Before lowering the Sun an old pickup truck crossed the gate that separated the field box, nervous and happy dogs crossed to recognize the driver, as a few whistles from the home were trying to keep away them from the newly-arrived…It is the patroncito said a voice…-does not come only comes with company!, come on, let’s help che!Just put feet on the ranch, the young opened the door for a nervous girl passed him a heavy suitcase carrying, and with vos soft but very full of authority invite her down and enter the House.When they finally did, hand over a petite picture of the young woman who barely would have 16 years and the directed that seemed outside figure step Raul main house; a man of sweet aspect that collide with the gaze of solto boy a small smile that invited approaching how have you been son? do now understand that is took so long to come back to his house..? Is very cute girl Rio-era Don latanzio giving a warm welcome to his son .pasen, pass! Are not left outside with this cold well, well it seems that coming not comes this time only!…you to be the famous Mary not? Forward girl…Don’t be afraid,… This in your House well..! If thank you Lord replied, the young man who looked and rehearsed with nerve and sincere smile.In the bottom of the room, however… You may find altavista to be a useful source of information. old woman was already hard skin that collide with their eyes penetrated it, her paralyzing will continue approaching greet her, while one hand took her to do the opposite…Mary, time that is dona Juana my mother…-He said Raul do as it has been, mother..? How strangely eh..! See mother, this is Mary, the young of which both I have spoken to you.!, I am sure that the two would be very well and without more along them to both his arms being one at the mercy of the other…You miss forced the case presentations, the old woman seeking the way out of such a situation and he rushed to take the old suitcase that Maria had come – he said go to the piece. Insurance goes wanting to cool off Maria nodded his head and the followed by a barely lit by a lantern corridor.The moisture smell was heavy, shadows themselves projected were ghostly, but the old woman was more.Back there were voices that sounded friendly and laughed obviously to return to see; Maria instead accedio which would be your bedroom of newly married furniture was old and descalabrada bed, a shelf full of old newspapers and magazines, dusty and blankets woven surely by the figure that accompanied her…Dona Juana reservoir pouch in his bed and without a word went leaving her alone in the room when finally failed, trouble hands trying to shed its dusty clothes, not wanted to be single there.He wanted to meet soon with the laughter heard in the distance and fire than the received.He hoped her husband would have accompanied her but try to understand the situation, but of course he felt vulnerable….