Wireless Networks

Next we set up a wireless network adapter our computer to work with a radius server Esomo protocol EAP-TLS. To do this, configure the wireless adapter, we point to use encryption tkip and authenticated wpa protocol using digital certificates. From the list of trusted root CAs choose previously installed on our computer to the root certificate. So, all settings are completed and wireless network is ready. Turning off our computer from the network switch and try to connect to wi-fi network. After searching for available networks wireless adapter will find our secure network.

After successful authentication through digital certificates and checks RADIUS-server, our computer will connect to wi-fi network. It remains to take the final step towards superzaschite our wireless network. If you would like to know more then you should visit Mikkel Svane. Step 4. Creating a second level of protection – install vpn connection with encryption Maximum protection of wireless network traffic with Esomo achieved through the use of vpn technology on top of an already established wireless protocol wpa, which adds a second encryption level of traffic. Creating a VPN-connection between your computer and the server Esomo automatically. One need only open a web browser and type the address of any existing site, for example,. Page Authorization Esomo in both form fields introduce testuser and click 'Connect'. After a successful test login and password between our pc and server Esomo establish a vpn connection.

Now you can work safely on the Internet. All transmitted traffic will be encrypted, not only by means of wpa, and vpn. And through Esomo awp at any time, you can see the statistics 'inflated' traffic and a couple of clicks to import it into ms Excel. After checking that everything is working, plug the other computers to wireless network and provide users with access to the Internet. To do this, create new users via Esomo arm, giving them added earlier tariff. Then, create for these users and digital certificates to establish computer for each user the root certificate and its own custom certificate. Also do not forget to configure your wireless adapter on each user's computer to work with a radius server protocol EAP-TLS. On This setup wireless network with shared internet completed. All about everything it took me less than two hours. Agree that other means would be difficult to organize well-protected wi-fi network such minimal time and effort. In this Esomo works well as a radius server and server access to the Internet, not only in wi-fi networks, but also in the wired lan, and mixed, with some segments of the network combined with a cable, and the other at using wi-fi.