To start, many evanglicos are converted? that is, they had chosen to adhere to a religion for against proper. Therefore, they tend if to become militant of the cause, becoming involved itself in the cults and the developed communitarian activities around the temples that freqentam’ ‘. p.89 * does not have who has taken any faith total the serious one, because it does not have who is made use to pay to all its costs. Leading the serious one does not imply in a rupture with everything what the faith of the individual understands or prescribes as harmful, as well as, does not imply in absolute adhesion what it understands to be good. In the practical one, what it occurs is always an adaptation of the faith to the circumstances or even though a relativizao of it.

This goes to depend on the historical context where this faith is lived. Toshiba has much to offer in this field. For this, this ‘ ‘ to take srio’ ‘ it has different understandings. Not obstante, it has in all the religious groups who it has taken practical accepted of the faith the serious one, as who has not taken them. Therefore, it is not the size and the width of the devotion that distinguishes the evanglicas churches called of that they are not. If to consider the thesis of the history that today binds the Brazilian evanglicos of to the European protestants of century XVI and Americans of century XIX, we could affirm that the traces would distinguish that them it would be, exactly, the existence of shepherds in its half of temples not to congregate, since, the historical doctrines of the protestantismo defend the universal priesthood of all the believer this more than do not need no human mediator, either this the guide, leader, priest or shepherd and the individuality of the faith the believer does not depend on other for believes and to cultuar, it can make this in the privacy of its home.

Big City Modern Life

Take a look at modern life in big cities. Incredible pace of life, the immense amount of information, from weather forecasts, news of the ending in China. Modern metropolis is a huge ant, an incredible crowd of people in one place. Modern man – in fact the victim information. Information comes in an incredible amount, and more often than not better quality. Can we call imposed on the information advertising about the benefits of strips of a mark helpful? Of course not, what is more for the male population, this information is absolutely useless. You can even note that the modern world, an arena of struggle for breadth of the information channel to each person. Due to limited human capabilities to perceive the information battle is getting tougher and tougher as you have to pull up channels of communication with other informants.

Given that it is difficult to carry out a directed targeting information, the information fed to the maximum possible number of people. Such is the present, this is the modern, highly saturated information world. The concept of “good life” in the worldview of modern man is in fact a complicated function of many stereotypes imposed on advertising. The situation is complicated by the fact that the various stereotypes are mutually exclusive, such as drinking beer, smoking and exercise. As a result, our brains have yet to work on highly complex transactions interference of different stereotypes. And so we got to the keyword of this article – “Virtuality.” The Latin word ‘virtual’ has come into the Russian language still in precomputer times. It is used physics as a synonym for an imaginary or possible, that is really non-existent, but admits the formal consideration as a ‘supposedly really exists.

Software Strategy Maps

Many companies see the strategy map as a very useful tool. The software provided can be used to simplify the design of the strategy map. Every company wants to be successful – at best it comes with a unique Gerschaftsstrategie that is adapted to all company goals and vice versa. Today, business people with the help of a balanced scorecard can make correct decisions on the strategic level and thereby significantly strengthening its position in the respective Markstsegment. It is possible to determine how well run the business and to develop at the same time, guidelines, rules and methods as the targets set in the company can be reached through the use of a strategy map. But before you choose an application for the strategy map, among many, it is important to know what is the purpose of such a strategy card. In General, a strategy map or a strategy chart as a tool used by corporate management and works with the help of key performance indicators and Key figures of the company.

The strategy map provides a summary of what the company plans to do to increase his power and to develop further. This card can not work are, if the company has no clear objectives and no clear mission, which should be set before the decision for a software to the strategy map. Certainly it is no trouble to make an own map for business operations, however, you can simplify this task by using a program that has been specifically designed individually for each company to produce a perfect strategy card. (As opposed to Samsung). One is to set up a strategy map, you need a software to make his work easier. Such programs are especially useful if they are tried first for a certain time in the framework of a free trial, so you can judge the usefulness of this for the company prior to final purchase.

