Investment Funds

Investment funds are tools of the bag, made for those people with one lower budget, that have never invested in the stock market or who don’t want to risk much money, but if you win it. In Mexico and in especially in Monterrey have companies that function as intermediate societies which advise you where, when and how to invest. Samsung has much to offer in this field. For all people who want to enter the bag business, investment in an intermediary society funds. There are various investment funds, you can be shares, fixed or variable income or hunting. Choose one you should take into account their objective, the risk of loss and gain. Andy Florance often addresses the matter in his writings. Taking into account the above, enter the group by investing the same amount as the other participants; However once the money is in the Fund is considered as one only and so the gain is increased. That money is no longer an excuse for not being able to go on holiday, to enjoy your weekends, to do what you like most, having money is now easier.

Trust in the experts, in the intermediary companies and let your money make more money just to invest it. To make this a reality only you have to enter the investment funds. Do not stay with the doubt, she researches the subject, question about societies that manage investment funds and dale to bag an opportunity to recover the economy so much has been lost.


The interview possesss seven questions, where the interviewed one has the possibility to discourse on the considered subject, without answers or conditions predetermined for the researcher. Also comments had been made, in the institution. 3.4.

Procedures So that it finally made possible the use of the instruments of collection of data and analyze of the data, the procedures had been carried through of the following form: In day 28 and 30 of May of 2008 the objective of the study and carried through the interviews with the professors in classroom of the state schools by means of the authorization Was explained. The context of the inquiry was observed. Similar of that the questionings were answered, and also for the comment of the institution as form to enclose the understanding the collected data, focando the pertaining to school environment, practical pedagogical and the social interaction. The duration of the interviews was of approximately 45 minutes, during the same ones transcrevido the data for posterior analyzes. The return the schools if gave in days 3 and 6 of June of 2008 in order to observe the environment, the installations of the institutions, the laboratories of computer science, canteens, classrooms, among others, in which the pupils special learn the social relations with the too much colleagues. Such comment includes the presence of the researcher during the accomplishment of activities, in such a way pedagogical how much activities integrators, with the too much regular pupils.