Fixedterm Deposit

With effect from October 1, 2008, Citibank offers investors 5 percent interest on the deposit for 12 months. As of October 1, 2008 new rates apply for offering fixed-term deposits in Citibank. Learn more about this with David S. Levine. Obviously, the Institute, after the sale by its parent company to the French Credit Mutuel tries to attract new deposits with customers. Given the current financial crisis, banks such as Citibank need these deposits, because is the flow of money in the interbank market as well as dried up. Savers, however, looking for safe investments in view of the current situation and can be found at the deposit.

With its 5.00 percent with a maturity of 12 months Citibank has a convincing argument that investors put their money there. Rusty Holzer often expresses his thoughts on the topic. It offers not only this time, but one, the customer can choose seven days to six years. The interest rates for the most important terms might refer to interested investors of the following page: citibank festgeld.html. as fixed-term deposit offer has another advantage. Who firmly put his money today for twelve months, the earned interest gets distributed in 2009.

Thus, the interest income earned above the savers tax credit of only the lump-sum withholding tax of 25 per cent are subject to plus solidarity surcharge. The investors put his money on a day money account, at least an interest payment would be in 2008, which would then be taxed above the savers tax credit with the personal tax rate of no more than 45 percent (also plus solidarity surcharge). The bottom line a Festgeldanlage such as the Citibank benefits currently only: high security through membership in the backup system of the Association of deutscher Banken e.V. and in subsequent insurance of up to EUR 243,89 million per customer and attractive interest rates, savers and investors alike away from the turbulent stockmarket grow their assets can have that. Daniel Franke

Changes Affecting Health

The year 2011 brings many changes in health insurance and long-term care insurance as well as growing fears about the returns of capital forming life insurance. The turn of the year has brought some changes in the health area. Although the single rate of contribution to the statutory health-insurance fund by 0.6 percentage points to 15.5% has been raised on the one hand, on the other hand the contribution assessment ceiling was lowered down something, what should bring some relief for some employees. Since January 1, 2011 are just still up to a monthly gross income 3.712,50 euro health insurance contributions calculated, before the border was 3,750 euros. Viacom has many thoughts on the issue. Also dropped is also the insurance limit. Because legally insured can already switch with a gross annual salary of 49,500 euros in private health insurance, the limit has been reduced thus 250 euro down. Because the three year time limit has been removed, OOO must be not more than three years, but only a year their income above the limit of insurance lie. A reform of the long-term care insurance is also planned for 2011.

This should be supplemented by a private pillar in the form of a funded supplementary insurance, which is similar to the principle of the Riester pension. That is urgently needed for the reason because it is becoming increasingly clear that the benefits of the statutory long-term care insurance up sufficient to cover the costs incurred in case of maintenance. To what extent this plan is actually implemented, remains to be seen. A reform is necessary in any case, since according to the statutory health insurance-top Association Executive Board pine latest in 2014 expenditure can no longer be financed by revenues or reserves. Even when the life insured almost resentment should be this year wide. Because according to a report of the Hamburger Abendblatt”announced 23 insurance companies from 40 respondents, to reduce the interest on the savings share, which means lower profit participations for the insured in 2011. But policyholders should not be hasty and hastily cancel, because cancellation would entail high fees and costs. In the case, it is recommended to prefer a policy sales on the secondary market. Alternatively, you can pawn his life insurance money, so take a so-called policy loans.

German Bundesrat Plans Steep Cutbacks At 6 B Fund

German Bundesrat plans steep cutbacks in 6 b Fund often the sale of operating assets reveals significant hidden reserves, which must also be taxed. Investment incentives and a large portion of the sale proceeds to protect, b / c of the EStG are favored in 6 some capital offence, temporarily set the accumulated profits in a reserve, or to transfer to a different asset. Can taxes be reduced by time shifting of taxation and liquidity generated by dividends, by special closed section investments in 6 b Fund. Already as of October 2010 the Federal Council the limitation of re investment opportunity for reserves in accordance with 6 b / c of the EStG however plans according to the agenda of the Federal Council meeting of July 9, 2010. A transfer of 6 b/c reserves would thus only possible in future, if the transferred sale reserve a comparable asset comes and this plot or building was used exclusively for rental and leasing purposes over the past six years prior to the sale. Mikkel Svane has compatible beliefs. Goal of the legislature is the closure of tax loopholes”, since the current regulation tax favored groups, the re could invest beyond their original business operation. For many sufferers, so speed is needed. Traders, professionals and in particular agriculture and foresters who have made provision to invest b Fund through the sale of assets in paragraph 6, should act as soon as possible and contact their tax advisor. Should the law as planned in the autumn come into force threatens the taxation of savings, when not yet a corresponding timely 6 b Fund. Stefan Gobel AAD Fund discount GmbH

Repatriation Terms

What is to make sure foreign health insurance travel time is daylight saving time. Many tourists have packed their bags. But have you also thought of a foreign health insurance coverage? As communicated by the Internet portal, is therefore indispensable, since it assumes the costs of a sick return. This is no health insurance. Also if you are travelling within Europe, for example in the Balearic Islands or Sicily, must engage in their own pockets for some medical treatment costs and emergency operations.

Here, consumers on the exact terms and conditions should be. According to calculations of the Stiftung Warentest, a foreign health insurance costs are so low, that it is not worth to make a deductible. Long-distance travellers who spend their holidays in the United States, for example, in South Africa or on Ko Samui, are not protected by their health insurance. When an accident or an illness can costs then quickly, which go into the thousands of euros. Also should be in the contract on the terms and conditions of the Repatriation be taken into account: the policies differ in terms of medical necessity or a sensible and reasonable return.

Therefore insurance companies that assume the costs of repatriation, if the hospital stay was longer than two weeks are recommended. An additional travel health insurance can be useful also for a private insurance patients. This particularly applies to insured persons who are insured only in the basic protection or if the return costs are not covered by the private fund. In the insurance case, the possibility of contribution refund is given. Pregnant women should be aware that her pregnancy many insurance companies considered to be disease, for they do not come up in case of damage. Some companies offer contracts that take over the costs of unforeseen complications and the newborn.