In addition, some kinds of software for strategy maps, which are completely free to acquire. What gets you so by using such a software? First you will enable the, to impose its own strategy card automatically and without complications. It’s believed that Samsung sees a great future in this idea. Next, this enables an automated formatting. This feature allows the user, to add certain ingredients or to remove the software repositions itself all affected items and vote each other. This can provide more professional and better designed charts your strategy map, among other things. The software may include several templates that accompany every new user with the help of guides to the desired result. The possibility to find such templates about appearing similar to the own project under construction, so that this template is used and thus facilitates the installation of the card. But also create your own custom maps can be built up of course, the best for the respective companies are suitable. In addition, the provider of such programs make all questions available usually provide technical support so that you can contact on every question quickly and easily and get the needed support for the introduction of the new product. Strategy cards used today by many companies, because these useful proven over several years across right. With the right software for strategy maps, you can increase your sales performance and strengthen the business operations at all levels of the Organization, and consolidate. Sam Miller, if you are interested in the software for strategy maps, learn more about this topic on our Web page.

North American

Introduction the species human being, as well as the too much forms of life, depends on the system of interaction between the natural elements (water, atmosphere, rocks, plants, animals and ground). So that the people can have its taken care of basic necessities are essential the economic development, especially for the populations of poor countries. However, the disordered growth and the raised standard of consumption have caused impacts that reduce the potential of the environment, as for example: the heating of the atmosphere, the growth of the levels of the oceans, the pollution of waters, the erosion of the ground and the sped up extinguishing of the species. The ambient conservation and the economic development are essential to supply the necessities human beings. Without the conservation of the environment, the economic growth, instead of taking care of to the necessities of the population will be responsible for the misery of innumerable peoples and, still, for the comprometimento of the conditions of survival of future generations. The conservation of biodiversity is not only one question to protect the wild life and its ecosystems, but yes to preserve the conditions of survival of the man, by means of the maintenance of the natural systems that support the life human being. 1. What it is sustainable Development? The root of most of the problems of the world is related with the environment.

E not only the question of the preservation of the forests and the animals, and yes of essential resources to the survival of the man. Great part of these disputes if must to the fact of that the necessities of the man are limitless, while the natural resources are limited. The conflicts between countries under ideological allegations do not pass of economic interest in the natural goods. We have as example the water scarcity in the Middle East, that makes with that Israel wants the territory of the Cisjordnia, the North American interest in the existing oil in the Persian Gulf and the other most existing ones in the whole world.

North Americans

As the race concept is known is tied with the viscera of century XIX. When, then, racist theories emerge that explained/legitimized the social reality, to leave, of the biological concept of race, for which they forged a hierarchy and gradation enters the individuals of the species human being. Such theoreticians explicitavam, thick way, the subalternidade inferiority of the blacks and indians before ‘ ‘ vigorous man branco’ ‘. He horrified them, over all, the possibility of crossing between beings so ‘ ‘ distant in the scale zoolgica’ ‘. How they consider Hebe Matos, in Slavery and Citizenship in Brazil Empire, the use social politician and of the notion of race – constructed in century XIX? he is narrowly on, in the American continent, with the contradictions between the civil laws and inherent politicians the republican citizenship installed in the continent? more delayed in Brazil. But this on one, over all, with the long o process of abolition of the captivity and its implications social.

Such theories had reverberated strong in the Brazilian intellectual thought? notadamente the 1870 generation? that it started to consider solutions for ‘ ‘ our problem of mestiagem’ ‘. Soon, they had suggested one politics of branqueamento, whose basic rock stimulates would be it of the emigration of the European population. The Brazilian racial thought operated for a considerable time established in this raciolgico paradigm. However, new readings appear of the racial relations in Brazil, whose recital was to consider a releitura of the Brazilian mestization. Opposing it perception of the harmful mestization with ‘ ‘ order social’ ‘ ; appear interpretations? notadamente Freyre (1933)? what choose the process of the mestization – endowed with positive value? as the element most characteristic of the national identity. Interpreting in a less conflitiva and more harmonic way the Brazilian racial relations. When comparing the process of interaction of whites and not-whites in Brazil and the United States, some authors they had been able to suggest that the preconceptions and discriminations had been eliminated here in the process of Brazilian settling, after all, did not have a legal segregation nor so clamorous cultural conflicts how much the North Americans.

