Latin America

After the Cuban revolution of 1959 in almost all Latin America guerrilla centers would occur. Today almost all those insurgencies have been defeated or they have assimilated to democracy. In some governments (like those of Bolivia, Nicaragua or Uruguay) it has conoticed figures that before were persecuted like terrorist. Perhaps check out Robert Bakish for more information. In Colombia some ex- rebels have legalized and impel Pole that holds the mayorship of Bogota. Nevertheless, this it is the unique country of the hemisphere where a strong guerrilla persists. Uribe would have wanted to follow the way Peruvian to squash the insurgents, but the CRAF (unlike the senderismo) has not attacked the left and to the unions, they have more social bases and they exist from before the birth of the castrismo. No matter how hard the USA destines great aid to Bogota and that the Colombian army offers several defeats to the CRAF and the ELN, Uribe knows that the unique way to disarm to these is with the negotiation, which implies not only to give them to stick but also carrot.

Software CRM

Google is a company, or a conglomerate of companies whose to drive it tends towards a constant improvement of the benefits the users, based in a more and more efficient handling of the information. And when tenth information, we must recognize that Google has used one’s wits them to register, to read, to understand and to classify thousands of million sites in different languages and with very different intention and meaning. And this efficiency becomes patent in the way in which the finder until now the product stars of the company analyzes the queries you consult of the users, and gives back the pertinent information. One of the keys of Google is to have included/understood exactly that was necessary to take off itself of a textual reading of the pages, to incline towards a way to reach the total meaning than each site it contains. And this has been obtained thanks to the semantic capacity of reading that grants to the queries in Google an extremely exact answer with respect to which the user looks for.

First of all, Google is able to identify, and every time more accurately, terms synonymous. Consequently, if the finder considers that a page is excellent will place, it in the SERPs, even though it does not agree very textually and so the user has written. Google automatically marks in bold texts entered when producing the results. Therefore, if the user enters ” ingredients of paella” , the words ” ingredientes” and ” paella” they will be observed. The devoid words of meaning, as the subordinantes articles and nexuses (in this case ” de” and ” la”) directly they are omitted.

We can verify, also, in this search in particular, as also they include ” recetas” of paellas, synonymous term of the search. An aspect important subtraction to mention of the searches realised in Google. Google registers the file of each user by means of the cookies small resident text files in the computer, and this influences directly in the result that is each user. For example, we suppose that certain user has looked for ” recently; Software CRM” , and within his searches it has entered frequently in, company supplier of this type of solutions. Then, in future related searches of software or, the site will leave positioned in the first places of the SERP, because he is one of the preferred sites of that user. For this simple reason, usually it happens to webmasters inexperienced a particular situation to him: when looking for his keywords to verify their positioning, usually appears in their own machines in the first places, whereas in fact, for the rest of the users, they perhaps appear in the real position much more back in the SERP. Consequently, always he is more advisable and trustworthy to verify the position that our own sites in the Tools for Webmasters de Google occupy, where the relative positions for each considered term ” word clave” they unfold in its real position.