Warm Tumbes

Department of Tumbes bordering Ecuador and has an altitude of barely reaching 40 meters above sea level There is always sunshine in this area of Peru what is recommended to take only summer clothes. The two ways of arriving at Tumbes are by air and by land. Overland trip is long enough from the capital (1,250 km) by which if you have option of travelling by plane would be better. Tumbes is a city of beautiful landscapes and beaches, here can be observed to a large number of surfers and people fond of water sports. Some of these beautiful beaches are located in Zorritos, a small city that you visit but not before booking one of the Zorritos hotels.

Zorritos is capital of the province Contralmirante Villar. Tumbes is divided into only three provinces, the other two are Tumbes and Zarumilla. Zorritos is famous for its beaches and its Zorritos hotels, comfortable lodgings. For assistance, try visiting Mikkel Svane. Zorritos can be found five of the eleven ecoregions that exist in Peru; for example, ecosystems as estuaries and mangroves, the Equatorial dry forest and the tropical forest of the Pacific. This small town It presents various and beautiful landscapes that you photograph. Zorritos is also recognized by its delicious and fresh seafood.

Some Zorritos hotels also have their own restaurant service. The mangroves of Tumbes are well-known worldwide. This forest composed of five species of mangrove, and has a population of 2972 has. This area is considered a nature reserve and as such must be protected. If you like adventure you can explore the mangroves of Tumbes and appreciating its flora and fauna. If you want to know a new place these holidays choose Tumbes and the town of Zorritos as a travel destination. Zorritos hotels have a special charm. The Peruvian coast has much to offer in reference to summer attractions. ICA is another tourist destination that is worth visiting, reserve hotel Ica.