The wizard prompts: "What would I myself will not" steam "let the money I will buy from their partners, well, shorter than all right to be!" Nicholas perspective is not "steam" is quite comfortable with people busy. So decided to do. It took ten days and, oh joy, you can pick up the car! Audi wound up "as the clock, drove, the engine runs fine. Well, what else you want? But no! A month has passed One cold winter morning Nick started the car, warm up the engine, and he stood next to smoke. Familiar pohrustyvanie under the hood, forced to throw the cigarette and open the hood. History repeats itself.

Recently renovated, the engine began to knock again. Again the service. At this time in the "real", not "garage". Autopsy showed that all the parts put in the garage, were made in China, and the cheapest. As already known, cheap and "analogues" of the Middle Kingdom, the quality is different. On the claim of Nicholas master garage service first said that "a hundred times so do, and then -" what would you like for this money? ". Nicholas decided to buy a motor assembly. Where to buy? On the advice of advertising ordered ice in Lithuania.

Promised to bring in two weeks, and brought it. They took the engine from the same Audi, but for the automatic transmission, while Nicholas – Mech. It turned out to put this engine on the machine you need to change some details, well, that they were on sale and did not have long to wait. The result: billions spent nerve cells, enormous overpayment, not to mention the lost time. ps As you can see from my three friends, all were lucky, only the second because it was based on the experiences of others. I am also lucky. I already, even I can not get through to people who took my money. I will learn from mistakes. Pete Cashmore has plenty of information regarding this issue. Money to buy another engine I've accumulated and have already decided on the choice of the seller. And I wish you good luck in buying the engine, gearbox or some other parts for your car! Used data from sites:,,,.