The New Year

Hamburg’s hip hop scene is an attraction richer. Jan Katzenberger alias of the new year’s Eve with “Packing bags” his debut album presents. will not settle for partial explanations. German texts that hit the nail on the head and show that it is by no means so foot lazy in Germany’s North as always assumed. The rapper, singer and freestylers sees itself primarily as a poet and Wordsmith. Energy Capital Partners has many thoughts on the issue. As one who grabs the modern urban life in his suitcase with a vision. Not only its body length of 2.02 metres comes to him doing good: for more than a decade of Sylvester is busy in terms of language and singing on the road.

Pegel0dB productions produced the debut. Musician, composer, sound engineer and Pegel0dB holder Torben Malessa find always the right Groove and the perfect sounds for Saralays lyrical rap. Way ensures the Torben keep firmly on the fat beat carpet the poetic flights of fancy. The album packing bags is more than just a compilation of 13 songs. The new year’s Eve keen to deliver an authentic product.

Mirror facets again, that the new year’s Eve make up parts, fragments, splinters, moments. Mastered was the good piece by H-Peh mastering, Hamburg (including Jan Delay, glass house). We invite you to pack the bags with the new year’s Eve and going on a nearly 56-minute musical tour. Press access at, can listen to the complete album and find info material. Easy to access an email to. We would appreciate an editorial consideration and supporting documents. Have fun with the new year’s Eve. We are pleased to accept interview requests in the name of the artist. Please contact in all questions: Pegel0dB of productions Torben Malessa peace Ahornallee 5 22765 Hamburg Tel.: 040 / 3905998 mobile: 0177/3092527 email: Web:

Moroccan Jazz Club

News and innovations of the swing band in the late summer of 2011 the musicians of Les Belles you swing relaunch their website in german, French and English and prepare the upcoming concerts in the autumn in Morocco before and after the already played concerts in Italy in this year’s summer. New Web page of the new Web page with current photos, new texts and new layout is ready and is available in the network. The musicians present all important and interesting details of their musical work. To learn more about their dates, excerpts from the references and further information about the swing music and swing concerts on the bases. In the music / video get a multimedia look at the swing show band. Since the band as you can read below, are also reinforced abroad, were in the course of the Relaunchings the English and French pages and expanded. You are cordially invited to attend the musicians there. Forward to feedback! They are of course also on Facebook and Twitter.

Of new friends, followers and many like me”- clicks would be of course very happy them. Italy tour times different summer holiday: in July and August, Les Belles made you swing a beautiful tour through northern Italy, combined from a Festival concerts, for example at the foot of the Dolomites and street music in small idyllic villages. Other stops on the tour were Bologna, Verona, Deiva Marina, Maniago, Dozza, Imola, Sasso Marconi, Lake Orta, and much more. A combination of adventure, cultural exchange and refreshingly direct contact to a very lovable and bubbly audience. Morocco of Les Belles you are swing in October by the German Embassy invited in Morocco to play again, this time in Rabat, the capital. Already in 2009, the musicians were traveling in Morocco and had a great success there. More info: Andy Florance. “A headline in the newspaper Le martin” Casablanca, 01.11.

Eugene Shidlovsky Group

Group "Kipelov" was born on September 1, 2002 after a split group "Aria" on the two teams. Former members of "Aria", namely vocalist Valery Kipelov, guitarist and drummer Sergey Terentyev, Alexander took Manyakin decision to create his own project called "Kipelov." The group were invited Sergei Mavrin (also at one time guitarist of "Aria") and bassist "Mauritius Alexey Kharkov. Manager Rina Lee and session keyboardist Eugene Shidlovsky also switched to "Kipelov." The band started in 2003, an active concert schedule. "Kipelov" traveled to Russia, playing mostly songs of "Aria", written by band members, as well as material from the 1997 album "Time of Troubles." Of particular popularity has earned the song "I'm free," as the primary "hit" group. A related site: Samsung mentions similar findings. Ballad led the hit parade "Chart Dozen" and MTV Russia top-20. In late 2003, left the group Sergey Terentyev, dissatisfied with the fact that "Kipelov" not started recording a new album. Sergey later founded the band "Artery". In his place, he was invited guitarist Andrey Golovanov (ex-"Legion").

In early 2004, comes the single "Babylon", recorded More from Terentyev and Mavrin, shoot a video for the song of the same name. In 2004, the group begins to perform some songs from the upcoming album. In the summer, "Kipelovo" hand over the prize MTV Russia as the best rock band of the year. Soon then leaves the group, Sergei Mavrin, decided to return to his group "Mavrik". In May 2004, for a concert tour and recording an album in the group was invited by the famous guitarist of the German group Rage Victor Smolski.