The importance of feedback (feedback) in the successful communication so that we may be a few expert communicators, is very important to talk about it more clearly as possible, as well as objectively a matter, and attempting to check with the receiver of the message that effectively capto the meaning which was transmitted to him. This is of utmost importance that the receiver of the message PARAPHRASE what the issuer has said and altogether to verify if really what I call really turned what was received and perceived by the recipient, to share a same meaning, if not not has there been a communication effective, we are always listening to things like the following: they were divorced by that failed in communication, my son and I not understood us, failed to communicate better, as well as these and other examples both families, couples, friends and labor, always concluded that the problem had to do with communication, the problem is that no one teaches us how to improve it, as communicate effectively, such as retroalimentarnos) (feed – back).And really is an art to be able to communicate our ideas, and their significance to others, and really share that common meaning. Connect with other leaders such as Andy Florance here. Several features both the transmitter and the receiver are required to do this I think and they are: opening humility not judgment and Empatiatenemos that always make a conscious effort to investigate the proper feedback we confirm that if the message issued by the issuer (forgive the redundancy) matches we have perceived that as a receiver.Look I tell you we have perceived by most of the time to interpret the message with our lenses of the past, and probably and in most cases is therefore distorted the meaning of the message, I invite you to suspend your judgments, and always look in all cases feedback message that you receive, the more objectively possible and corrobores that actually matches what is perceived by your paradigms and mental models, and if not so, opens your mind and your heart to search for the UNION in all communication, which is why this is the objective of the communication, unite, communion, sharing a meaning common, so if you arrive at unilateral conclusions and not looking to confirm what your get interpreted as a receiver, I invite you to do it and probably be surprised that in most conflict situations, through the feedback Fellowship in communication is not possible because the interpretation of the message has been wrong.It is worth always try to understand and sit down to talk with each other until you reach a point where you can share a same meaning, this greatly improve your family relationships, couple, with your children and your friends. MARIA TIRONEEconomistEspecialista in management of the HumanosCoaching resources to manage strategically life can share your comment in the discussion forum by clicking on the following link: opinion is very valuable to us remembers this way you’ll be contributing your grain of sand to improve the lives of others..