Freelance Copywriter

Where do I start a copywriter – the question you asked yourself and decide to definitely answer it. I'll help you. To begin to assess their capabilities in the preparation of literate articles. See more detailed opinions by reading what Kai-Fu Lee offers on the topic.. If this is difficult, you have two ways: first – to negotiate with someone who has a full order with the Russian that he will correct your article before sending it to the customer or a free market. The second option – to sit on the books for copywriters and disassemble Finally, these unfortunate rule of the Russian language. Incidentally, in the future, the ability to write error-free fun in handy – because you'll have to correspond with potential customers.

I doubt that they will be happy to see your mistakes in messages. But, basically, your case – what to choose. In the first case you will need to share with your proof-reader, while the second – enough to spend many hours in the self. The next step – to register on the stock exchanges articles. They provide an opportunity to earn from selling ready-made texts, or on receipt of the customer. Novice freelance copywriter, I would advise to write articles and put them in stores articles. So, you nabete hand in writing, and secondly, while you look for loyal customers something to sell – it will give you confidence in success.

By the way, an unshakable faith in their own success – a mandatory rule for a copywriter. Do not hesitate to yourself and all you get. On freelance markets, unlike stock exchanges of content, it is possible to take orders not only to fill the articles site. Here, subjects are much more widely – from web design to full marketing campaigns. Freelancers – this expanse, because everyone will be able to find a job that much. But competitors are also missing. Though, and earnings will be better than on the stock exchanges of copywriting.


The Stoics divided according to this curious scale dreams according to their origin: a) dreams that come from God b) dreams caused by demons c) from dreams of the human soul I ignore the bases on which settled his theories about the dreamy sources but within their twins correspondences between the macrocosm of the world and the microcosm of the soul did not see any objection to a continuous communication between the Cosmos and each person that dreams were a renovated evening expression. According to the decedent Posidonius of Rhodes the divine component of the soul can know by itself the future under its nature; In addition, added as if it were something so obvious that it wasn’t necessary to remember it all the air is loaded with spirits that converse with the soul and what is already known, if they want, the same gods can tell us while we slept in an act of astonishing dream rufianeria. So it counts people who you have fallen asleep by my side, maybe the gods keep dumb but I put very talkative when you close your eyes. Do not remember having spoken to Jahveh, Jupiter or wing. It is well known that subaltern gods or their Cadet usurp the throne of heaven, and surely they talk in the evenings with my diminished spirit, if it is I have.

This theory of correspondences between the macro and microcosm can seem arbitrary and Pilgrim and however is nothing more than the confirmation of the causal chain that physics accepts without reservations and that Hume does not doubt in cataloging between our bad habits. When Cicero tried to translate the Greek thing undivided created the individual word. Atoms from Democritus he won it after people but Democritus used it to describe the qualities of its fractious and dark atoms which carry messages that explain dreams in which Apollo warns me of a danger or illness to oscillate continuously in a vacuum: dreaming a placid stream slipping between stones can be the bucolic notification that I suffer renal lithiasis, according to the book of Hippocrates that all liquid or aquatic dreams diagnose urinary woes.


Systematize the history of 'selling' texts. Here's what happened. 1-stage development copywriting seller directly writes what he wants from a potential buyer. Motivation is vague, it can not be taken into account. 'Buy our friends! Our friends – the best! " 2-stage development copywriting appears vague understanding of what you need to think not only about their own benefit, but also benefit the buyer. As a result – improvement motivational component. 'Look for another? They are here! Loyal, understanding, empathetic. Every third – for free! " 3-stage development of copywriting comes the realization that people are not buying goods or services as such. A feeling associations, emotions and images associated with it. Message becomes more specific, the emphasis is not on the qualities of being sold, and the problems, needs a buyer. Of universal services have become commodities specialized. 'No one to drink beer? Order our friend. Normal man. For life to talk to him you can. On the broads shabby. Call now – free shipping. Mashable can aid you in your search for knowledge. " or 'fluttering candle flame, ruby wine, lit by a warm hand, it is moist, hot breath burn, your heart beating in unison Understands the heart, a true friend does not remain indifferent to your call. Call now (sex in the price not included). " 4-stage development copywriting person does not offer anything to buy. He buys in full confidence that it was entirely his decision. Free, no one imposed by choice. The impact is on a subconscious level, so if really look at things, leaves no choice. 'Buried in the monitor, click on the keys to the torpor, to watery red eyes. And you want to say something, and I want to ask you 'What day is gone? " And not to anyone. Dine for computer (anything, what's the difference). Lazish the forums each and blogs – to communicate with virtual friends. Not live to talk with anyone. No one even see the movie. Loneliness. Life passes. Loneliness, death, oblivion. Like you a lot. In every house, every window is a light. As moths flock to each other lonely hearts Need to smile. Even if the smile is sad. House moths -> Smile. " Sincerely, Menin. Modern Marketing adheres to the dogma of the immutability of human nature. Man does not change, but every year is learning all the better and more comfortable to meet their needs. Incorrect conclusion. We are changing, faster and faster. Era when people formed a media space, has passed. Now the media shapes people, grows more omnivorous, able to quickly absorb and digest food information. People change. And not the fact that the better. Was still 'Zero' stage. When the shops selling meat, known as 'Meat', dairy products – 'Milk', hung a sign over the bakeries 'bread', and the can of condensed milk was written, oddly enough, 'Condensed Milk'. So honestly. And people do not bother to do all garbage, like 'what a toothbrush is best suited to my inner world? " or 'What wine do you prefer at this time of night? " They had time to really important things.

