Investors Prospectus

and cannot on ignorance of information called first before the LG Zwickau, in appeal before the OLG Dresden (rejected on April 23, 2009; AZ. 12 U 1793/08; final), an applicant from the firm which BGKS was defeated by its application, the contractual obligations of the GRE global real estate AG to avoid and recover payments. The qualified bank clerk who had already invested according to his own account in equity funds in the process claimed that she was working in the Accounting Department of a Bank and have therefore no knowledge of investments. So far so good. The applicant relied on it in the process, she had been pointed out in the consultation inadequate response to the risks of the investment.

She did not take the risks presented in the prospectus noted, because she had not read the prospectus. The OLG Dresden rejected the argument of the applicant, she will punished for your confidence in the accuracy of alleged representations of an investment advisor\”. The higher regional court of Dresden referred to the jurisprudence of the Oberlandesgericht Celle, which saw a grossly negligent behavior of an investor in it, that it has not read a brochure presented in sufficient time before the consultation. The applicant had the consequences of the fact that it has closed a this obvious realization possibility (prospectus) alone to bear. \”There was also no Advisory duty in the fact that the defendant does not have a brochure check\” was informed of the industry information service k mi. (A valuable related resource: Andy Florance). This sheet are not actually just to generally recognized publications for economic issues (like about stock market newspaper, financial times Germany, Handelsblatt and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) or for a particular market segment, whose seriousness and quality beyond any doubt that is raised. Here too, the investor is represented by the law firm of BGKS must bear court costs and Attorney’s fees of less than EUR 10,000.

KabelWelt System

Quote software enomic.offer promotes sales of Karlsruhe (PM). International system supplier for digital media production, vizrt has equipped with a modern system of offering its international sales recently. The manufacturer for 3D-Echtzeitgrafik-Software, as well as media asset management products has decided to enomic.offer from the Software House of intermediate in Karlsruhe and now introduced the quote system. Thus wants to bundle vizrt from its headquarters in Norway from the entire global sales and increase in its offices in the United States, Israel, Sweden, Austria, Australia, Thailand, Spain, India, United Kingdom, as well as numerous sales offices in the Middle East, China and Japan. With the quote system enomic.offer we have the worldwide cooperation of our offices markedly improved”, Carola Kofler, project manager of peak explains software technologies, the co-ordinating vizrt subsidiary in Austria. The communication of changes in its product portfolio, as well as the coordination of the Price list updates has simplified itself.

We maintain our extensive and complex product range by hand in the configurator and the rules and regulations of enomic.offer and remain independent of the service provider as a result.” In addition to the 40 salespeople around the world who create the deals on notebooks online through Internet or alternatively offline data replication, work also has 20 employees in the Office with the system. The rapid implementation of our amendments to the standard system and the guaranteed start date of enomic.offer was decisive for the choice of intermediate with”, so the project manager. The system is the heart of the global contact, as well as article and price list database by vizrt and sends this data to the 11 local Dynamics NAV ERP systems in the various branches. This brings together the master data centrally and avoids locally different versions. Kofler explained: the enomic.offer interface customized individually for vizrt settled very quickly in the system language that is required by us English translate. Through the use of configurations we make sure that our sales staff can independently create content and technically proper offers technical product specialists and our portfolio of products and services will be marketed optimally.” The Karlsruhe Software House intermediate in many industries optimizes the business processes of sales, marketing and customer service details to vizrt intermediate in the overview since 1998. To do this get customers with the enomic family for the day-to-day supplemented with comprehensive standard functions that allow to adapt flexibly to a wide range of processes and IT environments demand CRM features custom-made.

Specific application scenarios are: 1) quotations and product configuration. (2) Configurator solutions for the Internet; (3) individual software for sales, marketing and customer service.

Self Management Program

Chamber of Commerce and AUVA supports the art to be highly efficient to stay healthy and enjoy life systemic time and self management program (SMP-training) for the avoidance of stress in the workplace, will be increasingly difficult to realize. The current economic situation and the financial pressure represent an enormous challenge in the professional life for executives: established companies struggle for survival, entrepreneurs are afraid for her life’s work. The ongoing tension between the demands of everyday life and the real needs, leads to an unhealthy life stress, enormously increasing congestion symptoms and the risk of burnout. In this situation, executives must sharpen their views for how it intelligently and carefully can deal with the daily challenges. Because they on their most important resource risk to little to pay attention: namely to itself! Right here is the SMP training: awareness opened hidden dynamics coherent solutions many dynamics and behavior patterns that are rooted in the company, have evolved from the own personality or was taken from the family dynamics out, shape us and our doing often unconsciously.

