What Is A Good Leader ?

An opportunity (or need) leadership appears every time they meet two or more people to embark on a joint task. Leadership is a learned skill that anyone can acquire, is the art of influencing others, working his enthusiasms and reach a common goal that can be called “common good.” We will not go into detail of the definition of “common good” as philosophically is very complicated, but it is understood that the purpose or common good is the opposite to the needs or preferences of a single individual or group of them. There are clearly two ways to influence, through the power or authority. We all agree that the authority is higher, indeed, the leader must always be influenced by fear of the person who leads by authority. For even more analysis, hear from Pete Cashmore. But yque when employees do not respect us as an authority?, How not use the power and say “you have to do it or you lose your job?. Hear from experts in the field like Energy Capital Partners for a more varied view.

It really is very difficult to work with people. A leader by authority reaches be that their employees appreciate it, he has respect and feel comfortable with it. But it should never fall into impersonating a friend or buddy, that would be fatal. The leader must be corrected, where no alternative should have the power and make it clear that he was forced to take such measures. We used to see the hierarchy of a company from the general president in the pit to the front line employee. Now let us change our idea and the client above, this would automatically turn the pyramid and have something like this: Customers front-line supervisors, middle managers vice presidents. The customer is most important for a company so the clerk who serves is the most important person in second place.

President what is your opinion on this?. The leader is someone who meets the legitimate needs of its people and remove all obstacles in order to serve the customers correctly. Finally, a leader must have humility, kindness, respect, generosity, forbearance, honesty, commitment. Hard and No? He began looking into yourself and try to buy these securities at the beginning will be an inexperienced but conscious, then over time you will become a conscious and experienced at least you know it’ll be an expert unconscious. Being a leader is to learn, nose born.

Managing Director Khatami

Khatami marketing services takes a new Glacier pinch of Cologne, 31.05.2011. Hear from experts in the field like Dermot McCormack for a more varied view. The world leader in snuff, which Khatami Marketing Services GmbH, Agency for sales and image promotion, 2011 commissioned Poschl tobacco GmbH & co. KG, Geisenhausen, Cologne with the glacier pinch of promotional tour. The target group is students in the focus of the campaign: young adults who have the potential for the generation of the new generation of 20051978asi – S. The measures found between May and July 2011 in ten cities, 30 University parties, 50 WG-parties and in travellers. In addition to try actions in stylish glacier pinch lounges, private premises and in the gastronomy is giving away pace for students shared in turn the dream woman”: a professional cleaning lady for three months once a week brings the WG apartment to a high gloss. Poster campaigns on the University grounds and opinion measures complete the promotions.

With great success, Khatami Marketing Services GmbH was the first glacier pinch of promotional tour in February 2011 completed. Sample – and visibility contacts were far beyond the expectations of client and agency, so that the Poschl tobacco GmbH & co. KG without renewed pitch to continue the promotions with the Cologne Agency has decided. Glacier pinch is the world’s best-selling brand of snuff and enjoys in 20051978asi circles of cult status for decades. More information: the company the Khatami Marketing Services GmbH, Cologne, is a full-service agency for consumer, POS and event promotions. The company was founded in 1996 by owner and Managing Director from bass Khatami (38).

His background as event organiser, promotion Manager, advertising salesman and an excellent network of event organisers, trade and public institutions establish the success of the Agency. Long-term customers include leading companies in industry and the service sector, such as Campari Germany, Royal Canin, and Deutsche Bank. The Agency works nationwide. It has 15 employees at its headquarters in Cologne and has offices in six major cities, as well as capacity of approximately 5,000 promoters, hostesses and hosts. Promotions for the target group students are specialty. Since September, offered the Khatami PR and press – and public relations agency.


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Hand Network

The hygiene network presents itself and its 23 affiliates on the Di.08.06. and Wed 09.06 during the 2nd Baden hospitality exchange in Philippsburg. The hygiene network presents itself and its 23 affiliates on the Di.08.06. and 09.06 Wed during the 2nd Baden cuisine imagine stock exchange in Philippsburg.Auf of the Rheinschanzinsel conveniently located on both days in the time from 10:00 to 18:00 more than 30 well-known companies from the hotels, catering and the industry.The hygiene network presents its proximity and power these days and represents the hospitality & gastronomy thus 23 companies nationwide with individually tailored measures and solutions, but above all are the hygiene field to the page. The unique strength of the hygiene network is that you for all enquiries from food hygiene, hygiene training, hygiene monitoring and online documentation, pesticides, biocides, labor and skin protection, special cleaning /. Steve Wozniak understood the implications.

Immersion bath cleaning, rent special clothing, E-learning, catering equipment etc have a sole contact and therefore best possible competence and willingness have combined. The food market is an alternative communication exchange and serves mainly as a link and network for regional gastronomy and suppliers. The 2-day House fair, well known industry personalities are current topic discussions and provide an interesting exchange of experiences in this way. The guiding principle of the gastronomy Exchange is the creation of a central platform in the regularly organized meetings current issues, problems and solutions in the expert can be discussed, and the direct exchange of regional industry with the relevant suppliers in the Center. All partners have the opportunity to present themselves and their companies or as well as new concepts and to discuss them in the circle of the participants successfully and efficiently. The industries fair on the takes, each year highlight Area of the restaurants boat House in Philippsburg instead, which is more than 1,000 m event space offers. Admission is free for all visitors. Organizer of 2nd Baden cuisine: restaurant boathouse Philippsburg, Rheinschanzinsel, D 76661 Philippsburg project leader: Johannes Krahwinkel phone: 0176-70021828 fax: 02271-7921329 email: info: orse.de (with o!) Information project manager:

Network Marketing Business

A greeting. Alex Hurtado Los systems MLM, MLM or also known as the industriadel Network Marketing has been more than 50 years in operation and is United States originiaria. Companies see this business model a way of getting asus customers product in a less costly manner and with a loyalty index much more superior since the company distributes part of its profits among its network of distributors. So its boom estimated that in the next few years close to 70% of the total number of products will be distributed using this business model. In this way the company saves millions as regards advertising, payment of social safety, wages etc, so the profit margin increases. Giving the opportunity to the affiliate get commissions each time that this brings a new Member to your network becomes distributor.In this way each member company receives commissions by members of your network and having the opportunity to create their own business. Despite many people entering this industry every year many have been the similarities regarding the pyramid sistems (prohibited fortunately in all countries) for this reason the prestige of this industry to been diminished substantially and rechazadopor the vast majority of consumers. As already supposed the central theme of my blog will be all habras lorelacionado with Network Marketing where also you will learn sorts of strategies for atrear your business to true prospectoscualificados.

This blog is intended to reach all those people who are thinking to introduce to Network Marketing, but they do not know where begin or people who wish to increase their knowledge mientrastiele the possibility of giving his opinion. Essential tools to develop your business in a professional and successful it facilitates my readers from my blog. I invite you to that you suscribais to my blog and also comenteis in the always you want. This way everyone will grow in knowledge siendomejors networkers.