East Germany Ostel

Popular as in the past: East products also in the OSTshop of the DDR design Ostel interest in the world of life in the GDR is unbroken. GDR brands still hold a fascination as the little Red Riding Hood sparkling wine or the kids toothpaste Putzi on the Germans. This was recently also the scientist Dr. Christian Duncker, empirical society, in his current study …und they live. Determine what the East German brands do?”. There is a strong retro trend that opens many doors the Ostmarken”, says Duncker, author of the study, in which he questioned managers from 80 of the still successful Eastern companies. “The result: were the decisive factors for the success of the remaining East products, awareness and confidence in the turnaround time”.

Internet Hauptvertriebsort for DDR brands: East shop of the Ostels Auch in the Internet, there are more and more sites that deal thematically with the GDR marks. A variety of blogs and sales platforms, providing professional products, show the still strong interest of many The trade atmosphere of the former East Germans. Many of the brands offers also the Berlin Ostel for sale. In his OSTshop are numerous products that still GDR survived, were revived after the turn or dealing thematically thus: like for example a doll of the East German Sandmannchen character an absolute cult hero of children’s candy by name ‘ Nudossi ‘ or even detergents by Milwa. So, you can get there cobbling together his individual East package and send. ostel.EU/ostshop/ostshop.html DDR-like atmosphere and ostalgic rooms close in the Berlin Ostel who the life-world of the GDR not only about the products would like to know the look at this in an authentic East German atmosphere locally. The Berlin Ostel offers rooms decorated as perfectly and accurately adapted to the former life of the GDR.

The apartments over the years and they provide many loving details, such as for example the original beautiful furniture from the East Germany of the seventies and eighties Equipped DDR free desktop wallpapers. Locations such as the Berlin wall and the famous Checkpoint Charlie”are not far away from the Ostel guests are so right into the action of the city and close to many places that convey an insight in the former GDR. The Ostel ostalgic rooms for rent can be found at rooms/zimmer.html about Ostel: you want a reasonably priced and some other overnight in the heart of Berlin? Then you are welcome to the OSTEL! We offer you a unique all-round experience in our House in Berlin-Mitte – travel with us in the GDR! Ranging from original GDR furniture to the sightseeing in the Trabant automobile. We are different themed rooms at different prices available: from plates apartment holiday camp. The mattresses, bedding and sanitary facilities are of course new. Enjoy while staying at our numerous and funny details from DDR everyday! Our OSTEL is located just a few minutes from the Centre (East), as well as the trendiest bars, restaurants, clubs, and many shopping district.

New German Welfare Stamping

On the occasion of the anniversary “20 years of child rights” anniversary of the 20 years of child rights”from Berlin (pdn) a nice idea of the Munze Berlin: In the 20th anniversary year of the official declaration of the UN General Assembly on the rights of the children of the renowned Mint an official special embossed in Silver (333 / 1000) commemorates the event. The proceeds of this successful German welfare embossing is a euros each on the Child Welfare Association of German. Our children have rights!” With the Convention on the rights of the child, the UN General Assembly has adopted a decision on 20 November 1989, which admits own rights the children of the world for the first time in the history of mankind, which is to preserve it and to respect. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Robotics expert . Up to the child right Convention it, however, was a long and rocky road, had already in 1959 but the General Assembly of the United Nations a declaration of the rights of the child “. It should take 30 years to the Convention for the youngest of the company legally binding and ready to lay on the table of the international community.

Which is higher today to assess UN children’s rights Convention, which world lays down standards for the protection of children as well as their value and well-being turns out. The Convention is based on four fundamental principles, which include survival, the development, the non-discrimination and respect for the interests of our children. These include inter alia the right to care and nutrition, the right to non-violent education and on formation and development of the personality. The Munze Berlin this important step of Nations duly pays tribute to German special minting 20 years children’s rights”. The design speaks both in children and adults: as part of a stylized globe a girl and a boy waving to Merry us.

The figures were in the German national colours of black, red, gold plated (yellow) in a lavish colour stamping. The guiding principle is the motif in exercise book appearance on a lined background in children’s writing: children have rights!” The welfare-style 20 years of child rights’ is polished plate in the highest quality of the impression”executed and consists of genuine silver (333 / 1000). But speaks not only the successful design, elaborate pulse working with color finishing and the timeless precious metal for the acquisition of the welfare issue. Because of the proceeds of each special embossing 20 years of child rights”, a euro to the German Child Welfare Association e. V. is donated, is working with many projects for children’s rights in our country. Here is the title of the series for our children “directly into practical assistance. The other special issues of the new welfare program have for example youth sports competitions”or children’s villages in Germany” on the subject and are also marked in real Silver (333 / 1000). More social achievements of our children will be honoured with them. Unifying element on all official special coins in the coin Berlin is the color-refined detail embossing of the striking logos for our children”. “Specifications: special stamping 20 years of child rights”, Germany 2009.

Human Foosball Rental

The people kicker combines sports, games and team building. The kicker of the people or even human soccer is a really great invention! Up to 14 participants get this funny game at the same time in the skin of a foosball figure. The people kicker is an oversized replica of the famous foosball. Mostly he has dimensions of about 15 x 6 metres while the playing area consists of an inflatable material (such as a bouncy castle). The participants are attached to the rods by hand straps and cannot move thus like the pieces of a real table kickers forward or backwards, but only left or right along with “Rod counterparts”. This the right interaction in the team is the decisive factor for the victory, because only who can find the proper coordination and cooperation with its rail partners in this game to win. This brings lots of fun and sporty action not only correctly but promotes the team spirit among themselves.

This is the reason that the people kicker always more important to company parties, so called “incentive events” have exactly this aim they should promote cohesion among the employees and motivate joint cooperation. Many companies therefore greatly appreciate the people kicker and used again and again on corporate events entertainment module. Where do you get a people kicker? Is tend not to recommend that the solution is therefore due to the high cost of purchase: rent human foosball! Many bouncy castle hire or rental by event modules offer also the people kicker in its programme for rent. To make the whole thing even something more exciting, you can book usually a referee to, which hosted the game like a real football game and so ensures the right “feeling”.