Technical University

Biorobots prototypes for a new generation of robots are not people, and insects. They are small and strong, they move confidently, even upside down on the ceiling. While some electronics trying to copy the insects, other transform themselves into robots insects. He pressed a button and the 'bug' revived tangle of sticks and wires alive, begins to stir. And this is a mechanical device, and nothing more. But now go and do you! As soon push the button and motors start to buzz, switches – click, the joints are stretched, the six strong legs rest on the ground. As a result, the rectangular body, stuffed with electronics and flashing LEDs, centimeter by centimeter rises. It woke up! A pile of metal into a detalek being almost meters tall, surprisingly similar to the habits of the insect.

From a distance it is possible to take the huge ant. However, the prototype this miracle of technology (very expensive, by the way – it is 50 000 DM) served as yet not an insect, and so-called stick insects – Carausius morosus. He is much bigger than an ant, and therefore to study and imitate it easier. Neuroscientists from Bielefeld University (Germany) have carefully analyzed organs, muscles and nervous system of stick insects, and scientists from the Technical University of Munich on these data have created an artificial insect. However, here they are not original. In modern technology, everything is clearly defined trend, when the prototypes for the new generation of robots are not people, and insects.