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What learned entering the Business Network Market?. Here you never lose if you’re smart. I learned that the best way to sell a product is through the Network Market, let me explain the because of this conclusion. Benefits for the producer: save money on marketing and distribution process, see because. ** In a traditional consumer products business, say for example to Coca Cola, they have their plants bottling, take its product to sale and sent in their trucks distributors to stores supermarkets etc. throughout this process has a cost per distribution, affecting the final price to the consumer. * The same goes for the marketing, the advertising depending on the environment has very high costs, large traditional companies spend huge amounts of money on marketing to make you believe that your products are the best, that’s why their products costs rise, affecting the final price to the consumer. Network Market saves you from these costs since it is a custom system of sales and is based and the confidence of the customer towards the seller, when someone trusts you not put qualms about buying a product, and even more when you take it and feel the results, will continue buying, because the product when it is good is sold.

The cost of the distribution decreases greatly, since retail distributors are those who come to wholesale stores to then distribute the product, why it is that there are up to 40% discount percentages and what they give in royalties and differences of percentages for the producer is nothing. Benefits for distributors: * learn to have vision and be emprendedor.* to use your creativity for your own beneficio.* to lead a group of people who will be your wards, if going to them well to it you go mejor.* Generaras extras to build your capital, investing in other projects and stop being a simple employee with your daily routine waiting for retirement income. * Will create an engine that generates money for you, you can enjoy your holiday and that engine will continue to generate revenue from whom you obtained.To lose the fear of launch yourself and get what you intend. If you decide to get started in the world of the Network Market nor wait to get rich over night, this process takes time, depends on the enthusiasm and creativity that you have to reach more people, do not let others fall morality only because they do not have the sufficient courage to take the first step. Your you decide what you want in your life, remember that Walt Disney began making his fortune by drawing a simple mouse.


Do in the 90? s came e-commerce over the Internet, and likewise a threat for the multilevel and networks of marketing, its techniques tested from 30/40? s seemed insufficient. What happened then? There were many victims? Direct and cheap with e-commerce and Internet, conditions have changed for manufacturers, now could reach consumers faster, cheaper and with several options to a click away. Look at this, now people could buy with a couple of clicks, querying options in web indexes or search engines, all without leaving your home. Surely you’re wondering now for what followed with the networks of marketing channel, if it cost more, needed more time to reach the consumer and needed more infrastructure? Shooting target remember Daredevil? You have an enemy who is called Bullseye, is a character which always gives the blank no matter what weapon used, can be a dagger, a coin, a small stone or any another object, not fails. So it is also with network marketing, it is very effective to introduce new products and penetrate new markets. In electronic commerce was needed to generate traffic and positioning for new products to consumers, what it cost lot of money to get the acceptance of the market. So it was how they ended up allying the marketing networks and Internet, now the networks could grow faster, cheaper and more robust thanks to the improved communication that gave Internet.

And manufacturers could penetrate markets more efficiently leaving the Networkers to take advantage of the technology and resources that this gave them to position their products and services. It seems that men created them and they came together. If you liked this article, share it with your friends.


Iron in different sources point to bury metals, for example some wire, Palisade to Earth give you. My grandmother remembers that before they threw nails or screws rusted near orchard and sometimes they nailed them to the harsh bark of a tree. Cafecolocar coffee residue (solid) on the surface of the Earth (stirring a bit to to mix with the Earth) or dissolve it in water and irrigate with that solution is useful for the plant. Do not abuse.According to the blog alternative lives, provides nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, also contains magnesium and copper. Prepared liquid fertilizer with fruits, vegetables and grasses is the fermentation of these products in water, ideally, you should select those that are rich in nutrients and vitamins and achieve some variety.

Picked six kilograms of remains, is cut into small pieces and placed in a container and add sugar (ideally a kilogram) for that ferment (as it is done with the fruit so that it releases its juices). The recipe also appears with the measures reduced to half (3 K and 500 g) by what measures can be adapted. Stops at rest seven days and then the liquid is filtered. Applied every 15 or 20 days, diluted with water to a ratio of 1 to 20. This is perhaps the least viable, not by size, but by the time that should be expected. In my experience was always me difficult to do, because it is difficult to explain to other inhabitants of the House that there is a bucket with remains of fruits and vegetables by fermenting (for them languishing), only I could perform it correctly two times and, sometimes more, I interrupted the process before the week they recommend, so the result was much lower.

By way of closing in these notes we try to give an introduction to different methods of Subscriber, We focus on those that can perfectly be conducted in an urban garden, because the space and materials are not a difficulty. It is highly recommended to do so. Its importance is seen in how it improves the appearance and production of plants. In my experience you can check how the more I use them best are my crops, give more fruit, larger reach, etc. And I corrobore something you had read that the Subscriber is a way to solve the lack of space. On the other hand, it also allows to reuse waste cooking or plants. So it also has ecological benefits. In the case of the urban gardens in small spaces, it is a good solution for recycling resources that, for lack of space, we cannot use for the compost bin. And above all is justified because but only is resorting to chemical products made by large companies.

