Systematize the history of 'selling' texts. Here's what happened. 1-stage development copywriting seller directly writes what he wants from a potential buyer. Motivation is vague, it can not be taken into account. 'Buy our friends! Our friends – the best! " 2-stage development copywriting appears vague understanding of what you need to think not only about their own benefit, but also benefit the buyer. As a result – improvement motivational component. 'Look for another? They are here! Loyal, understanding, empathetic. Every third – for free! " 3-stage development of copywriting comes the realization that people are not buying goods or services as such. A feeling associations, emotions and images associated with it. Message becomes more specific, the emphasis is not on the qualities of being sold, and the problems, needs a buyer. Of universal services have become commodities specialized. 'No one to drink beer? Order our friend. Normal man. For life to talk to him you can. On the broads shabby. Call now – free shipping. Mashable can aid you in your search for knowledge. " or 'fluttering candle flame, ruby wine, lit by a warm hand, it is moist, hot breath burn, your heart beating in unison Understands the heart, a true friend does not remain indifferent to your call. Call now (sex in the price not included). " 4-stage development copywriting person does not offer anything to buy. He buys in full confidence that it was entirely his decision. Free, no one imposed by choice. The impact is on a subconscious level, so if really look at things, leaves no choice. 'Buried in the monitor, click on the keys to the torpor, to watery red eyes. And you want to say something, and I want to ask you 'What day is gone? " And not to anyone. Dine for computer (anything, what's the difference). Lazish the forums each and blogs – to communicate with virtual friends. Not live to talk with anyone. No one even see the movie. Loneliness. Life passes. Loneliness, death, oblivion. Like you a lot. In every house, every window is a light. As moths flock to each other lonely hearts Need to smile. Even if the smile is sad. House moths -> Smile. " Sincerely, Menin. Modern Marketing adheres to the dogma of the immutability of human nature. Man does not change, but every year is learning all the better and more comfortable to meet their needs. Incorrect conclusion. We are changing, faster and faster. Era when people formed a media space, has passed. Now the media shapes people, grows more omnivorous, able to quickly absorb and digest food information. People change. And not the fact that the better. Was still 'Zero' stage. When the shops selling meat, known as 'Meat', dairy products – 'Milk', hung a sign over the bakeries 'bread', and the can of condensed milk was written, oddly enough, 'Condensed Milk'. So honestly. And people do not bother to do all garbage, like 'what a toothbrush is best suited to my inner world? " or 'What wine do you prefer at this time of night? " They had time to really important things.

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And what do you think when you hear the phrase 'Network Marketing'? What emotions is it you? I think violent and prolonged cheers, such as' Nonsense! Complete scam for fools! " and similar negative comments. And so many people think And if you ask them a question: 'What is Network Marketing and what you do not like it? ", Many do not know what to say. And that you do not replenish their ranks, I beg you to read this story to end, and then you have yourself to assume all decide. The vast majority of people do what they are familiar. We like doing what we are familiar and habitual, so most people do not trust the network marketing, just as we do not trust a stranger person on the street. For example, imagine that you do not dance very well, but here's to suit you and invite you to the dance floor. What do you feel? Most likely you will say: 'Oh, no.

I do not want to dance, I was very unsure of myself, I just spoil everything. " And why? Because dance is something unfamiliar to you, and all the unknown is frightening. That's why people think: 'What Network Marketing is? I do not know how to promote these products, I'm not even sure if I can make a presentation like this. Like a pyramid, and some even I did not like. I will not subscribe. " But at the same time, most people do network marketing every day, just behind them are not paid.

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Did the instant in which you started your opportunity of mlm safely because a person you spoke of this business that was completely unknown to you. You started doing the famous list of friends and family, since you tratabas sell them your company and the fabulous thing that were his articles. Thus it is the same that we have initiated many. This is ok because in question, nobody had taught you different way of achieving it. In question, 95% of which are initiated with the multilevel marketing still do not have a knowledge of marketing.

Promote himself inside the multilevel, what is termed as Branding Personal, is an opportunity which will allow you to give you to understand luck of you display to the world in the same way as an entrepreneur, as an expert in that activity. This exhibition is will you bring other customers to you, people who tune into you, which have the same vision as you and you lograrias that provide value. Each time that certain person fit within this business, never carried out by the company, actually goes through you, because you get to be your guidance, his mentor, you must be who help with the purpose of giving the first steps involved in this occupation that is unknown to many. They will have confidence in you because through your Council they will become his opportunity to leaders. They want the most prominent mentor since that way are more likely to seek success in the marketing MLM, that that thou shalt be.

However, why it is you promotions such as networker present in this company essential? Let us make an analogy. Imagine that you have just completed studies of engineer and you join the labour market. In order to begin to work, don’t you observe with magnifying glass the company in which you started, you need to pick up expertise since you raised you begin with that which makes you the first proposal. Once you have been timed in the same and you begin to study the sector in which you are working, you start to ask yourself what several companies could provide you best revenue economic, social, and other. This is the moment that are trying to promote yourself as an engineer, doing well a kind of approach to the company which you have chosen, well prospecting with the head of the Department in which there may be a position for you, etc. Provided that you realize that there are certainly better options that you have in these moments is the moment in which you approach you take full advantage to what you are and you have, i.e. you are an expert with experience and with fantastic abilities. Essentially, in all procedures of the life we live promoting, through form directly or indirectly. One of the more notable options in order to promote yourself is through consistent exposure, providing information which can lead to many people and with which you’re equally recognized as an expert in this company. In order to carry out this strategy, a website is formidable, as well as making videos that talk about This industry. You should also take into account the relevance that you working webinars that you present a topic of importance. The author is a Networker committed to teach their knowledge of MLM (Network Marketing) to all those who wish to improve their performance in this industry. You can access the full article promote yourself in Network Marketing and course study important issues in Network Marketing.