Tension Ceilings

Overview Working with tension ceilings consists of several stages: 1. Removal of measurement 2. Installation of the mounting profile; 3. Installation of racks for point lights, 4. Installation of blade 5. Installation of lighting features to work with tension ceilings: * After receiving your strainer cloth, remove it from the carton without removing the packing material, place in a warm room. Never put anything on top folded cloth! * All suspended ceilings, wider than 135sm, have a welded seam, which is performed at the factory for high-frequency welding devices.

Welds are performed at intervals of 130, 150 or 200cm, depending on the type of film. Sutures technologically necessary because the seamless production in the world does not yet exist, and our computer program will allow both locate welds in relation to the coverage that they will be virtually invisible. * In addition, the varnish films are sometimes noticeable wrinkles that are not defective. Creases in the film appear as a consequence of transportation or long storage blade, ready to be installed. Should not be stored lacquer cloth over 5-7 days in order to avoid creases. Unfortunately, no laboratory, which examined a similar phenomenon can not answer the question of how to deal with people. What can be said with certainty is that wrinkles fade with time, within 4-6 months after installation of the canvas. * In the process of making your ceiling is reduced by 3-6%, which allows you to pull the cloth, gently heating it, and that avoids sagging fabric. In the case of large ceiling area of over 60m2, we recommend placing dividing the profile in order to avoid sagging of the canvas.