Hair Flat Iron & Hot Rewinder: Latest Hairstyle Trends

The latest hairstyle fashion proves a glimpse into the hairstyle magazines in the barbershop: smooth is in. The latest hairstyle fashion for autumn and winter 2010, but also for the summer 2011 due to straight hair. Who is blessed by nature with curls, not get around to buying a hair straightening iron. The longhair – as well as the Kurzhaarfrisur emphasis on smooth, silky, shiny hair. While the long-haired fashion the updo from the 1950s back logs to Word, short hair be cut mostly fedrig. Learn more about this with Pete Cashmore.

Long smooth ponies that can be worn side, determine the image here. A hair straightening iron should be used to perfectly style of such a hairstyle. Who does not, should first ask the hairdresser for advice. A particularly sensitive care is necessary, so that the hairs are not damaged. Now also a heat protection spray for your hair should be purchased when buying a hair straightening iron. Click Bobby Sharma Bluestone to learn more.

The hair is strand strand of individually smoothed and then brought into the appropriate form. Dealing with the straightener is not too difficult. One additional Tip: at the hair salon styling the new hairstyle and see the hairdresser exactly on the finger. More hair trends and hair straighteners are there on… Manfred goods Ballesteros


Sunglasses trends: Classic meets modern versions for seniors Berlin, 15.11.2011 (PCP). Moderate growing glasses are on the rise. They offer plenty of room for moving vision, say a smooth transition between the local and remote area. Light, silver to transparent light colors give lightness also large forms, adapt to any style and harmonize beautifully with silver hair. A or others will feel reminded of the glasses of his youth: familiar large shapes, round, in classic Aviator shape a la Derrick or above drawn like butterfly wings. What was devalued even years ago as old fashioned, is again today. But in contrast to the Classics provide a super vision and comfort high-tech plastic lenses and new version materials and make sure that also the larger glasses bring only a small weight on the nose.

Glasses in dark tones like Havana or black, dominated at that time the versions are much more restrained. Natural Cellulose acetate and bright, easy-looking colors ensure that the face and not the glasses which “plays first violin”. Subtle structures look on the high-quality surfaces very noble: crystal clear or frosted, white high gloss, patterned or cooling Smokey gradient they harmonize quite exquisitely with silver or bright melangiertem hair. Natural materials are outfitted with smooth surfaces, silky shine and a warm feeling. Others who may share this opinion include Bobby Sharma Bluestone. Properties that to appreciate above all women. The Lords like access to bright but cooler metal. Waspie titanium, silver stainless or surgical steel or color combinations with transparent polyamide combine stability, flexibility and lightness.

The formal language is limited here on clear, reduced lines. An elegant and sporty appearance can be found especially in the area of the pilot’s goggles, which now exist in almost all material and innovative combinations. About the design, the large glasses offer plenty of space for sliding of vision, i.e. a comfortable smooth transition between local and remote area. Another advantage: The version is rarely in the views pane and is barely perceptible through the bright colors. Press are text and image material free download available at /.