Limited Liability Companies

Current legislation does not contain a definition of reorganization of legal entity, but it clearly captures the form of reorganization. Today, the reorganization represents a variety of ways to stop and simultaneous occurrence of legal persons effecting the transfer of rights and responsibilities. Learn more on the subject from Robotics. Art. 51 Federal Law "On Limited Liability Companies" regulates the reorganization. " Paragraph 2 of this article points out the following form reorganization: merger, acquisition, separation, transformation. Resolution of the Plenum of the RF 90/14 contains requirements on the reduction of the founding documents in compliance with the law, and actions related Company registration with the reorganization of society that have the following requirements. When merging companies contract their merger to be approved by general meetings of all the companies involved in a merger, signed by all members of the new company and is a founding document that corresponds to the rules imposed on transactions and to a constituent treaty. All societies are involved in the merger cease to exist while creating a new society with all the rights and duties of companies involved in the merger.

When you join one or several companies about their accession treaty is approved by general meetings of all involved in transforming societies, with the company to decide on the establishment and approval of the deed of transfer for the same general meeting of all the companies are making changes to the statutes society to which you are joining. Others who may share this opinion include neil cole iconix. The company to cease to exist, transferring its rights and obligations attached. When you split the participants decide on such reorganization, dividing the rights and responsibilities through separate balance sheets and statements of constituent documents of each of the established companies. With the transformation of society in a different legal form of organization members decide whether such a transformation, and amend the founding documents in accordance with the requirements of these organizational and legal forms. When you select a general meeting shall decide on such a reorganization, defines the conditions under which there is an allocation, according to the separate balance sheet and changes in the constituent documents.

Participants take off company statutes and memorandum of association created by society. State registration Ltd. was established as a result of the reorganization of the organizations is carried out in accordance with the Federal Law "On state registration", as well as in other cases, state registration tax authorities. It should also be noted that in any restructuring of the rights and responsibilities of some other societies pass by universal succession similar transition as part of the rights of responsibilities and the total volume. Not only is permitted reorganization, at which the separation of rights from responsibilities.

Technical University

Biorobots prototypes for a new generation of robots are not people, and insects. They are small and strong, they move confidently, even upside down on the ceiling. While some electronics trying to copy the insects, other transform themselves into robots insects. He pressed a button and the 'bug' revived tangle of sticks and wires alive, begins to stir. And this is a mechanical device, and nothing more. But now go and do you! As soon push the button and motors start to buzz, switches – click, the joints are stretched, the six strong legs rest on the ground. As a result, the rectangular body, stuffed with electronics and flashing LEDs, centimeter by centimeter rises. It woke up! A pile of metal into a detalek being almost meters tall, surprisingly similar to the habits of the insect.

From a distance it is possible to take the huge ant. However, the prototype this miracle of technology (very expensive, by the way – it is 50 000 DM) served as yet not an insect, and so-called stick insects – Carausius morosus. He is much bigger than an ant, and therefore to study and imitate it easier. Neuroscientists from Bielefeld University (Germany) have carefully analyzed organs, muscles and nervous system of stick insects, and scientists from the Technical University of Munich on these data have created an artificial insect. However, here they are not original. In modern technology, everything is clearly defined trend, when the prototypes for the new generation of robots are not people, and insects.

BlueTooth HandsFree

At the official Russian site of Garmin firmware there for a number of devices. You can manually update your navigation software. To upgrade you need to self: Set USB-dvayver Garmin (If you have installed MapSourse, then install the Garmin USB-driver is not required) Download the archive with the firmware for your device, unpack it. If the archive contains a Readme.txt file for more instructions on updating, then it should be read carefully before you upgrade your computer Connect the device to a file and run Updater.exe. Updates will be done automatically. Available firmwares: Automotive GPS-navigators Firmware for GVN-52 (version 2.22) Firmware for nuvi 300, nuvi 350 (version 4.30) firmware for nuvi 610, nuvi 650, nuvi 660 (version 3.90) Firmware for Quest (version 4.00) Firmware for StreetPilot 310, StreetPilot 320 (version 5.30) Firmware for StreetPilot 7200, StreetPilot 7500 (Version 4.48) Firmware for StreetPilot C510, StreetPilot 550 (version 5.20) Firmware for StreetPilot i2 (version 3.20) Firmware for StreetPilot i3 (version 3.20) Portable GPS-navigators Firmware for eTrex Camo (version 3.50) Firmware for eTrex Euro (version 3.50) Firmware for eTrex Summit (version 3.50) Firmware for eTrex Venture CX, eTrex Vista CX, eTrex Legend CX (version 2.60) Firmware for GPSMAP 60C, GPSMAP 60CS, GPSMAP 76C, GPSMAP 76CS (version 3.50) Marine GPS navigators / Chartplotter / Sounders Firmware for GPSMAP 172, GPSMAP 178mono (v2.30) Firmware for GPSMAP 172C, GPSMAP 178Col (version 2.20) The information and links – from the official Russian-language website Garmin, from the page, dedicated to self-update. In addition, recent model car navigation can be update from the official English-language site Garmin.

How to update – in English. On the English-language software to go, you can update the following models: nuvi 200 nuvi 200w Everyone is waiting for a gift from us when buying almost any Navigator Garmin. nuvi 205 nuvi 205w nuvi 250 nuvi 250w nuvi 710 All other devices to update with English-language site is impossible! It is fraught with the loss of the Russian language. We recommend that you update the firmware in if you are unhappy with the quality of the device. It can be periodically 'freezes' the device, problems with receiving the satellite signal is not related to weather conditions and the quality of the sky, 'glitches' in the BlueTooth HandsFree. If the device is working properly, then update the software does not required.