Climate Change

Conference participants noted that climate change – it's long been just a matter of protecting the environment, this is the creation of new jobs, and this energy issues, technology development, etc. Per inhabitant Earth has about 250 million insects Did you know that if we take into account the total number of all species of insects, then for every inhabitant of our planet for about 250 million specimens of insects? No? And this is true! In currently known to science about 1 million species of insects, and described every year from 3 to 10 thousand new species. Thus, the insects – it's the largest group of living organisms on Earth today. Incredible, but fact: the insects more than other animals and plants combined. It's also worth noting the fact that insects survived five massive natural disasters and were more tenacious than, for example, tyrannosaurs.

Most scientists make discoveries in the little-known and richest tropical insects. Also know that the first of living beings on Earth have come out of the insects that lived on the planet has 400 million years ago. Currently, 80% of all insect species are herbivores, 15% – predators, 5% -, and bloodsuckers Flesheater. Insects not only bite, are pests and spread the dangerous disease, but also play a very important useful role in our world. Tropical storms help to increase the genetic diversity of bats Zoologists from the University of Miami in the results of their new studies have concluded that become quite frequent in recent tropical storms have not only the negative impact on birds and bats – the strongest hurricane may have a positive impact on populations of bats.

Graduate Program Coordinator Quality

I do not know. All I know is that love is to experience the most beautiful space within oneself. “Life is waiting for you nowhere, you is happening. Not in the future as a goal that you achieve, is here and now, at this very moment, in your breathing, your blood circulation in the beating of your heart. Whatever you are is your life and if you start looking for meaning elsewhere, you will lose. One thing might be okay at the moment and could be an error the next time. Do not try to be consistent, otherwise, you’re dead. (…) Attempts to be alive with all its inconsistencies.

year depend on others! I know an independent being. Listen to your inner voice. No matter if you love or criticize you, respect you, honor you and defame you, you crowned or crucify you, because the greatest blessing there is in existence is to be yourself. when it disappears the false, the truth appears in all its newness, its beauty, because beauty is sincerity, honesty is beauty, beauty, authenticity is Disobedience is the true basis of religious man; disobedience to all priests, political and vested interests. The crowd gives you certainty, security at the expense of your spirit. Enslaves you. It gives you guidelines on how to live: what to do, what not to do.

Life is not a technology, not a science. Life is an art, you have to feel it. It’s like walking a tightrope Life is short, energy limited, very limited. And with this we have limited power find the unlimited, in this short life we have to find the eternal. combines superb job, a great challenge! So, please, do not worry about little things. What is important and what is not? According to the definition of all the Buddhas, which can carry the death is not important and what can not be carried is. Remember this definition, be your touchstone. You can instantly assess anything with it. Have you seen the touchstone by which gold is tested? Let this be the touchstone to discern what is important: Are you going to remove the death?, It is not important. a The money is not important, useful, but not important. The power, prestige, respectability, death takes it all, so why make such a fuss over the few days that you’re here? This is a caravan, an overnight stop, for the morning we go. Remember, only you can take to leave the body is important. That means that except meditation, nothing is important, but consciousness, nothing is important, because consciousness is all that death can not take. Everything else you can take it because everything else comes from outside. Only consciousness flows from the inside: you can not be removed. A A PhD in education, Masters in Business Administration: quality and productivity, education Engineer-Manager, Advocate.

Bicycle Headlamp

Since then, like a bicycle was invented, the question arose of the road lighting the night itself, and so far it has not been given a definitive answer. It all started with a banal 'bat'. Hanging kerosene lamp gradually improved form, has gained protection from wind and soon put it in a bicycle lamp. Used it is not all. Most prefer not to mess with such a troublesome device and preferred use the bike only during daylight hours. With the advent of lamps glow all changed dramatically. There were lights to mount on the steering wheel.

Ate these lights from a dynamo, which set in motion the wheel bicycle. The brighter the light was, the harder it had a cyclist. Of course, a dynamo made plug that would in the daytime lights have not worked in vain. With the advent and popularization of batteries, accumulators and chargers, the question of the source was seemingly resolved. Lamps are filled with special gas, which increases the luminosity of lamps, reflectors (reflectors) have acquired a finished look and began to focus the beam of light is there where necessary.

As a result, the market, a large number of storage bicycle headlights. The next step of the development of cycling coverage became a breakthrough in led technology. Since it was established production of bright LEDs on the market in mass quantities out led bike lights. Their advantage over conventional lamps consisted kollosalnom superiority in energy consumption. led headlamp will significantly increase the time of lights from one set of batteries. The reverse side of led flashlights and headlamps – cold light (bluish) and is not a sufficient level of coverage for a comfortable ride. Significant breakthrough was the emergence of super bright LEDs and led matrix. Today it is the most advanced lighting technology. One super bright led has a light output of 150-200 lumens, which provides good light and comfortable driving. Matrix LEDs provide light output to 900 lumens, which is comparable with the light of a halogen lamp. These LEDs are shining white light comparable to daylight and very comfortable for perception. led lights, made on the basis of these light sources are very reliable, economical and unpretentious.