Antalya People

Turkey has developed in recent years become one of the most popular destinations of the Germans. Get more background information with materials from Byron Trott. In view of the beautiful beaches, warm climate, friendly people and excellent cuisine, this is not surprising. The most popular holiday resorts such as Alanya, Side, Antalya and Kemer are located on the south coast of Turkey, the swimming season lasts from early June to late October. In addition to the next clean beaches are found in Turkey and countless monuments and historic sites. To enjoy all these sights can I recommend a rental car, they can always get cheap in Turkey. Furthermore, the vibrant Istanbul is worth, with its many mosques and minarets, of course, always worth a visit.

The greatest fascination to the visitors of Turkey performs well from the contrast between Orient and Occident. The port city of Antalya is the tourist and cultural center of Turkey's Mediterranean coast. Antalya itself is an absolutely beautiful city with picturesque Harbour and the romantic old town and an ideal starting point for excursions to explore the area. On the Internet you are sure to find one or the other trip reports on Turkey. The Turkish people are very hospitable people and the prejudices that are prevalent in Germany of Turkish roommate in Turkey still less than in Germany. There is little violence, but rather to experience a great time. So do not be missing but book soon in the appropriate online travel agency. If you hurry, you come up to the most desirable areas and the attractions for some of the great holiday regions of Turkey. Have a nice holiday.