Marketing Networks

In the network marketing industry all are striving to enable to strengthen our efforts. In a trait or another, each of whom we are developing and growing day by day, in order to better perform our work, either in the task of contact, in multiplication or teach to our line. And you recognize it or not, there are many disadvantages that you have to reconcile to build your network marketing effort. There are individuals who leave provided that they discover some dilemma. Several otherwise persist and persist, while the procedure that have followed is not easy, because in that way finally, end up reaching the goals which have been proposed. Thing that doesn’t work in Network Marketing Situado in the Network Marketing industry, are issues which work and others do not.

People get together with the people, never to corporations this one mainly common failures which discuss the networkers, especially in its infancy in this activity. As explain your business solution at a I leaflet first thing observed is to begin to communicate on the basis of the ideal which is your Network Marketing company, generous of his plan of compensation thus face to the successes so notable which is get get using articles. However what convinced we are, most of the people never mind the least your company. Does not justify why people have to invest the price once more, I have to mention you that the crowd still should not be receiving yours proposals to buy any product of your company. If you are occupying them as secret to make your Network Marketing Network develops, then I’m afraid that your technique comes to be wrong. Almost every one of the activity of Network Marketing products possess an overrun. Therefore, you never approaches in the supply of the items. If you need to make effective offering products, in this case change you to affiliate marketing.

Not pass much time with your group affiliate instead of wasting your valuable time with your downline, take an appropriate management scheme. There are various uplines which try to train particular level, to his or her downline, the own skills and values which themselves obtained by their sponsors. That is totally wrong in Network Marketing. Uses the wonders of science and get any series of instructional videos where present everything you mostrarias him face to face, and then transforms these videos into a kind of instruction online course for your staff of Network Marketing. Won’t use a tactic in internet achieve the ideal flow of face to your marketing team, as well as get the leaders for your equipment, get you period, months or even in some cases, years, so log in using these skills. If you’re going to start, you’ll carry at least some months, that you start to achieve real successes with your tactics on the web. You must boot by point number one, I mean in the pursuit of your target audience. The author is a committed Networker to teach your knowledge of MLM (Network Marketing) to all those who wish to improve their performance in this industry. You can access the full article what does not work in the network marketing and of course others themes excellent marketing networks.

Network Marketing

Some time ago I read an article in el Pais newspaper about us women and our influence in the current economy. I started the article saying: together, they have the economic potential of China and India, but they still don’t know it. And, oddly enough, nor the majority of the companies have stopped to think about it. Women live a second revolution that is emerging so fast that it has not given time to the world digest it the article focuses on the theme of consumption but I would like to highlight the fact that in reality the author is absolutely right. Today there are many women who are not aware of the enormous potential that have and are resigned to the fact of going through life where the wind takes them.

Last week I found myself with several known mine, most over age 40, without work and worried about the current economic situation. To tell them that they did not have to resign ourselves to this situation and instead, they should focus on study and acquire knowledge to seek better opportunities in life and work; I answered for that?. They were older, it was very late, they knew nothing of computers, etc. Etc. etc. In my opinion, this is a serious mistake, we don’t have to give us by expired and resign ourselves have the age that we all have a right to live a full, free and satisfactory life and if not we strive to have it then as we are going to get? By very elderly who feel (for my age is only a number since you can be young and feel old or vice versa) never have to let learn, study, enjoy life, do activities that you like, take a walk, travel, dancing. LIVE! Because if we do, then certainly we will be defeated. I encourage all the women young and not so young that they are worried about their future and their financial freedom, to take charge of your life and think that they have to be simple followers can become entrepreneurs of their lives and become leaders who are an example for those around them and a help for other people who need them.

Doesn’t matter if you don’t know the topic, what is important is that you you desire to learn and a desire to succeed in the Networkmarketing there are many professional men and women who are willing to share their knowledge and help us free because that is the true meaning of this business: people helping people and together achieve success. I say goodbye leaving you with a reflection of my heroine and example to follow: Mother Teresa of Calcutta: always keep in mind that the skin wrinkles, hair turns white, the days become years but the important thing does not change, your strength and your conviction do not have age. Your spirit is the Duster of any Cobweb. Behind every finishing line, there is a departure. Behind every achievement, there is another challenge. While you are alive, you feel alive. If you miss what you were doing, do it again. Don’t live yellow photo follows though all expect you to leave. Don’t let rusting iron that is in thee. Get that instead of pity, they have respect. When for years you can not run, it jogs over. When you can not jogging, walking. When you can not walk, it uses the cane but never, never stop!