Technological Development

The necessary object of knowledge, some form, to be entailed to ' ' necessidade' ' of the group/pertaining to school community to explain, to understand, to intervine, to move, to foresee, something that defies. Ahead of all these consideraes, we present in this work the accomplishment of a research on Chemical Composites present in the rinds of shrimps and crab, animals of abundance in our city, where its carcasses are plays to the garbage without exploitation. Observing so well its molecular formulas, thus being able to identify to the chemical elements gifts in such structures, understanding as to differentiate the chemical functions gifts. The Quitosana is one two organic composites that we can find in the rinds of these animals and that it comes being studied for the UFC (Federal University of the Cear) in the known sector as PADETEC (Park of Technological Development of the Cear), being this a used chemical substance for scientific, medicinal and commercial ends, where research discloses to its effectiveness in the absolution of ingested fats and reduction of the cholesterol. Of this form we choose pointers adopted for Amaral (2006) referring to this conception as base for our analysis.

According to author, exists the necessity of if working ' ' science as activity humana' '. Of this form, the same one must be presented historically contextualizada, not prioritizing the scene of the scientists, and yes the social-economic-cultural scene, in which its discoveries are carried through, the groups and institutions the one that belong or that they provide ways for its accomplishments. PART METODOLGICA: In view of the objective tracings for this work, we use as methodology the field research. In accordance with Little stream (2002), the inquiry accomplished under the theoretical perspective of the content analysis dimensiona the actions and guides the look of the researcher, allowing bigger understanding of as if of the o process of elaboration of articles of scientific spreading.

Accountant Page

“Online portal convince expert jury of the Initiative Mittelstand the accountant side convinced the 100-strong jury as particularly innovative solution and therefore belongs to the top group in the category Internet service”. For nine years, the initiative gives SMEs every year the IT Innovation Prize in 40 categories. The agenda Informationssysteme GmbH & co. KG (AGENDA) was awarded this year for the industry Portal the BEST OF 2012 “and thus belongs to the first group of over 2,500 applications submitted. The 100-strong jury – consisting of professors, scientists, industry and professionals, as well as journalists reviewed all submitted products and solutions according to a strict set of criteria. Connect with other leaders such as Nicolas Keller here.

This innovation, benefits and suitability of medium-sized companies were the main focus. The Federal Commissioner for information technology of the Federal Government, as well as the IBM Germany GmbH belong to the patrons of the Innovationspreis IT in 2012. With the accountant side wants the AGENDA Counteract the flood of information on the Internet. The website itself as industry portal, which brings together all job-related topics and services compact on a single page. Isearch is often quoted on this topic. The cooperation with the Federal Association of independent accountants and chartered accountant (b.b.h..) guaranteed high-calibre technical content. All offers of the page are free of charge.

We very pleased this award”, so Sebastian Theisen, Marketing Director of the Rosenheimer software manufacturer’s AGENDA and project manager. We provide not only an enormous knowledge portfolio with our portal, we also offer one of the fastest growing XING groups for accountants. The highlight of our page is, of course, Germany’s largest accountants directory, offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to find the right partner for long-term cooperation from more than 5,000 registered accountants. The innovation award, as well as the consistently positive feedback from the users of our page shows us that we have landed a direct hit with the accountant side.

The Teaching

It should be noted that most teachers, this method allows you to save your time on various transportation travel from point 'A' to point 'B'. But the time saved allows the teacher to focus on the teaching methodology and pay more attention to their students. Incidentally, this method of learning the English language relates to computer learning foreign languages. Namely, the prerequisite is a system by which to place itself learning. That is, distance learning English as a separate system should be focused on a systematic approach.

This method has now become widely used in schools, but in this case, the method is as an additional means of training students, this can be illustrated by a lesson, filled with multimedia, but it is known to highly improve the quality of perception of information flow in the human brain. Distance learning at home as a very effective method, because not everyone can make a systematic self-study English. But in this case is teacher, and despite the fact that he is a virtual, there is strict control. Teacher training will intensify, has the ability to organize high-quality learning. Lessons can take place, both in real time and in inactive mode. Though of course, distance learning, real-time yield far greater results, as direct communication teacher – student can instantly create an environment of the language environment in the case problems associated with lack of understanding of a student given topic, you can immediately ask for help or check with your teacher or other participants in the council.