Mobile Communication

And what do you think when you hear the phrase 'Network Marketing'? What emotions is it you? I think violent and prolonged cheers, such as' Nonsense! Complete scam for fools! " and similar negative comments. And so many people think And if you ask them a question: 'What is Network Marketing and what you do not like it? ", Many do not know what to say. And that you do not replenish their ranks, I beg you to read this story to end, and then you have yourself to assume all decide. The vast majority of people do what they are familiar. We like doing what we are familiar and habitual, so most people do not trust the network marketing, just as we do not trust a stranger person on the street. For example, imagine that you do not dance very well, but here's to suit you and invite you to the dance floor. What do you feel? Most likely you will say: 'Oh, no.

I do not want to dance, I was very unsure of myself, I just spoil everything. " And why? Because dance is something unfamiliar to you, and all the unknown is frightening. That's why people think: 'What Network Marketing is? I do not know how to promote these products, I'm not even sure if I can make a presentation like this. Like a pyramid, and some even I did not like. I will not subscribe. " But at the same time, most people do network marketing every day, just behind them are not paid.

Find Jobs

At first some theory. That is, ask yourself – Would you ask your question in the forum, where 10 people are registered (webmaster and his friends) and created two and a half topics? No? That's webmaster understands that. And even if the site has a high attendance, the forum will be 'dead', while it does not appear a sufficient number of messages. Therefore, webmasters are willing to pay to those who wrote the message and creates a theme for them yet not promoted the forums. Go to Castle Harlan for more information. Now put yourself in the place of the webmaster and think about whether you'll be paying for messages, uninteresting your visitors (like 'oh, cool site, found lots of interesting')? No? Draw your own conclusions;) Now, having understood that there are people ready to pay us, we shall find them.

Remember your objection about unfair and meager pay webmasters? These kinds of trouble and help us get around the system … we call it now, just the system. So. We checking in the system. And once we get access to a catalog orders webmasters. How? Very simple. Choose a site menu system tab 'author' and click 'Find Jobs'. Voila! Before us is a list of orders.

As desired can filter it. For example, to select only orders on 'mobile', or only those who pay for at least 10 cents. Filters are different. That order, which we liked, we are ready to press a button and 'get to work. " Now we see the address of a forum in which you want to leave a message.

Success Humility

In our contemporary world, it is impelled to us and it is made us think that successful people are that one that obtains what wants – until there it is certain at the cost of which it is. And it is in this last part of the equation where humility is required. To reach the own aims at the cost of which it is what it has brought about a great ecological imbalance in the planet. It is what it has caused that many companies go away to the ruin, that many industralists fail, who much people are dismissed of their use, etc. Kai-Fu Lee understood the implications. The success in the West, generally, is lived like a disease in which it is to be hoarding material goods, mainly those goods that prevail to us through the mass media, or because simply somebody has plus it. That is not the true success is then not aligned with whom you are really. It is a palliative that tranquilizes the empty intern temporarily.

Humility allows us to recognize where we are, what needs to us to arrive at where we want, and what errors we have committed in our search. systemic success requires of our humility to also be thankful for all the positive situations which we faced, as well as the not so good ones, since they help us to grow. Contact information is here: Ali Partovi. To be humble allows us to recognize our failures and to capitalize them in experience and growth. Sometimes we must give a turn of 180 correct course, and that requires humility. To recognize that single we cannot be successful is one of the greatest tests of humility that exist. All, although you work by your account, we required of the others in our way. They are suppliers, colleagues, clients, patients, partners, your family, etc. We needed the others to have systemic success.