SMS Newsletter

Mobile phone today is not uncommon. Even first-graders in a no simple yes there is. Just a mobile phone is an excellent soil for advertising. Many restaurants, bars, fitness centers, beauty salons need a quick warning their customers about promotions and discounts. What are some methods to do this? Radio and television? Yes, a good option, but not for the cost of advertising campaigns.

Our company offers a minimum price for contact with the customer = from 25 cents to 2 rubles. The operator of mobile services Streamsms predlaegaet full-service mobile marketing. SMS mailing, sms advertising, rent short code, sms reception. Thus, we consider more services? Distribution SMS is ideal for chain stores, restaurants, clubs, cafes, etc. for mass SMS alerts of their regular customers, discounts and promotions. To get started, you need to do is register on our website, get a login and password lichnogok abineta and start mailing.

To test our service we give you 10 free SMS messages. As well there are services for the integration with 1C, etc. Just to work with the service you can download our software on your PC and run it. Advertising SMS advertising with payment terminals Peterbuga St., Moscow and Kazan. Is a versatile tool to attract new customers and alert, ktoroye may not know about your company and services. Rent a short four-digit number makes it possible to arrange for all the action with the activation code by SMS and raffle prizes. Receiving SMS is necessary for those companies who are always ready to hear not only comments and suggestions about himself, but also respond to the client that his pretenziyaprosba not passed. Company Streamsms open 7 days a week. For more information about our services, please call 8800333 10 75

No Hands Busy During Communication

In general there is a certain number of hands-free alternatives: lux and tinum. One view – is that power button is mounted on a call minimikrofon, they are equipped with a variety of cheap phones from China, the second method it attached directly to the headphones. Pros models in the fact that they have given to make voice dialing (it is clear in that position, if a telephone device has a similar function.) Among the accessories of a bottomless product of wealth, a lot of well-executed and first-rate, but rarely where he will take first-class quality, glamor and clear lines marked izuminkoy. Any time you can meet that developers Accessory perform the steps (and errors) of his colleagues from other areas. However, only by factors of youth aspirations, because these methods – for fifty years. Thus, if the designers of the industrialists have long approached XXI century, many accessory maker delayed in the 17th century and some do not seem to hear, for example, about Philippe Starck.

In the enterprise Alwise just the opposite: very advanced gadgets. Polyester cords clever clasp for socks mobile communications for themselves. Transparent removable backs, which shines through the interior of communications. The unusual proposal brings to mind ammunition tourist climbers in microscopically scale. What has always functional, durable and tasteful. As accessories, and buy the unit for half the price fully achievable.

Portuguese State to become a good grasp on pobrekushkam Neli Kalla. Shaped style. All of this Chinese touchscreen phones of excellent quality. Lodger whim of Paris, not hot, wrapped in the February fox fur coat. In bryulikah Nedi Kadda only natural skin – both for external and for internal of clutches. In addition, the company prefers to just bag – covers they have in common. Such an imperative immediately gives a sharp line of conversation that everyone has with others, making out his appearance. Bag guess suitcases and briefcases namsti backpack, belt, gloves, caps of silk, not resistible krosovki. … And at the designated corporations can dress himself completely: the clutch for mobile combined backpacks wallets, key rings, business card holders. Last Meeting of mobile manufacturers – is a combination of leather and suede with a laser finish. Rumor of the factories and accessories acquired from a former supplier that collaborate with Dolce and Gabbana the house. Stunning coherence reigns in the collections, made specifically for cell phones: aksessyiz leather and suede are brilliantly along with handbags made of fabric and of the still non-standard beads and sequins, which are qualitatively look at cell phones Velour bag in classic style distinguishes this elegant directness and grace. Special Care receives a box of leather with studs specifically for mobile phones, targeted at small courageous rulers of mobile communications – on the similarity of Motorola v66 or Samsung A300, it's cheap enough to buy vehicles and cheap phone can be in any niternet Chinese phones shop. Almost all companies see the cloth as a material for everyday life. In contrast, in the SSL is constructed of fabric down sshibatelnuyu evening collection, as soon adding beads, sequins, synthetic pearl and gold beads. Direction from the beginning of the fifteenth century is traced in this collection and require housewives white skin and of being complacent.

Bluetooth Phones

In the presence of such connections and special software it is possible to edit the mobile phone address book on your computer, mobile phone address book synchronization with the data of the computer, downloading music (eg Siemens S55 You can upload files to MIDI), screensavers and logos, update phone firmware. In connection cable two disadvantages: lack of universality (different phones need different cables to connect to the computer only), and oddly enough, the high price (they have to buy separately). Much more universal connection built-in IR port (IR port, IRDA) and the radio interface Bluetooth. IR ports are more common, but do not use them very convenient, because you have to have a device at a short distance in the line of sight. It’s believed that Michael Dell sees a great future in this idea. And the speed is low.

Communication by radio and faster, and do not necessarily get the phone out of his pocket – easy! And you can buy special Bluetooth-headset – then we can talk on the phone, which is, for example, in the glove compartment of your car (and even dial phone numbers in the presence of voice dialing). Minus, as in all the good one – the lack of the prevalence of Bluetooth and a high price. What else should I look for when choosing a cell phone? Polyphonic ringtones will provide your device a unique 'voice' that you do not mix up with other people's phones calls. However, the usual pischanie phones without Polyphonic generally more shrill, and it's easier to hear – so that the function of polyphony more aesthetic than practical.