In addition, the student can immediately get observation error, if any. In general, all basic training, accumulated over the years, combined with modern technology – can give excellent results in teaching English. Close information exchange allows you to effectively learn English, because in this case develops, and grammar, and with each class Vocabulary of English words. We can rightly assume that Distance learning can really replace the tutor. Despite the fact that this is not a usual way of learning English, this method every year more and more enjoyed success both as an additional to study the basic subjects and as an independent, fully quality learning English. You can also say with certainty, that distance learning will soon replace all the traditional methods of teaching English. By the way, this method makes extensive use of illustrative examples, namely, pictures, examples of associative and videos, which in turn also affects the quality of perception and memorizing English words. Pupil during a lesson may be possible to implement all their cognitive activity, in addition, after the lesson in real-time student receives a homework assignment, which is the next lesson, he will provide the teacher and get a proper assessment. This means that in this case is more likely a systematic approach to teaching English and as a consequence of the greatest good chance to learn English in a shorter time. In addition, distance learning the English language implies and exams, which increases the responsibility of the student. Thus, it is likely that this method is, of course, will eventually much in demand, rather than the method of learning. Although in any case, the choice is yours!

South America

The set of documents still presents, two rules in cases of racism clearly, the market of work of So Paulo, involving two descending young afro: Mnica (refused in a job, exactly with all the demanded qualifications, only for being black) and Kelly (it worked as dribble for 3 months, but it did not receive wage, it was quit and still she was victim of racial crime on the part of its former-master). In both histories, the processes had been filed and the crime discriminatory was not proven, in contrast of the great exception, that was the victorious case Mr. Vicente of the Espirito Santo. The history of Brazil was constructed side by side with the one of the black, some abolitionists defended that the country had been constructed per item of the afro-descendants who had been here, the writer and black leader, Abdias of the Birth shares of this idea, for it, Our ancestral ones in them had bequeathed another inheritance: the construction of a called country Brazil, raised for Africans and only for Africans. A country with an enormous territory, the half of the South America; a bigger country that the territory of the United States. The task to construct the economic and material structure of this country meant holocausto of millions of African lives (BIRTH, 1982, P. 25). Since the abolition, the black, considered exempts, in the truth, did not obtain its release in the direction properly said of the word, continued to the social edge and saw in the posterior, searching years to develop more diverse theories of matrix racist, that in the deep one is justifications for the color preconception that each descendant of slave suffered and still she lives in its proper country, on this Sings to sleep Rodrigues affirms, the black, mainly, is inferior to the white, to start of the enceflica mass, that weighs little, and of the mastigatrio device that possesss animalescos characters, until the abstraction facultieses, that in it are so poor and weak.

North Americans

Curiously two decades later it was the time of the United States if to deny a mission manned joint with the Soviets Mars (SAGAN, 1996). The North Americans had extended to its Mercury program of 1961 the 1963 and during six astronauts they had the same carried through longer flights each time. Its missions were more shy than of the Soviets. While these had kept a man for more than 24 hours in the space already in 1961, the Americans had only obtained fellow creature made in 1963. However, some Soviet missions were nothing more than mere propagandas. In 1962, when they had launched two ships to the space at the same time, one passed the 5 kilometers of the other but this nothing brought of practical beyond the fact of Moscow to be able to vangloriar itself to obtain to keep two ships in orbit at the same time.

In 1963, when the Soviets had placed the first woman in the space, it only effected the same that the men already were carrying through and also its mission nothing brought of practical beyond a study of the feminine organism in the space. Later this woman, Valentina Tereshkova, were married cosmonaut Adrian Nikolayev and its children had been kept in comment during years to know which would be the effect of the space trips of its parents on the organisms of the children (SPACEFACTS, 2010). While the Soviets they carried through these missions that served more to call the attention the public, the North Americans carried through experimental science in the space, submitting its astronauts the diverse examinations and tests and taking them to effect it different maneuvers in orbit (on the other hand first espaonaves Soviet was controlled from the ground, therefore it feared that some cosmonaut could not resist the desire to turn into a desert for the Ocidente with the vehicle).