Society and Culture

The ones that to prefer a boarding cultural of the society or to search subjects for its proper productions will find many possibilities. The choice of the personage between innumerable possibilities had as main reason the fact to have been an uncle of the author of this work being thus facilitated the attainment of the impressions inside and outside of the clan for having lived in the city. The difficulty of if studying the proper family were compensated with the volume of information gotten and the fact of being the continuation of a research initiated in the adolescence searching to understand its proper identity. The personage was in a curious social status, was a small trader son of an ox-driver and descended, according to stories of diverse sources, of the farmers who had colonized the region. Of this form, he was socially on to the local elite, but of the economic point of view, as the majority of ' ' whites pobres' ' it was in a classroom intermediate between the family To sound and the black mass of the city. Of the point of view politician she was total delinquent, survived thanks to the bows established with other local traders in ' ' Beneficient association of Salgueiro' ' , call ' ' House of Farinha' ' for sheltering ' ' ral' ' of the city, established for its relative and friend, the doctor Dr. Severino Alves de S.

But a rigorously historical book was published on the history of the city, ' ' The coronelismo in Willow: an analysis of the trajectory politics of colonel Veremundo Soares (1920-1945) ' ' , of Waldemar professor. the S. Jnior, contains valuable information on the povoamento and development politician and socioeconmico of the city (2008). Before it, some memorialistas authors exaltaram curious facts on the city, without historiogrfico value. Research on quilombo of Conceio of the Creoles, made for the person who orientates of this work, not yet published in book form, is inaccessible to this analysis.


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It is that still, behind this perhaps sincere gesture, it annoys an ideology that condemns everything what the country obtained before 2003. This clearly minority vision, that it do not express nor the true channel of the Peronism, jumps at sight whenever the President revive its conception of history. Facts certain that one sees and it listens through the international channels like Cnn, when it recalled this week the ill-fated days of the military coup of the 16 of June of 1955, the president Cristina elevated to the lectern of the official chain to a survivor of those days cruel, in which it excelled the attempt of " to run &quot backwards; the Argentine origin of the evils, from years 70 to the 50. In another passage, the president Cristina tried to not only disqualify in addition the years 50 but nothing less than to Argentina to the Centenary, when the country got to be seventh in the world in economic entrance by inhabitant, proposing in her place to the Argentina of the Bicentennial, that she tries to incarnate. Grondona insists on emphasizing, that He is unavoidable to recognize then that the Kirchner thinks that not only the 70 and the 50, but also years 10 not only contemplated to the brightness but the degradation of an Argentina that they would have come to remedy.

The president worries what Cristina said recently that his and the one of their unique husband are " good gobiernos" that we have had in 200 years. By this route, she would also not lack long before that undertook against the Campaign of the Desert, Rock and the Brown expert, that gave the Patagonia us and where she is Santa Cruz, that today she would be Chilean. Grondona exposes in its writing, that It is the conclusion of this analysis that the Kirchner even detests " todo" the past Argentine, with its miseries but also with their glories, nothing else that by to have developed before they? To the inverse one of many montoneros, that have returned happily to the Argentine democracy, " neomontoneros" they are those for those who, if for Clausewitz " the war is the continuation of the policy by others medios" , the Argentine policy " medios&quot is the continuation of the war of the 70 by others;.