Animal Rights Activists Defend Themselves Against Accusations

20000 people from Europe are shocked and deportation, future in the laboratory, an illicit trade in dog protest against the system of organized animal cruelty that are the key words with which Italian animal protection organizations repeatedly attempting to prevent aid of European animal welfare associations. Headlines that can track certainly only a purpose to leave the dog thing as a lucrative source of income in the country. Many Italian communities have shelters. Sure there are including single homes carried out responsibly, but other objectives of the majority of the animal shelter operator. These objectives can be but just as consistently traced if there is anyone who accuses the local conditions. The idea is so very close, the municipalities involved with their corresponding control bodies, such as the police, Corpo Forestale, etc., as well as the working veterinarian in this system, with all the benefits arising from it. Robotics can aid you in your search for knowledge. Get the animal shelter operator depending on the contracts with the appropriate communities between 1 Euro-4 euro / day / dog. “That is to say: an animal shelter” with 1000 dogs up to 4000.-euro / day, averaging 120,000 euros a month, so approx.

1,440,000 euro brings the operator a year. Net income thus increased with reduced feeding, lack of medical care and minimal space. For years, rumors and suspicions about the hidden lucrative trade with dogs from Italian shelters to the vivisection in the Switzerland and Germany are circulating. We document this trade with facts and pictures. Why there is this dog exports? What is really happening? How does the system Canile”? Who deserves it? Documentation of the scandals of the last 18 years. What has brought the animal protection law 281? Animal rights activists are bad for business for the operators of Tierhollen. They are insulted, and covered with malicious insinuations. The aid projects are enormously complicated and the animals the way in a safe home is closed.

The animal protection organizations are this accept no more comment. 20’000 people in Europe are shocked and protesting against the system of organized animal cruelty and the enforcement of the animal welfare act L.Q.. 281 of 1991in Italy. Tourism boycott in Apulia. An open letter to authorities of an international campaign for Italian dogs. On the March 4 education will host a Conference in Bari/Italy, organized by CICTO.ORG and other animal welfare organizations such as the paw help Europe (PHE) and respect is supported. Contact to: Stefan Weber Dr. Roland Eichler ber/phe