable data. Leave a comment if you want to contribute something of value to this article or later, I will reply it delighted. A greeting.


4Th chooses a mentor with results. This is a critical point, you must choose a person, having a guide will help you to reduce your learning curve and will take you to success in your MLM, you must show you the way to your success. It should teach you strategies, secrets, techniques etc, that the work you and you must apply them give them your personal touch. If you do not jump any step of the manual and your chances of success are they multiply. 5Th team creates alliances and shares information with other Networkers you save much time for research. Even the experts need a partner to do something, because they are what they are, not by who are experts in everything, if not that they have alliances with other experts and help each other. If you want to give quality to your work let someone else help you, it is not bad, an objective opinion will help you to give extra value to your content. 6Th be digital not MARK RATERO what I mean by this, is the following, if you’re a person who claims to be an expert and the only thing you do is to copy material from other networkers and paste it into your blog as yours material that you think so that people going to see as a professional in your field, you’re wrong, for that the robots of search engines duplicate content dislike. You will be penalized and it most likely that you caught and you stay fatal, since if on your blog for example you speak spam and you dedicate yourself to paste links in profiles from facebook, that you think you will tell people .no failure to follow right?. 7Th give, give, give, give, give give information, give advice will quickly say it that this does not more explanation, the greats of this this industry at the time gave and gave without expecting anything in return, do your want to be one of the greats?.

Network Marketing

The vast majority of people would like to start their own business but do not do so for 4 main reasons. The world is changing so rapidly that paralyzes us and we do not take the time to discover what the real opportunities we have to take financial control and start our own business from home. A question that I usually do my prospects is: If submit you a business opportunity in which investment risks were minimal and the barriers that you understand that they have the business were eliminated, would you to start your own business? 90% Responded that they would be willing to be self-employed entrepreneurs. Speaking candidly Pete Cashmore told us the story. Almost everyone would like to have your own business, generating revenue that release of debts, have time for your family and ensure his retirement. But not all take the decision to become entrepreneurs for these 4 main reasons. 1. Investment fear.

The cost of starting a traditional business is high for the vast majority of the average employee. If we take the example of the cost of a franchise average, we are talking of about $70,000. 2 Sacrifice. When you start my traditional business 20 years ago, I had to work 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 18 consecutive months. It was a very big sacrifice for my family and I suffered the consequences of the physical wear and tear. All that they have begun a small traditional business, you know that these hours are normal. 3 Risks. >. 55% Of the business from a single owner fails in the first 2 years of operation.

Stay broke and without a job is a frightening experience. 4. The know-how. Entrepreneurs who do not have the support of a corporation than them continuous training, they have no knowledge appropriate to be success in your business and therefore the fear of failure is legitimate. The other question that I put to my prospect is: If you submit a business in which you could start with less than $400, working a 10-16 hours a week, and have the backing of a corporation with virtual training and a community of entrepreneurs willing to offer you guidance when you need it for the rest of the days that this in operation, having the possibility of using the internet platform to market products, engage customers in more than 80 countries, would you be willing to join a business like this concept? A large part tells me that he looks too cute to be true. Actually, Network Marketing businesses require dedication and it entails sacrifice of additional time to the primary job that occupies the prospectus. But it is also true that opportunities for those who displayed the business opportunity and are arranged in sacrificing a few months during the growth and knowledge of the business process, the fruit reward the persistence and perseverance of effort. The concept of Network Marketing is the future of business, those who take the initiative to enter into this current, will be preparing to achieve their financial freedom while those who remain in the comfort zone by fear to these 4 reasons, will be exposed to others to control their future. Visit: and learn as I could you also be a successful independent entrepreneur.

SMEs Businesses

Internet users run social networks to connect with family, friends and virtual acquaintances. It is inevitable that in this social coexistence people talk about products and services that consume. Companies and dealers know this and also run social networks. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Kai-Fu Lee. Several companies announce large profits thanks to social networks and more small businesses are to win customers in the social network facebook. With the increase in applications to be connected from the mobiles of latest range we can be alert more hours, sharing and doing much social life on social networks. Small businesses and individuals who do business become aware of this phenomenon and it is a fact with the following distribution, according to Panda, in United States: 69% on Facebook 44% on Twitter YouTube LinkedIn 23% 32% the risks in social networks begin to notice 33% of small businesses were affected by malware Facebook is the social network more infected with 71% of the problems. 51% of those affected was by Twitter. If you are not convinced, visit Pete Cashmore. 41.2% of affected on YouTube.

Lost money Many companies point out that they have lost money on social networks due to privacy issues. 62% of the losses was in Facebook 38% on Twitter 24% on Youtube 11% LinkedIn however, small businesses say that, although there can be problems with privacy and security, the benefits that bring social networks offset assume these risks. 78% Of surveyed SMEs ensures that they use to support research and competitive intelligence, as well as to improve its customer service or perform public relations.

Network Marketing

The success in the MLM or network marketing, is not easy mission. Maybe in the beginning said you that you contarias with success quick, however while he has been running the time have you noticed how the fruits were not achieved. In reality, the number of withdrawals in the MLM industry is still high. Many marketeros not get success in the MLM because they feel defeated too early. To be complete, success in the MLM, it is not so feasible similarly stating that it is the majority of the crowd. The access for success in MLM in brief moments, I offer you the unavoidable details to get success in the MLM. It is essential that you approaches in those actions that you have to run and at any instant are wasting your time trying out different things. Design your way to success in the MLM at the time of start, precise starting prepare, by understanding how it operates that MLM which is rare for too many business seriously.

You need to know that your contacts are not generated by themselves, and that if necessary to don’t have more contacts to those who introduce your business, then your MLM business will be over. It’s that you support the duplication in your team if you want to persist in this occupation and achieve success in the MLM. And for that, so you in the same way that your team need a plan, a system that turns into a pattern of what must be carried in each of the stages in which each who is staying within that industry. Incorporate into your nearest environment tea Captivate or not, enlist your warm market is the fastest way of starting to produce results. It is foreseeable that many of the networkers not be risked at the start to talk to your friends and relatives the word MLM (multilevel marketing) with horror to the rejection.