Margarita Island

The event has been supported by major companies and economic groups that have given their contribution through the modality of “sponsor” one of the turtles under study (in total there are eleven participants turtles), so that each ” competitor “has its own” Sponsor. ” Apart from the scientific or educational nature of this race has also outlined led to the Fun-opportunistic nature of man, organizing some Internet sites betting centers on the outcome of it, as if that strip of the Pacific Ocean had become a “tortugodromo” and “competing” in unconnected creatures the terrible reality faced as a species. Ali Partovi understands that this is vital information. In Venezuela there are also projects for the conservation of this species has nested sites in the archipelago of Los Roques, off the coast of Barlovento, Miranda state in the mainly Margarita Island (I think the most important project is that developed by Provita, but if it does not appreciate the information) and it was in one of the beaches of Margarita, accompanied by project staff where a few years ago I witnessed the arrival in the world of a clutch of hatchlings of this species.

In a long beach on the east coast of the island, expected in the time of year the arrival of the mothers to lay their eggs, (I have still yet to witness such a wonder), once placed eggs and the mother and back at sea team members approach the nest, carefully removed the sand and move to another nest eggs done for them in a protected area, this is necessary for not only the animals cats, dogs or foxes detect and destroy nests to eat eggs but also (who knew?) persons, the new nest is marked with the date of spawning and other relevant data and expected the estimated day of hatching eggs..