To Each His Own Theme .

To each his own subject. By Serafin Alarcon When you read the discussion board at least sometimes see is that, a sensible discussion. A good topic, and whether they speak to the atheists, but even that … Well, what is the subject of discussion in Facebook? How to sell a product or a super-natural drink, like selling a cell phone, Internet service, accounting service, a real estate broker, online games … And I say, every fool with his subject, although the discussion board is not for those purposes, are respected.

My madness is a cell phone or a super product, much less a sale, my madness has a name, a person is the best thing that can happen if we do not harden your heart … Christ is my madness. And if I want to criticize, well, do so. I enclose the comment routine: let a fanatic … I know Nothing, just kidding … It's good that "post" things and issues that are of relative importance and redundancy much less eternal …

As long as you are an inspiration and an excuse to write today something more than Christ. But then I take the time and abuse, yes, I confess … Tell me the truth? Tell me when was the last time? Tell me the truth … When was the last time you talked to him? Tell me when was the last time you quoted him alone? No, you may not listen, you do not attend and do not respond … Tell me the truth? When you've searched in earnest? Tell me if you have not fled far from their presence? When was the last to bend your knees? It has both your side and not the view. So I say: To each his own subject.