Air Conditioning Installation

In a typical installation of split system air conditioner doing a following operations: internal and external mounting blocks, drill holes in the wall assembly freon lines, installation of drainage system, installation of electrical connections, venting of freon lines, test run the equipment. Consider these steps in detail. Mounting blocks =================== =============== To install an external power installers drilled holes for the brackets. Fastening by means of the mounting plate is strictly on a level. Mounting the unit is strong enough on the wall at a location convenient for later service. To mount it using special brackets and fasteners and anchors. Moreover, they must withstand the weight of several times the weight of the block.

It is not recommended to put it on the glassed-in balcony – The unit will not have enough air to work, and he soon broke. When installing the air conditioner in an apartment on the first floor can be hung above the outdoor unit 1.8-2 meters above the ground and hide it in a special cage. Independently of height at which screwed external power, it needs to be done over a metal canopy. This will prevent the unit from the snow and icicles. There are several basic requirements for installing the outdoor unit 1.

The wall surface must be sturdy, to bear the weight of the block, and smooth – otherwise the unit will vibrate and deform. 2. It is impossible to bend a small section of pipe with Freon in a few times and unscrew their connection (this will lead to refrigerant leaks.) If the tube spun in a ring radius of less than 100 mm, the compressor will be harder to pump Freon. 3. Precluded the use of homemade brackets and corresponding actual load securing anchors, neglect alignment and installation of Vibration isolator for high power blocks. Failure to comply may lead to increased noise at work and even fall outside the block.