Enhanced Geothermal Systems

The complete programme of the first Conference in Europe is online Freiburg, 24.4.2012 the complete program of the first International Conference on enhanced geothermal systems (ICEGS) is now published. It offers many renowned speakers and offers a comprehensive insight into the experience with this technology, the current challenges and possibilities for implementation. The first part of the event is a retrospective on the 40 years of experience with EGS now and includes reports about the earlier launched projects in France. Project experience from Germany, Switzerland and Australia presented will be it. After the lunch break, experts first illuminate the specific requests of the exploration, the environmental impacts of EGS projects as well as the developments in the area of stimulation and seismicity before it then goes into the last part of the event to the economic viability of EGS projects. As a speaker of ICEGS gained among others: Professor Dr. Jefferson tester of the Cornell Energy Institute and Professor Dr. Nicholas Davatzes of Temple University from the United States, Professor Dr.

Thomas Kohl from the Karlsruhe Institute of technology, Professor Dr. For more specific information, check out Robotics expert . Francois Cornet of the Institut de physique you globe de Strasbourg, the University of Strasbourg, Dr. Thomas Kolbel of the EnBW energy Baden-Wurttemberg as well as Professor Dr. Ladislaus Rybach by the ETH Zurich and Dr. Peter Meier of the GeoEnergie Suisse. Heinz Holl from the company of Geodynamics is switched on via video conference and reported the habanero project in Australia. The ICEGS held annually and promoted by the Federal Environment Ministry at different locations in Germany.

The year’s premiere finds in connection with the 8th International Geothermiekonferenz instead, in the context which are expected about 200 participants from 20 Nations. An essential partner of the event is the Helmholtz Centre Potsdam Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ. More information and registration to the ICEGS under. Participants of the 8th International Geothermiekonferenz get 20% discount on the regular ICEGS registration fee. Press contact: For Contact questions, background information or a press-accreditation for the Conference please Enerchange, Marcus Brian, Tel.: 0761-38 42 10 01, fax: 0761-38 42 10 05,, 79100 Freiburg, background information the EGS technology has enormous potential can make a significant contribution to a climate-friendly energy supply in the long term in regions of low enthalpy. In Germany, for example, about 95% of the geothermal potential can be use as in regions least sufficiently large amounts of hot thermal water are expected to only using this technology. Applied it was so far only in a few locations, mostly in the context of research projects among other things in the French Soultz-sous-Forets and Gross Schonebeck in Brandenburg, Germany. Enerchange is an agency for events and information services in the field of renewable energies. The range of services the Agency includes the conception and organisation of events, press and public relations work for Renewable-energy companies and projects, as well as the publishing of information. The Helmholtz Centre Potsdam – Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ explored as the National Research Centre for Geosciences worldwide the system Earth”with the geological, physical, chemical, and biological processes that occur in the Earth’s Interior and surface.