Social Networks

In the world of positioning many companies and entrepreneurs are wondering to what extent affects the natural positioning in search engines marketing in social networks? The rules of the game rather than having changed, I would say that they have evolved. We know that social media marketing takes lot of traffic to a web site, but will affect search engine optimization? In reality, these two aspects are not quarreling but they are closely related among if. Gain insight and clarity with On the sidelines now Twitter, Facebook pages and profiles publications are indexed by the search engines, to greater diffusion of your content, more people know and warrant more links to your website. But not firing your content-blasting action, you have to worry interact and establish a relationship with the target audience but that is another story. The point is that, to increased exposure on the internet with social networks, there are more people that knows you, who knows that you exist and that you still. Social networks don’t have to invest much money, but if you have to invest, not It is free. Also, keep in mind that time investment is high and if another person will be in charge of handling your presence or your business on social networks, it also costs money.

But definitely in the medium and long term there is nothing better than a smart social media strategy. Marketing in these media is progressive, and after a few months (6 approximately) is accelerated both by viral, which is simply devastating. A couple of years ago when I started marketing online, some people of which continued his work, published information on how to get the first place in the search engines, for example, but they did not have, or on how to attract much traffic to a web site, but his ranking from did not reflect what they taught, etc.

Facebook The Social Network

With respect to Facebook The Social Network film we can say that web sites are usually having films in its content and not to the contrary, that a web site be the particular content of a film. Facebook, of course, is not any Web site; Since its creation in a Harvard dorm a bit more than 6 years Mark Zuckerberg has acquired 500 million active users worldwide. Leaving behind the sins of Facebook in its beginnings this model may be the company’s fastest growth in history that begins to build a few myths like everything that is popularized rapidly to her around. 1 Facebook is used primarily by college students: when Facebook began in the spring of 2004, was only to classmates of Zuckerberg the site opened to students with the addresses of e-mail from other schools; later to be high school students in 2005 and adults begin to arrive in 2006. Although the base of Facebook still distorts the young, around two-thirds of its 134 million American members are older than 26. Outside the United States, the fastest growth of Facebook has been in middle-aged women. 2 Facebook is constantly changing to help sell advertising: Zuckerberg is constantly making changes to the features and interface of Facebook, and some of these changes have left users with less control over how the personal data that are displayed to the outside world.

In one of those cases last year, each user’s friends list was made public, the resulting protests by defenders of privacy and a small but noisy group of Facebook users forced to retire from the network this spring. 3. Users of Facebook are struggle for privacy: some say they are in that situation, but actions speak louder than words, and Facebook has continued to grow through every controversy that is created around the privacy, Facebook now claims to be the owner of the Book Word. The largest of them had place in September 2006, when Facebook introduced its news feature, which presents the latest information about each user to all their friends. Although 10% of users initially joined groups protesting this change in Facebook, News Feed quickly became the most popular on the site feature. Today, more or less defines Facebook. 4 Zuckerberg stole the idea for Facebook from other Harvard students: Zuckerberg briefly worked for a group of older students who were building an online social network called Harvard Connection (later ConnectU), but launched his own site, originally called Thefacebook, until they could complete theirs. Older students felt betrayed and filed a lawsuit against Zuckerberg, claiming that he had stolen his idea.

Settled out of court demand and apparently the students had to pay $ 10 million. 5 Facebook could soon go the way of Friendster and MySpace: Friendster was created by a guy who said that part of his motivation was to help people to find dates, MySpace (which was launched in August 2003) was initially used for the same purpose. Facebook, by contrast, was conceived as a communication tool much broader that also feeds narcissism. Friendster and MySpace were never as technologically sophisticated as Facebook, nor their leaders possess a fraction of the approach of Facebook over its competitors.

University Network

We can say that knowledge is power, and which is not informed does not have this power. Therefore use these means of communication is essential today is important that enterprise-wide integrated the internet in all its departments, since this will grow quickly. Thus succeed, contacts at regional and international levels, and improve your sales and your image. Importance of social networks what is published in social networks on the internet, can be used against or in favor of the company, person, or entity. It is therefore important to use it in our favor in a manner suitable for example: some employees of a franchise Domino of Pizza recorded the time worked and then went up the video on The video shows them when performing dirty acts with food that would send home. Pete Cashmore addresses the importance of the matter here.

Million people watched the video and change your perception of this company and damage its image. The strangest thing is that this company, as recognized at the global level, has not done something! The company had used the same means to counteract this video and clean up its image. In this kind of cases are recommended to the company the do the following: 1.-subscribe to Google Alerts service, this service will give us daily alerts on keywords (name, company, etc.) that interest you within Google, to find out what is being said or public about the person or company. To broaden your perception, visit Robotics. 2.-In the same way, by using TweetBeep Alert you can also get alerts about what people are saying the company or person on Twitter, another popular social network. Obviously Yes Dominos Pizza had used two tools mentioned above, surely would have:-heard previously for reactive. -Reacted more quickly, promoting the abolition of the video on YOUTUBE.

-Offset the damage done to its image. -Saved efforts in communication. To make the most of social networks, it is important to fully understand the concept of social network and how you can apply in a way that will help you grow your business. Why can you get strategic alliances, communication, contacts clients or even companies and you can also search for new niche markets do work the social media? If they work, but you have to know how to manage them for the benefit of the company or person. When we are a social network users see how power companies and as they expand your horizons… The effectiveness of social networks, is proven to be used in way that benefits him or how damaging it. It is also unethical to use them to harm other people or companies with false testimony. Examples of social networks MySpace: is a web space that you can customize with videos, blog, photos and many varied applications. Facebook: It began as a social network of University students, but their marketing strategies have become the most important generalist social network in the world. Flickr: The biggest social network of exchange of photographs and photography enthusiasts. Skype: In addition to being a social network, is a telephone service. It allows video calls and normal calls. Tuenti: A very similar to the Facebook social network. Twitter: Social network for Exchange of above all professional interests and literature.