The Personality

That way the person not successful you can play the the first mental patterns and thus achieve success both as one. That proposal is very far from being certain. Most of the time the behavior patterns that serve to someone are totally useless for others. Peter Asaro has many thoughts on the issue. No one should forget the personality and style of each person. No one can say for example a shy person who imitating an extrovert will cease to be so. This is absurd, the phenomenon goes in another direction.

Almost anyone can achieve success imitating others that Yes you have reached it. Really not worth copying or importing the mental patterns nor of any kind. Everyone must be willing to learn from others Yes. But you must always seek and find their own path. You can not succeed with the mental resources of anyone. They simply do not fit into our mind to be alien to us. The only thing they achieve is creating us conflict and problems.

Propose us things that simply do not go with us. We will save a lot of effort and time seeking own solutions. And that certainly does not deny that let’s take and look at how others have achieved. You learn a lot of other people. That nobody can deny it. But there is a long difference between learning from others and imitate each other. On the other hand, is very simple: the human mind cannot be programmed like a computer because it is not simply. Our mind is a lot more powerful, much more flexible and infinitely more creative and changing to a computer. Do not fit comparisons beyond the rhetoric. Let’s not set anything in us. The schedules are always rigid and ineffective to manage the complex reality that lidia a human being. Improve yourself, learn each day as you can. And you never accept to be compared to a machine. They are wonderful ingenuity of something much more wonderful: human intelligence.