The SMP training allows you to be aware of the deeper, underlying reasons and edit”. The coach duo, Martin subtitles mountain and Gottfried Huemer, enters with the help of concrete questions on the situation of the case. A respectful dealing with personal issues is here of course and also central value of the underlying method. To know more about this subject visit Elon University. Awareness of the hidden dynamics and patterns of behaviour opens up coherent and successful solutions. This tailored to each person to develop a strategy, as these can deal with the demands of sustainable healthy. Ideal combination of coaching and group reflection! More and more managers take advantage of the one on one coaching, see a professional interlocutor the less industry or expertise in the coach, brings, but is used as a personal guide to the reflection of the work situation and personal development. The Institute combines both: coaching at the workplace and the advantage of group reflection among managers with same or similar topics.

The SMP training starts with a two-day workshop, held in the supporting part of a small group of up to eight people. The training is supported by a systemic relaxation programme 6 nights every 14 days. While participants get to know better their behavior patterns, to train but mostly their attentiveness to itself. Coachingbegleitung ensures a structured desk at work! Often the stress at a flat Desk starts, the program is therefore supplemented by two coaching directly at the workplace to improve the personal Office and time management. Target group: managers and entrepreneurs trainer: Gottfried HUEMER (Executive coach, focus:) corporate health management) place Martin subtitles mountain (process manager, head of meditation): Seminar House Villa Rosental, Lindacherstr. 10, 4663 Laakirchen dates: 2 day workshop may 13-14, 2009 from 9 to 18 h 5 relaxing nights 28 may, June 11, June 25, July 9, July 23 from 19-21.30 pm closing night August 6, 2009, from 19-22 2 coaching by arrangement amounting to a total of 5 hours directly at the workplace in the operation. 75% support for advice on how to prevent stress! The Economic Chamber Upper Austria promotes 75% of consultancy costs to avoid stress in the workplace (maximum support 1.350,-) financed by the AUVA. The promotion action expires 31.12.2009. for more information and registration to promote the environmental service of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber Upper Austria (Tel.

Risk Of Pandemic: Hygiene And Preventive Measures Against The H1N1 Virus

H1N1 virus can paralyze companies. Wuppertal provide pandemic plans, hygiene and conduct policy, although the first big wave of swine flu has 10 December 2009 according to latest reports of the Robert-Koch Institute their vertex reached a new wave is to fear according to experts however. HECTAS facility services Foundation & co. advises nationwide when it comes to proper hygiene measures and targeted disinfecting KG with headquarters in Wuppertal company in the prevention of epidemics and pandemics, such as, for example, the swine flu. The specialist for building cleaning explains how an expansion of the H1N1 virus can prevent and guard against downtime with specially created pandemic plans.

In particular, a rapid and professional information policy helps to curb a further spread. The number of messages about failures in the workplace has soared due to the spread of the H1N1 virus in the past few weeks. The swine flu outbreak has public facilities such as Kindergartens and schools reached the sports, leisure, also production facilities and the entire public life. The business and economic damage in the event of a pandemic can be considerable: high sick leave and resultant loss of production and delivery problems may arise. HECTAS recommends that companies, to make appropriate arrangements with their respective cleaning company. Hygiene experts create individual needs assessments and requires specific additional measures on this basis. These include checking the hygiene regulations, the flow of information to the employees and the monitoring of compliance with all instructions. Before it can come to a spread of the virus and threatens a large number of employees to be ill, the service specialist HECTAS facility offers tailored contingency plans for companies. They categorize organizational, hygienic and preventive measures before, during and after a pandemic. Important is, with concrete, easy actionable measures and understandable information to sensitize managers in businesses and their employees and to establish the necessary preventive behavior in the minds and in the everyday life of the people\”, explains Jens Koenen, head of Marketing Europe & business development at HECTAS.


