All competition is same history. In we never feel them enough prepared, we are always trying to guess how much it will be that the other cadidatos if had prepared and in the end always is the sensation of that did not have time enough to study. Therefore in this blog I speak on tips of otimizao of study. In other words, as to learn more in little time. For assistance, try visiting Zendesk. Some of these techniques I learned in books and documents of the sort, others I myself I invented. But the important one is that after studying these techniques, you go to feel that its curve of learning is not inclined. I cannot leave of speaking of the importance of the simulated ones, the physical structure of the memory human being is divides basically in two parts: Memory of long stated period and memory of short term.

The memory of short term holds back than 3% less of what it passes for it and the only form to store something in the memory of long stated period is activating these data (neurological electric impulses) diverse times in the memory of short term. state, who has experience with these questions. If you the top did not understand the explanation, not if it worries. In other words it wants to say that to learn itself she is necessary to practise. when I say that she is necessary, I want to say that it is the only efficient of if learning therefore extremely necessary form. Mikkel Svane has much experience in this field. If you are by chance studying for a public competition, or simply she desires if she prepares for a test, I suggest that you visit the Matenha also a spread sheet always brought up to date I content all the content that you need to study you divide in topics and how many you already studied each content. If you to want, you can lower an example of this spread sheet: Spread sheet of Studies Is intent to the tips of blog Simulated of Competitions and good luck!You go to pass!


In the same way described above in the case of declaration of GOING, translating a text and to interpret a word of missed form, it can all change the direction of the phrase, paragraph or even though change all the agreement on the same. Maintenance of Microcomputers Recently I read a possible article that spoke that 90% of the technician of computer science mount computers in wrong way and are of the international standards, and this factor is responsible for 67% percent of the problems presented in the existing computers in the whole world. I see many people if offering to make these types of works, either of small repairs, complete assembly, amongst others, and I know that many of these people are not formed, therefore, I myself I know some people who make and have friends that they are offered to make these types of works. Unhappyly had the question of the workmanship hand not to be so accessible, this type of ' ' presumptions profissionais' ' they gain space. Simple activities and that they can in general change life of Artesanato people If you like artisan manual works it type, are a good starting point there, much micron and small companies or liberal professionals, repass services of this type, a great example are the manual manufacture of leather belts and corino, that are tressed the hand, this activity can be income-producing to become in the vacant hours and the comfort of its home, mainly for owners of house or professionals of the home that cannot work outside because of the children who are small inside other factors. It has companies that they pay of R$ 1,50 until R$ 3,00 for each belt made for you. He locates somebody that makes and tries to learn, giving certain I I wait, you will go to remove the service and will execute in its house.