That are more cost-effective and easy-to-market, digital products or physical products? Without a doubt, for an entrepreneur, the first digital products. This is because, in my humble opinion, create, sell and distribute a digital product is, without a doubt, much easier to perform. Digital products do not require to be stored, the delivery is much faster and easier. And the profit margin is, in great measure widely higher. Physical products require: * employees * website with professional design and graphics * sophisticated shopping cart * storage etc, etc in short, all this increases costs significantly and they dilated time of your development plan. To tell the truth I prefer things simple and economical.

The model of selling digital products is a much easier Online model to be able to work with the. Regarding the development of your digital products, as for example an e-book, it’s easier. So you can create yourself or do to prepare it for you for a fee very low. All you need to sell an e-book is a page on your Web site, some skill to write, a processor of payments such as, or and automate certain tasks such as an autoresponder and getting product to the customer. And to make it even easier you have affiliate programs. Sell, rather than tour, products or services of third parties. It does not require a service to the client or for delivery of the products. Them, traders, are responsible for this.

All need you is their own domain, a few good templates, an autoresponder and a quality product that tour. The ideal system, in my opinion, is the sale of products and/or digital services. Both own and from third parties. Everything else tends to be, in the majority of cases, more complicated and less profitable. FERNANDO AMARO original author and source of the article