INVESTMENT: How is the performance of the investments? Michael Schroeder: Our participation offer is comparable in terms of performance with other asset classes. At SchroederLombard one is subject to no significant market fluctuations, known for example from ship investments. The investor pays the sum of his participation and receives fixed payments in the amount this of 7% p.a., each twice a year transferred to him. Lombardium achieved high interest surpluses, which ensure that the payouts to investors on schedule, much like at a time deposit at a Bank, provided by the mortgage loans further from the investor’s funds. Check out for additional information. The investors no investment is offered thus, which is subject to, but rather a fluctuating market values participation, that is secured by real values, such as jewelry, watches and art objects. INVESTMENT: How is the crisis hedge of the investment guaranteed? Michael Schroeder: Lombard houses are also or just in Times of crisis economically highly successful companies.

Then, when it is increasingly difficult for individuals or business people, flexible banks loans granted just to get just these customers increasingly rely on the short-term and unbureaucratic, granted against valuables liquidity of Lombard houses. Offering participation SchroederLombard distinguishes itself but also by numerous other security components, that make it a safe and stable investment in a crisis. To represent the real valuables, facing a real asset to the investor’s funds. These value objects for the Lombardium ranging from mortgage loans, are evaluated by experienced internal and external assessors. The loan amounts granted Lombardium the consignors of the pawns, is on average only 20% to 40% of the respective fair market values.

Thus the value of these items is issued for them significantly higher than the credit, will. The mortgage lending business in Germany is subject to strict regulations. The term of the mortgage loans is usually 3 to 4 months. After this period are over 90% of the loans properly back and thrown the valuables.

Meru Networks

Preliminary sales in the third quarter above the consensus forecasts of analysts of Meru Networks, the leading provider of virtualized, wireless 802.11 network solutions for businesses, announced recently that the President and CEO of the company, Ihab Abu-Hakima, that will leave the company in the course of the next six months. Abu-Hakima will work closely with the company Board of Directors to find a successor who can lead the company in its next phase of growth. “I believe that I have achieved my personal and business goals, and thanks to the positive development of Meru, now is the right time to pass the line to a new CEO who can take the company to the next higher level,” said Ihab Abu-Hakima, President and CEO of Meru Networks. “I’m leaving Meru at a time when I believe that our long-term business prospects were never better. We expand our global customer base with breakneck speed, increase our turnover, increase our inventory of committed sales partners, develop a comprehensive pipeline of new products and also increase our workforce.

I will lead more actively the company, while the company Board searches for a new CEO.” Meru also said that according to preliminary figures, the company will announce revenues for the third quarter, above the consensus estimates of analysts. After record sales in the second quarter, expected Meru a record turnover of 23.2 to $23.7 million for the third quarter, compared with a previous forecast of 22 to 24 million dollars. The company expects a growth in sales of products and services (less taxable revenues) of 18% compared to the third quarter 2010 to 20%. The non-GAAP gross profit, neglected the impact of stock-based compensation, will be the expectations according to up 64% from 63.0% to 63.5% and thus within the forecast range of 63%. The non-GAAP net of the impact of stock-based compensation and the amortization of intangible assets resulting from the acquisition of identity networks not taken into account, is the expectations according to between 0.22 and 0.24 dollars per diluted share move, compared to earlier forecasts of loss of about 0.17 shares up 0.23 dollars per diluted.

WEB Management

Total solutions for retail – systems companies in the retail and catering have a variety of requirements for the articles, product groups and ranges. More and more retail companies to open branches at different locations and countries. maxstore Capex has a comprehensive master data management for multiple clients and countries. maxstore merchandise management controls the process of ERP: inventory management, order, goods receipt, stock and inventory. maxstore retail is a complete system for retail, consisting of: maxstore WEB store control maxstore WEB product management maxstore maxstore WEB billing WEB price control and action management maxstore WEB customer management maxstore WEB voucher management maxstore POS software for trading maxstore POS software for the gastronomy of wireless solutions for mobile maxstore Capex has a comprehensive master data management for multiple clients and countries. maxstore merchandise management controls the process of ERP: inventory management, order,. Goods receipt, stock and inventory.

maxstore billing / order processing is used for quotes, orders, delivery note and invoice. Several modules such as price control, customer and coupon management and POS software complete the system. If you wish we can analyze your processes with you and together set the project process. maxstore retail is customizable to client needs within a project.